InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #018 (090803)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #018 (090803)

G : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K : I'm Kamei Eri de...
G : ... ... su! Gees, that surprised me. All right, we have just completed our concert in Osaka yesterday.
K : Oh yes, yes.
G : So, what's up?
K : Please listen to me, Gaki-san. I have been wondering about something yesterday, what came first, the egg or the chicken?
G : Kamei-san, do you understand the question in the first place? Or are you just asking without understanding it?
K : Around 10 minutes before the recording, I finally understood the question. I received the script yesterday and 10 minutes before the show, I understood what the question is asking about. This question is easy, its the type of question where one should not think too much about the answer.
G : I spent a long time thinking about this question last night. I completely had no idea what the question was trying to ask for but because it was arranged for Kame to ask the question, I thought I better think up of something good to answer her.
K : Hora~
G : What came first, the chicken or the egg?
K : You will get the answer if you just answer the first question. If you continue to question yourself, you will end up not knowing how to answer it.
G : Yes. But when I saw the question, the egg was the first answer that came into my mind.
K : Wuah, here it comes.
G : What?
K : You are so naive~
G : Why?
K : Thinking that its the egg that came first.
G : But that is because chickens come from eggs!
K : Yes, I get what you mean. That's provided we are thinking from that situation. But if we take another step backwards, you will definitely answer with "chicken".
G : I know why Kame is here insisting the answer to be chicken. Because earlier on, 2 adults answered chicken so she is just trying to match her answer with the adults.
K : Well, from Gaki-san's point of view it will be that way...
G : Yes yes, matching your answer with the adults give you a bigger possibility of answering it correctly.
K : You won't make a mistake as long as you go along with the adults' answers.
G : What the heck is that? But seriously, don't you think its the egg?
K : Yes, honestly, I think its the egg that came first.
G : (lol) You do?
K : Yes.
G : Hm, how do everyone think about this question?
K : I wonder too.
G : If we continue discussing about the question, it will gradually lead us to a type of conversation where we start wondering about where humans first came from so...
K : Yes, yes, that's right.
G : It will be a long discussion, so if anyone knows the answer...
K : Yes, ".com" then.
G : Yes, please send it to the ".com"
K : Please do so.
G : All right, we will be waiting for everyone's song requests and messages. We have came to this, the nervous moment, the time for me to read out the e'mail address.
K : Oh! Lets do it!
G :
G :
G : Kame-san has ran out of jokes~

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

G : Kame, here we go~ We are going to read out the...
GK : Messages!
K : no soshite! (Its not suppose to make sense)
G : (lol) I really don't get what you mean by "And then" (Soshite - And then) I'll listen to the radio show when it airs and whenever it comes to the parts where you throw in those "no maki", at first, it was good but recently, its becoming incomprehensible.
K : (lol)
G : Okay, lets move on. We are your FIVE STARS Monday hosts, I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K : Kamei Eri!
G : ...desu. All right, we will like to read the messages from the listeners now. Today too, we have lots of mails from the listeners.
K : Woaaah!
G : Thank you.
K : Thank you.

Normally, when Eri is at the dental clinic getting her teeth fixed/cleaned, she will keep her eyes closed since its bright but at times, she will peek at the dentist, who will usually be wearing glasses or a face mask making her curious about the dentist's looks. Other then that, she will close her eyes and try to convince herself that its not painful. As for Gaki-san, she does not want to look at the dentist/doctor be it during a dental check-up or when getting an injection.

K : Ah, you are a coward.
G : You are mean! What the heck was that?! I don't want to be told that by you!
K : Coward~
G : Whenever we get an injection, we will do it at our workplace, so the other time, all of us gathered together to get an injection. The eggs, the young children were there too so when we lined up for the shot so Morning Musume queued up in front but Kame went "Eeeks, I don't want!" and ran to the back of the queue, behind the eggs.

The costume for Gaki-san's "Yowamushi" performance in Platinum 9 DISCO was originally a long purple dress, however, coincidentally, on the day of the recording for the DVD, her costume was changed as the in-charge thought it was too mature for a 20-year-old who can still pull off a cute look and hence, her costume was changed to a shorter one-piece. A special rehearsal had to be held because of the new costume that day.

G : Are you into anything?
K : Yes.
G : What is it? Please share with us.
K : 70%
G : Huh?
K : 70%
G : You're crazy over 70%?
K : Yes, I'm crazy over 70%
G : Erm...I seriously don't get you.

Eri is currently into 70% sales. Just not long ago, during their off, Gaki-san and Eri went shopping together and Eri started grabbing lots of stuff off the shelves upon seeing that there was a sale going on. So much that Gaki-san personally thought it was no longer a matter of whether the store was having a sale or not. After getting whatever she wanted, Eri used her new credit card to foot the bill.

Before the recording, Gaki-san gave the director a pilot pen (the one Gaki-san five star'd) which was covered with pink decorations thanks to Gaki-san, as a present.

K : know...if you don't give some thought about the colour you're going to use beforehand, the receiver may think that you have that image that she's "pink" as you gave her something pink so you should decorate it with a colour that is suitable for the receiver. AHHH!
G : (lol) Somewhere from the heaven, there was a voice calling "KAME!!"
K : Scary~ Scary~

Apparently the director called out "KAME!!" into their earphones at Eri.

Morning Musume - Handmade City♪
Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

G : This time round, I'm going to introduce this! Ja~an! The item is here~
K : Ja~an, jaan jaan jaan ja~an~
G : I've been using this ever since Hello! Project's concert, "Hello! Chanpuru" started. A very recent item right?
K : Yes, ka~ran ka~ran ka~ran ka~ran (The sound of the can)
G : You guys can hear the evidence that we have the item here right?
K : Ka~ran ka~ran
G : This is Kira kira spray (Kira kira - sparkling)
K : Oh, not ka~ran ka~ran spray?
G : Nope. Its crystal jewel. (She didn't pronounce "jewel" the usual way she does) I was impersonating the director.
K : The director who thought she is pink (The director they were talking about earlier on)
G : (lol) I'm going to join her and tell you this...ah, hear, there is a voice calling out "KAME!!" again.
K : Wuaaah, scary~ scary~

Crystal jewel is a type of deodorant that can be sprayed on both hair and body. Gaki-san got Eri to try spraying it in the studio. According to Eri, the deodorant has a very nice smell to it.

G : With that, today, I'm going to present 5 stars to crystal jewel!
(BGM : Applause)
K : Wua~waa~wa~wa~wa~
G : We don't need that background music from you! You don't have to do it! They will play the usual applause sound effect!

SPEED - Starting Over ♪
During one of their H!P concert in Hello! Chanpuru, Gaki-san was listening to her favourite songs but Eri came along and unplugged Gaki-san's player and plugged in her own player into Gaki-san's speakers to play this song. Later on, even though Gaki-san was curling Eri's hair for her since Eri doesn't know how to curl it by herself, Eri was there moving about, dancing along with the melody.

Promotion for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~, Morning Musume's 40th Single, "Nanchatte Renai", TakaGaki's dinner and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine Smile~

G : five
K : (At the same time) faibu
G : hifu...Argh! Stop that! You just made me say "hifu" (Gaki-san wanted to say "-")
G : five
K : (At the same time) faibu
G :

They didn't reveal which one of them will be updating the blog this week so just remember to check it out!

GAKIKAME : Oyasumi (Good night) Bahai~