InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #025 (090921)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An extremely hyped-up turtle host this week! The show started off with Eri calling Gaki-han "Kame-han." So, this week is silver week! Kame-han claimed that she will like to spend these 5 days of holidays...studying subjects such as Japanese, Mathematics and etc. She then predicted that Gaki-han will probably spend her holidays going to the theme park. Eri wasn't exactly wrong though. Gaki-han will be making a trip to her ancestors' graves for a ritual visit and maybe after that, she will go to the theme park. Every time there is a 3-consecutive days of public holidays, the Niigaki family will visit their ancestors' graves. Gaki-han doubts Eri is going to study during these 5 days. Oh yes, Eri was given her 100% orange juice for this episode ~

GakiKame : (Eri's accent, lol)
GakiKame :

Morning Musume - Handmade City ♪

Around a month ago, on their individual Ameba shows, Koharu made up a family tree. A listener sent in to inform the 2 girls about it. Basically, Koharu's mother is Eri and her father is Gaki-san. Linlin and Airi are Koharu's siblings. However, mommy Eri only feeds the family with pizza everyday so daddy Gaki-san and mommy Eri got divorced. Then, daddy Gaki gets married with new-mommy Aichan with the 3 children under his custody. Before that, Aichan had already had a daughter, Reina, so the 3 girls now have a new sister. As for the other members, Sayu and Aika are Koharu's friends while Junjun is a banana store's poster girl. Actually, Eri had already got to know of this from Reina even before the listener sent in. Anyway, according to Gaki-san, Koharu likes Aichan. She is always showering Aichan with compliments like "You're cute," causing herself to sound like a fan of Aichan. The 2 girls are amazed by Koharu's wild yet realistic imagination.

If the girls were to lose their voices out of a sudden, which member's voice will they want to be their new voice? Eri chose Junjun and Linlin. Reason being that she finds the way the 2 Chinese girls babbles Japanese cute. Gaki-san then made an impersonation of Junjun and Linlin's "Thank you" in Japanese with a fake accent. As for Gaki-san, she will want to have Koharu's voice. Eri said that Gaki-san and Koharu have different personalities. Gaki-san doesn't have innocence Koharu has. When Gaki-san tried to defend herself, Eri used the personality test where Gaki-san's result showed that her mental age is 51 (FIVE STARS Monday #24 (090914) to support her point. After Eri explained to Gaki-san that whatever she says may not be suitable for Koharu's voice and vice versa, Gaki-san decided to not choose Koharu's. She chose Eri's and again, Eri told her her voice and Gaki-san's words will not match. Gaki-san's reason for choosing Eri's voice is because she finds it sweet and cute from the way Eri speaks.

The current Eri's fashion and the past Eri's fashion are totally different. Back then, Eri admired Gals a lot and wore jeans, put on lots of accessories and such. Eri thinks that she won't be able to put on those make-ups that she had at that time now. She had fun following the Gals' trends though and considers it as part of her growing up process. Recently, when Gaki-san went out for a meal together with Eri, Gaki-san fixed her make-up like she always does and Eri told her, "Gaki-san...whenever I'm with you...I'll be reminded of the times when I was schooling." Not every girl who fixes her make-up gives Eri that feeling. Coming back, Eri buys magazines often for fashion references. However, she always ends up just browsing through it instead of trying to imitate the fashion. Gaki-san brought up a recent incident during her Korea trip with Aichan and their mothers. They happened to see this mannequin whose hair colour was very pretty so Gaki-san wanted to snap a picture of it. Aichan then told her that the colour wouldn't turn out nice in pictures (Gaki-san imitated Aichan with that accent she always uses when imitating Aichan). In conclusion, Gaki-san and Eri don't refer to stuff for their outfits and appearances. They just wear whatever they think that looks pleasant.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Gaki :
Gaki :
Kame : Yes.
Gaki : Kame-han is sleeping.

Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo ♪

Gaki : We're going to start ~
: Okay, I've woke up ~
Gaki : Its now My...
GakiKame : FIVE STARS ~
: Good morning!

This week, its teacher Kamei's turn to give 5 stars to something. Don't ask me what's with the "teacher Kamei" thing. Eri called herself that out of blue. Recently, Eri ate shinginnan (新銀杏). Ginnan is the nut of Ginkgo trees. Not many people like eating it as it stinks but Eri loves them. According to Eri, the shinginnan is bigger than usual ginnan. Gaki-san is one of those who dislikes ginnan even though her sister and mother likes them. She hates it especially when its autumn and the nuts will all fall and when people steps on it, the smell that comes out of it is horrible. Its very delicious though. With that, Eri gave shinginnan 5 stars!

Lady Gaga - Poker Face ♪
Thanks to the influence from Aichan, Gaki-san is singing the "p-p-p-poker face" line too. You can listen to Aichan and Gaki-san sing it on the Ichigo Ichie episode with Gaki-san's 2nd guest appearance.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess." The 2 girls can't wait to play the new single on the radio show.

Gaki :
: Hahahaha ~
Gaki :
: Hahahaha ~
Eri was laughing at Gaki-san for almost mispronouncing her line.

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GakiKame : Bahahai