Nine smile (2009.11.15)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Again, no Eri moments *Obviously unhappy* Anyway, during Aruiteru, Aichan leaned on Gaki-san's shoulder and Gaki-san looked a little shy. However, after that, during the same song, Gaki-san went up close with Aichan and looked into her eyes as though she was going to kiss her. Whoops, sounds like Prince Gaki and Cinderella Aichan huh? Later on during SONGS, Aichan fell down.

Also, today again, there were Reina calls and all the fans used blue light sticks during the encore. Reina then ended the concert with a "OtsukaReina!" with the fans (There was a double encore which lasted for around 3 minutes). Talking about the 20-year-old Reina...

Reina : So I've turned 20 and the adult side of me...well, up till now, I've been saying I'm forever-13 and that I don't want to become an adult but from now on, I'm going to carry the self-awareness in adults in me.
Fans : Oh ~
Reina : For my looks too...I'm often told that I'm the small breast character (of Morning Musume)
Fans : (lol)
Reina : So I thought...maybe it'll be good if my breasts grow bigger...
Fans : (Cheers and applause)
Reina : Ah! Saying this myself makes me embarrassed!
Fans : (lol)

Reina's face turned red and looked really cute that way according to a fan. FYI, on her solo Ameba show, Reina said she thought Sayu is the small breast character of Morning Musume. However, the fans who were outside the studio didn't agree with her and felt that Reina is the small breast character instead of Sayu.

That's about it. Only 7 concerts left for this concert tour!