InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #011 (090615)

Monday, June 15, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #011 (090615)

Gaki-san : Yahohoi!
Eri : ..what the hell was that?

Started off with Gaki-san's new way of greeting (It used to be "Omatase!") which she initially wanted Eri to repeat after her but unfortunately, Eri didn't do so. Eri complains that its unfair that Gaki-san gets the good part right at the start of the show.

Gaki-san : Today too, it'll be message festival where we'll read out lots of mails that we had received from the--
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : listeners. Please enjoy yourself until the end of the show.
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : You're really throwing that in isn't it. Its okay for you to throw in some "Wasshoi"s for today though.
Eri : Okay, wasshoi!
Gaki-san : (lol) All right then. Please send your messages and song requests to this e'mail address -
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm--
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : .jp

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Message Festival

Gaki-san : It'll be a message festival this week too.
Eri : Yes, wasshoi!
Gaki-san : Lets keep throwing the "Wasshoi"s out.
Eri : Wasshoi!
Gaki-san : All right, the first letter. Kame lets get started all right?
Eri : May I?
Gaki-san : Lets start off with this.
Eri : Erm..the--
Gaki-san : Oops no! It's suppose to be me to read out the mail.
Eri : Look look!

Mail #1 - From the same sender who had his mail read during the 7th episode of FIVE STARS Monday. This time round, he suggested sounds for Koharu and Reina! For Koharu, it'll be "Haee~" while for Reina it'll be "Purit". Both Gaki-san and Eri got what the sender meant since the sounds really fitted the image of Koharu and Reina. Eri rates it 75/100 points this time round and added on that if she were to achieve a grade of 75/100 in a test, it'll be something she'll really get praised about.

Mail #2 - From a high school student who will be participating in a Judo competition but unfortunately for him, his first opponent will be a really strong one so he'll like to have a supportive message from GAKIKAME.

Gaki-san : I'd like to root for him!
Eri : Go for it, Gaki-san!
Gaki-san : Myself?!
Eri : Go for it, Gaki-san!
Gaki-san : Lets go together!
Eri : ..together? (Quieten down)

The sender had also mentioned that he and his team had once lost in the competition. The girls advise him to remain determined because determination can do wonders. Eri reminds him to enjoy himself in the competition and Gaki-san rounded up asking the sender to send a mail again if he wins so that they can congratulate him for his achievement.

Morning Musume - Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! ♪

Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.--
RisaEri : jp
Gaki-san : five-nk@interfm.--
RisaEri : jp (High pitch)
Gaki-san : (lol)

Berryz Koubou - Rival ♪

Mail #3 - The listener is having a hard time balancing his/her part time work and schoolwork. The listener is aiming to be like GAKIKAME, who are able to handle their rehearsals, learning of new songs, recordings and etc. Both of them pretty much understand how the listener feels since they had once been in the same situation before. They recall about the pains they went through, not having the energy to do their schoolwork, so exhausted that they don't feel like waking up, dying to get home to catch some sleep. But after graduating from school and looking back at that period, they are glad they had worked hard and both of them have a sense of achievement.

Gaki-san : Please do your best!
Eri : We'll be rooting for you!

Mail #4 - Sender is curious if GAKIKAME has something that they are fastidious about when they put on their make-up or when they are doing up their hair. Since all the members are doing their own make-ups and everything, they are already pretty good at it. But talking about something that Eri's fastidious about, Gaki-san personally thinks that there isn't any as Eri often go "I curled it but the curls went down again" and resulting in Gaki-san having to curl Eri's hair for Eri which Gaki-san enjoys doing. Recently Gaki-san has been doing up her mother and sister's make-ups and hair for them which had somewhat sparked up Gaki-san's interest in being a make-up artist. Since Eri had wanted to ask Gaki-san to do it for her, Gaki-san voluntarily offered to help her. Taking advantage of the offer, Eri requested Gaki-san to go to her house early in the morning to do up her make-up for her. Eri being Eri, she'll probably be nodding off and Gaki-san complained that if she really do so, it'll be impossible for Gaki-san to draw the lines properly and added on that it doesn't really affects her though even if Eri's face turn out to be something horrifying. Coming back to the topic, the girls will pay special attention to one another's hairstyles as to avoid themselves from having the similar hairstyles as other members. Also, their make-ups often depends on their mood.

Ikimono Gakari - Futari ♪

Gaki-san : Ojigi de SHAPE UP! had successfully ended! Kame, otsukare!
Eri : Otsukaresama deshita! Thank you!
Gaki-san : It was a really enjoyable play. I've watched it too.
Eri : Thank you! I was really happy when I receieved the sashimis from you.
Gaki-san : Really?
Eri : It was delicious!
Gaki-san : Its the sweet type right?
Eri : Yes, it was very tasty.
Gaki-san : That's good. Kame too, was trying her very best for the play
Eri : Yes, thank you.

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RisaEri : five--
Risa : -nk@interfm.j--
RisaEir : p
Risa : five-nk@interfm.--
RisaEri : jp (A low pitched "jp" from Eri)

A spoiler from Gaki-san - Eri's post for FIVE STARS Monday will be surprisingly sensible so do check it out!

RisaEri : Ba~Hai~.