Konya mo Usachan Peace #144 (090805)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #144 (090805)


When Sayu was in elementary school, her family would always go to a beach or a lake during the summer vacation. Other then swimming, they would challenge one another in some sort of eating competition. If they were to be at a lake, her parents will bring along a watermelon. After a refreshing dip in the lake and their lunch, they would have the watermelon as dessert. Sayu has lots of good memories of her summer vacations...except for one. There was once where Sayu's family, with the exception of her brother as he was preparing for his examinations, went to the beach on 7/20, which was also Marine Day. The moment they reached, her sister went straight into the sea to play but out of a sudden, there was a wave that hit her sister in her left hand and she started crying non-stop because of the pain. They headed home immediately. Sayu's sister had to get an operation because of that and had a cast on after the surgery. Unable to spend a good summer vacation, Sayu considers this a bad memory.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu had a TV show recording on 7/12 at night. It cut right into 7/13 and ended only around 1AM. She reached home at 1:30AM to find her mom still awake, waiting for her to celebrate with her which reminded Sayu that its already her birthday. Normally, Sayu's mom would ask Sayu beforehand what she wants for a birthday present but since it was her 20th birthday, her mom got her things which she didn't ask for, surprising her. Her mom gave her a diamond necklace that has "SAYUMI" engraved on it. As for her grandfather, he gave Sayu a bottle of wine.

Sayu had also received mails from the members as well as her hometown friends. On 7/13 itself, Sayu was together with the rest of the members so they gave her her birthday presents on time. There was a wide variety of stuff this year. She got some hair ornaments from Koharu. Aichan had gave Sayu some peanuts, a pair of earphones and a speaker for her birthday. Even though so, the next day, Aichan gave Sayu another present, which was a bracelet saying that she would like to give Sayu a proper present instead since its her 20th birthday but Sayu personally thinks that a speaker is proper enough. Sayu stopped for a moment halfway through her talk because she felt a sneeze coming out, which well, didn't in the end.
FYI, if you're wondering why a speaker, earphones and peanuts, Sayu love peanuts and on Youngtown, she had told Sanma and Shouji she wants a pair of new earphones and a speaker for her birthday present after they had asked her about it. Aichan was there too, listening to Sayu quietly, probably devising a plan to get the items for Sayu as her birthday present :P Sayu had also received her birthday present from Sanma last week which was also a speaker.

Gaki-Kame had informed Sayu beforehand that they had wished her a Happy Birthday on their radio show (FIVE STARS Monday #015). She is happy about it but she has a feeling that the 2 girls were just wishing her a happy birthday half-heartedly on their show. On 7/12, Sayu made it a point to remind Eri to not forget that it will be her birthday the next day. Eri then replied, "Then can I just send you a mail now?" which of course, Sayu didn't want her mail at that moment. She wanted Eri to send it on the day itself. So Eri agreed. After her recording on 7/13 night, on her way home, she checked the mails on her mobile phone. Eri's mail was dated 7/13, 00:08 (Although Eri insisted that she sent it at 00:07) and it was...a blank mail as though she just wanted to send a mail to satisfy Sayu because Sayu told her to send a mail, lol. At 00:30, Sayu received a proper mail from Eri which was filled with nothing but heart marks and a "Happy 20th birthday" just like what one would expect from Eri.

In Cinderella the Musical, Sayu had 3 roles, the fairy, a girl in the neighbourhood, and a young lady. In Ribbon no Kishi too, she had a number of roles. Seeing some of the members who only had a role and could put all their attention in their character, Sayu would like to try to play just one character too so that she could concentrate fully on it.

Whenever Sayu is with Eri, she tends to act more sensibly (No explanation needed). Sayu too, thinks that Eri is an idiot by nature xD Sending blank mails like a fool. She finds Eri a good fool, a vast fool. Receiving a blank mail from Eri will make Sayu be like "Eh?" for a moment, but the next moment, she will be laughing at Eri's silliness. She doesn't want Eri to try change this "idiot" personality of hers which Sayu because it makes things really fun.

Sayu misread 災いwazawai (calamity) as 幸いsaiwai (Happiness)

After saying something wicked, Sayu does not regret it, instead, she will reflect on herself. Sometimes, she will think that she went overboard with her poisonous comments. Now that she is 20, she would like to think twice before she speaks, like the way Gaki-san had advised her to be in the Happy Birthday mail she had sent to Sayu.

When Sayu was in elementary school, she loved insects like pill bugs and ants. She would sprinkle some sugar at the hallway of her house then returning to check on the sugar after some time to look at the ants which had gathered there. However, after she had joined Morning Musume, it was as though she had made a 180 degrees turn, losing interest in insects completely.

Berryz Koubou and Mano Erina - Kanpaku Sengen ♪

This week's sexy phrase!
Sayu : Yoko futte onomi kudasai ~ (Please swirl it well then drink it)

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Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥