InterFM FIVE STARS Monday's blog - 7/13 Niigaki Risa ★5

Monday, July 13, 2009

7/13 Niigaki Risa ★5
Monday, 7月 13th, 2009

Sorry for the slow update (>人<。)
I thought I updated...
But it wasn't that so!
I'm in the mid of my photo session now...
Just a moment ago, my manager told me...
Manger : Erm, Niigaki...
Gaki : Yes? What is it?
Manger : InterFM's blog...
Gaki : ???
Manger : You've yet to update it isn't it
Gaki : Σ(・□・)//!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gaki : Are you kidding me???
... .... ....
So now I'm rushing out a blog post ★☆
And at such a bad timing, Kame is right beside me...
( ̄ ̄;)...
Kame : Gaki-san what was it? Did something happen? You did something wrong??
Gaki : Uh... .... .... (–;)
Kame : Its okay, its okay! Gaki-san! That's the only thing I'll say!
Kame : Its okay (● ̄∀ ̄●)/★☆ I'm always like that. If I rush it out then it'll be a miracle ~ Ahaha
Gaki : Eh?? Is it?? (Deep in my heart : Honestly, that made me feel a little relieved...)
Kame : Ah!! But the Gaki-san who has a sense of urge is better
Gaki : (・・;) Tired sweat
Something like that happened (^_^;)
To all the readers who were waiting for the entry...
Sorry to keep you waiting m(__)m