[08/07] Hello! Chanpuru - Nakano

Saturday, August 08, 2009

What's scarier than opening up 2ch and finding yourself looking at a thread that's titled "Kamei Eririn had completely chopped her hair off"? Nakazawa Yuko perhaps?

Some fans who had attended the concert held earlier today reported that Eri had a haircut and her hair is currently at this length.

At first, I was pretty shocked. In fact, I finally realised how badly I don't want Eri to return to her Eric Kamezou hairstyle even though it looked so damn cute on her. Although I didn't have a good feeling about it because Aichan didn't look good with that hairstyle...I've checked with a fan who had attended the concert and apparently it doesn't look too bad on Eri, in fact, he commented that she looked sexy so I suppose its not as bad as I imagined.

Anyway, MC translation! (According to a fan report) Gaki-san, Eri and Reina participated in the Morning Musume MC today which was about revolutions and our little turtle's revolution was "Sleeping" revolution. Normally, when Eri sleeps, she doesn't switch on the air-conditioner but recently, she got herself some sort of cooling pillow. Probably because she was not used to it, she woke up after sleeping on it for only 3 hours. (The fans ehh'd her for that) However, after she had changed the position of the pillow and lied on it, she fell asleep immediately. Because of this incident, she is currently on a quest to search for good places to sleep.

Gaki-san : You're planning to take that up as an occupation?
Eri : No. Its more like, I want to look for a good place than to take it up as a job.
Gaki-san : But if you were to take up such a job, you will look really suspicious (lol) going *Imitates Eri's voice* "Ah, this position is good"

Gaki-san's revolution is "Trainer of wild animals" revolution. Just as she was talking about her revolution, Eri who was standing next to her was not listening to her as usual and again, got tsukkomi'd by Gaki-san for not listening.

Gaki-san : There are people like this person here (Eri), Koharu and wild animals in Morning Musume who does not listen when some one else speaks. Everyone is just doing whatever they like.
Eri : *Lazy manner but protesting* Hey~Calling us "wild animals" is rude~