InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #004 (090427)

Monday, April 27, 2009


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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #004 (090427)
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The show started off with our Disney-crazy Gaki-san addressing our little turtle as Kame-chin. Gaki-san then moves on to the usual topic and asked Eri what did she do earlier in the morning on the day of the recording. Instead of having a delicious umeboshi breakfast, the first thing Eri did in the morning was to get into an argument with her mother. Gaki-san was like "Again?" when she heard that. Now that MM is in the mid of a concert tour Eri has her face-washing product with her as they moved from place to place. That morning, Eri used a face-washing product that was at home (Which wasn't her's) and her mother confronted her asking if she used it and with that, both of them started quarreling. Eri explained that her mother is pretty childish too which was in some way, supported by Gaki-san. According to Gaki-san, like she had mentioned in FM FUJI GAKI-KAME, Eri's mother is more like Eri's friend rather then mother. She throws in an example of Eri's mother and Eri having the same liking for a certain type of egg. Unlike Gaki-san's parents who will actually give in and let Gaki-san have it, Eri's mother will insist on having it herself. Because there's a buddybuddy-relationship between Eri and her mother, its normal for them to get into quarrels often. Eri agreed with whatever that Gaki-san had said and even asked Gaki-san to go say that in front of Eri's mother's face, which of course, Gaki-san refused to and Eri said she really hope her mother is listening to the radio show.

Meanwhile for Gaki-san, she spent her morning helping her baba-chan (Grandma) look for her cellphone but the cellphone was in her baba-chan's bag all the while. Instead of scolding her grandma or something, the forever-kind Gaki-san had told her baba-chan nicely that it was in her baba-chan's bag. Her baba-chan apologised for troubling Gaki-san which Gaki-san found her baba-chan really cute. Reminds of the Aichan incident Sayu talked about on Konusapi the other time. When they were on the way back from a concert, Aichan suddenly said she lost her phone and started panicking but after some time they realised it was in her make-up pouch which surprised some of the girls cause why would one's cellphone be in her make-up pouch?

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. Sender asks if Gaki-san and Eri is saving anything now. During concert tours, the girls will be living in hotels when they are away from Tokyo, at times, there will be 2 combs in a room, but sometimes, there's only 1. Either way, Eri will definitely bring home the combs with her. However, those combs' teeth may break after using them for some time since after all they are from hotels, and the teeth tends to be thinner. Gaki-san will usually give the comb provided for her hotel room to Eri since its claimed to be an esstential item by Eri.

Mail #2. Sender asks how Gaki-san and Eri concentrate on certain things. Gaki-san exposed Eri and said that even though Eri is reading the mail out loud, she's actually playing around with the clip that was clipped to hold the script together, which obviously proves that Eri wasn't concentrating on her job. For some reason Eri was pretty fascinated by the clip just like how she was back then when she realised if she used an eraser to erase the words on the script, the ink will turn paler a little. Gaki-san then lectures Eri and told her to give some good advice for this sender who is seeking for help instead of getting distracted.

Eri : Its okay! I've got Gaki-san here!

When Gaki-san has a test back then when she was schooling, she'll eat chocolates to keep her energy level up as well as get enough sleep the day before. The girls agreed that if one don't get enough sleep they tend to get distracted easily since one will feel sleepy and nothing goes into his/her head. So their conclusion was to get lots of sleep and eat lots of chocolates.

For Eri's case, the more distracted she is, the more she'll concentrate. If you don't get what that means, then please go watch MM's concert for once to get what they meant (I didn't add this in. Gaki-san was the one who somehow connected the whole talk to promotion for MM's concert tour). Also, Gaki-san added on about Eri and Koharu's Nagoya trip earlier this year. Remember Eri and Koharu appearing on BEKINA and such for Naichau Kamo's promotions? At that time, Gaki-san was surprised with how responsible Eri was.

Mail #3. Song request

Morning Musume - Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita ♪
Nakajima Takui - Calling You ♪

FIVE STARS corner - This week is Gaki-san's turn. Gaki-san went to Disneyland with Aika not long ago. Gaki-san was really thrilled cos' she had only been there once for 2009 before this outing with Aika. They had lots of fun and even discovered a new flavour popcorn, Soy Sauce & Butter Popcorn. Upon hearing the new flavour, Eri started screaming that she wants some too. Gaki-san continuously emphasize on how tasty it was, tempting our little turtle to get some too. Also, on the day Gaki-san and Aika went, the popcorn booths (There are a lot of popcorn booths selling different flavours of popcorns in Disneyland) had changed the containers they used to use because there was some sort of promotion going on for the new attraction park that opened that day. Listen to the 20-year-old Gaki-san get excited over popcorns. Eri wants to go too and both of them agreed on going together even though when Gaki-san had showed Eri pictures of her trip with Aika some time ago and Eri was giving uninterested replies. Eri remembers watching the news report on the event but she didn't expect Gaki-san to be there on the day itself. So with that, the Soy Sauce & Butter Popcorn was FIVE STAR'd by Gaki-san

Here's a picture of the popcorn booth
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Kamei Eri - Kataomoi no Owari ni ♪

The girls received lots of mails talking about Eri's solo siong, Kataomoi no Owari ni. They read out a particular letter that had asked about Eri's Kataomoi no Owari ni's performance in Platinum 9 DISCO. As fan reports have reported about, at the interval, Eri will use her finger to write out something in the air then blow it towards to fans. According to Gaki-san there were quite a number of mails asking about this finger thing. Even though at the start some fans thought it was actually "suki", but 2 weeks ago, the fans realised it was actually "be" in English. Yup, and its all confirmed by Eri today. Gaki-san then added on that just that part, that writing and blowing part, Eri had put in lots of effort in practising it.

Promotions for Platinum 9 DISCO

They talked about the new blog feature available, but until now, there are no updates on the blog. But still, do continue to keep track of their blog at

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