InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #097 (090805)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #097 (090805)

Just the other day, during the summer concert, there was an ice shaver at the catering area. Taking advantage of it, Reina made herself some shaved ice. Although there were strawberry, green tea and mango syrup available, there were some members who used only condensed milk for their shaved ices. The next day, since they were still holding the summer concert in the same hall, Reina was looking forward to eating more shaved ice but unfortunately, there was a daily special system going on and that day's special was bracken starch dumpling. There were also bottles of ramune in the cool box, creating a festival atmosphere. Reina feels like going to festivals this summer but normally, even if she has an off on the day of the festival, the thought of the heat stops her from leaving her house.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Among "Naichau Kamo", "Shouganai Yume Oibito" and "Nanchatte Renai", Reina likes "Nanchatte Renai" the most. When she had first listened to the song, she couldn't wait to try singing it. At first, Reina didn't like the part that goes "Aa nande nan darou watashi, yuugata ni naru tabi" because it was similar to a tongue twister and she was not too confident of singing the lines out smoothly. However, after listening to the song a few more times, that part became her favourite part.

Mail from sour sour sour plum (The listener who got his mail read on FIVE STARS Monday 2 weeks ago) addressing Reina as "Reina-han"
Reina doesn't eat unagis because she finds them having too many bones.

Reina does not feel excited about turning 20 in a few months time. In fact, she doesn't want to turn 20. She has this impression that after one turns 20, time will start flying very quickly. She doubts she'll attend a coming-of-age celebration but she wants to dress up in a kimono, with her hair tied up neatly on her head, with a feather attached to it and take a picture of it.

Nishino Kana - Kimi ni aitaku naru kara ♪
Morning Musume - Aki Urara♪

Reina is currently crazy over gari-gari-kun and avocado. The day before the recording, Reina had avocado to go along with her bentou. Again, before the recording, she had avocado. All the while, Reina thought that avocado is a type of vegetable only until the day of recording, where Reina had a discussion with Aika and Junjun on whether avocado is a vegetable or a fruit, Junjun and Reina's opinions clashed (Junjun knew its a fruit) and they went researching about it on the internet, Reina then got to know that avocado is actually a type of fruit. Coming back, Reina has never tried it out, but she was told that she just have to mix avocados, onions and tuna to make "avocado dip".

As its becoming very humid nowadays, whenever Reina eats gari-gari-kun (Ice pops) and sherbets, it will make her feel refreshed and improve her mood. Reina discovered a chocolate flavoured gari-gari-kun ice pop the day before and recommended the listeners to try it out if they happen to see it.

Reina is interested in good ways to eat avocados and nattous so if you have a way of eating them, do send it in to With that, Reina gave five stars to avocados and gari-gari-kun.

High King - DIAMONDS ♪

Promotion for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Reina : GanbaReina! ♥