Youngtown (090613)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Youngtown (090613)

Fashion check
The first thing Sanma picked on for the day was Aichan's dressing. Apparently it was something different from what Aichan usually wears and when Aichan went to work earlier on, someone asked her "How old are you?". Shouji described it as an elementary school student-liked outfit. Defending herself, Aichan said it was designed by a designer who is in his thirties.

Shouji : He may be in his thirties but he may have designed it for a child.

Thinking that it looked rather cute, Aichan bought it. Even though Sanma and Shouji are going on and on about how weird it looks, like Aichan, Sayu thought its pretty cute too.
Description of Aichan's dress - A light purple colour piece of snow white-liked dress with a mini skirt. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Sanma : And as for Michishige--
Aichan : Looking cute
Sanma : a cute outift
Sayu : Ah, I'm glad. I thought the talk would just end at Aichan's outfit.
Aichan : (lol)
Sanma : --- (Breast talk, I don't know how to phrase it ^^;)
Sayu : (lol) I don't mean that!
Sanma : You're thinking "Praise me too!" right? Not that we were complimenting on Takahashi's outfit just now though.

Ojigi de SHAPE UP!
Sanma watched it! And the impression left on him..?

Sanma : Takahashi fumbled with her words so much.

Whenever she reminds herself to not mess up, Aichan will end up messing up her lines after her reminder. An example of Aichan's amazing mistake : Mispronouncing "Otou-san" (Dad) as "Oshoushan". Aichan thinks that since she kept a straight face, the fans probably didn't know that she screwed up. Sayu shattered her fantasy and told her that the fans probably noticed it. Usually after messing up a line, Aichan will repeat the line again but according to Sayu, even there are times whereby when Aichan tried to correct herself, she ended up messing up the line again. There was once whereby she messed up 3 times in a row. Standing on the same stage as Aichan, the rest of the performers really had to stop themselves from laughing out loud and they will be like "Man, Aichan!". Sayu went on about how she once lost control of her laughter because Aichan was just too funny even though Sayu herself often mess up too. Sayu's constant disagreement with what Aichan said made the talk absolutely hilarious.

Sayu's story about karaoke-ing alone on Konusapi
After singing 3 Morning Musume songs, Sayu left before 30minutes had even passed.

Nothing much but Aichan was really entertaining in this episode with her slip ups and during Takahashi Ai wa Iyasemasen's corner. Shouji seriously laughed his ass off.

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