Konya mo Usachan Peace #130 (090429)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Konya mo Usachan Peace #130 (090429)
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Sayu congratulates her parents on their wedding anniversary (4/19)
Opening talk : Listeners have sent in mails saying that Sayu uses words like "Hontou" and "Nanka" pretty often and recently, Sayu realises she uses another word often too. Usually after concerts their managers will pass them copies of the DVD they recorded during the concert. There's was one particular one whereby it was Sayu's turn for the solo MC in Platinum 9 DISCO and she noticed that she says "kou" frequently.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. Handwritten letter from Korea! The fan bought Platinum 9 DISCO (Korea ver.) and thought the lyrics for SONGS can be applied for his current life in university. He also compliments Sayu for her solo song, It's You saying that its suitable for the soon-to-be 20-year-old adult.

Mail #2. Sender asked if Sayu went to a karaoke recently and what songs she sang. Sayu went to a karaoke just not long ago. She brought up the story about Junjun going to a karaoke alone, settling in with 1 hour but ended up extending 1 more hour. When she heard about it, she laughed big time. Even though it was really funny, but for some reason, Sayu was vexed about it. Even though Junjun is from China, she's actually able to go out alone in Japan and communicate with the shop assistants in Japanese. Sayu had never thought of going to a karaoke alone, but upon hearing Junjun's story, she has the urge to try going alone. So yes, she did it, but she was really nervous. Knowing that there'll be lots of people in Shibuya and if she's K-ing alone, it'll be embarrassing for her, she went to a not-so-famous place to sing. After making sure no one sees her alone, she went into the karaoke. The shop assistant or whoever you call it, looked kind of old, so Sayu relaxed a little. She then ordered for green tea before going into her karaoke room. Not wanting anyone to see her, and thinking that the green tea will be served quickly, Sayu waited for the green tea to come before she starts singing so that the shop assistant will not burst into her room suddenly with the green tea. But after around 15minutes, Sayu decided to just go ahead and start her karaoke session but the moment she started singing, the shop assistant walked in. She was so embarrassed that she stopped singing immediately. And apparently, the shop assistant that served her the tea wasn't the same one she saw at the entrance, it was actually a young shop assistant which caused Sayu to be even more embarrassed. Sayu had booked the room for an hour but by the time 45 minutes have passed, the whole atmosphere was so awkward that she decided to leave.

Mail #3. Sender asked Sayu about Yuko's blog. Yuko blogged about Sayu in one of her posts. Sayu had 4 irons with her. Her elder sister wanted one of them so she just gave it to her. One of the 3 remaining ones is left in her house, the other one is brought around during concert tours,and the other one, by coincidence was actually the same as the one Yuko has which Sayu had bought recently. According to Sayu that iron has this function that it'll automatically turns off after 20minutes to prevent it from becoming a hazard. Just the other day, her sister asked her mother for some glue to stick the electrical outlet (?) which apparently melted/vanished thanks to the iron Sayu had gave her? But anyway, her mother told her sister that home appliances can't be fixed so easily by gluing the stuff back together. Well, her mother got Sayu's sister a new iron in the end.

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Ending talk : Sayu talked about GAKIKAME's (She called them GAKIKAME) mothers. There was once whereby Eri's mother, Sayu's mother, Eri and Sayu went to a Chinese restaurant for a meal. Sayu shares exactly the same story as what Gaki-san had mentioned earlier this week on InterFM FIVE STARS Monday, but with more details. Eri and her mother shared a bowl of Chinese-don at that time and there was only one quail egg in it. Like Gaki-san's mother, Sayu's mother will let her child have it instead of snatching it from her child. However, Eri and her mother was arguing over who should get the egg and in the end, Eri's mother won over Eri and got the egg to herself. Sayu couldn't believe her eyes when she saw that and that made her realised there's actually lots of type of people in this world. Another time was when Sayu went to Eri's house to play. Eri and her younger sister were gaming together while Eri's mother will stand behind and throw in comments like "That looks weak". Sayu has never seen parents commenting on the games as their children game so it surprised her. And even though Eri's sister was enjoying herself, Eri's mother snapped at her and said "Quick, give me play it!", "Quick, its my turn already". Again, like what Gaki-san had said, Sayu thinks that Eri's mother is more like a friend to Eri and her siblings rather than a mother-daughter relationship and so is Gaki-san's mother.

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Sayu : OyaSayumin!

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday
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Just a short part from the opening talk.
In this week's InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina brought up the shoe incident which she had mentioned on Ame Radio last week. She was the last member to put on her boots and when she tried on the only pair of boots left, she found out that it was actually Eri's. She then went after Eri to get back her boots but when they checked the pair of boots Eri was wearing, it wasn't Reina's. For some reason, Sayu was the one who was wearing Reina's boots and her reaction was like "No wonder it felt so tight". So as we can see, Rokkies got their shoes mixed up, and the girls thought it was pretty awesome for that to even happen and got their tension ↑↑ right before the concert.