Nine smile (2009.11.14)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

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There weren't much fan reports for the concerts in Hiroshima today so it'll be short (Aichan focus). Not much of happenings except for Aichan and her cute mistakes. During Sakura Mankai, Aichan went onto the stage without her fan. A staff called Aichan back from the backstage and she quickly left the stage before returning with her fan. Quite a number of fans saw that. Later on during Handmade City, at the point where everyone got hyped up, Aichan fluffed her lines. Aichan may stumble on her words frequently, but it's pretty rare to see her messing up in a song. Oh yes, something random, Aichan tied Junjun's hair up for Junjun today. Coming back to the concert, Sayu tried to kiss Aichan (again) and when she moved closer to Aichan, instead of kissing her, she knocked her head against Aichan's.

The concerts tomorrow will be held in Fukuoka, Reina's hometown.