InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #037 (2009.12.14)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When eating bento, Gaki-san will start off with her favourite food item.She used to leave her favourite to the last though. Eri on the other hand has never thought of which is eat first. Gaki-san's response to Eri's habit, "You really don't think about anything huh?" Normally, Eri will just eat accordingly to what she wants to first. As for a strawberry shortcakes, Gaki-san will eat the strawberry first. Eri wonders why do people even make decisions for which to eat first when eating. FYI, during a personality test in 2006, both Gaki-san and Eri started eating a strawberry (normal) cake from the edge of the triangular piece of cake instead of the strawberry.

Just the other day, when they were travelling on a bullet train, the bento they had had ginkgo nuts in them. Gaki-san doesn't like to eat ginkgo nuts so naturally, she'll look for the ginkgo nuts lover, who was sitting diagonally behind her. Despite the presence of other passengers, when Gaki-san called out for Eri, Eri replied loudly, "Give me a minute, Gaki-san!" Eri had High Chew gummies with her that day and she passed some of them to Gaki-san by...throwing them. One of the gummies hit Gaki-san on the head and both of them started laughing. That earned them a scolding from their manager.

Eri didn't interrupt Gaki-san as Gaki-san read out the e-mail address.

Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo

If Eri orders Oyakodon (Chicken, egg and onion on rice) but gets only a bowl of onion and rice, her first reaction will be "Why?" in English. Gaki-san wonders what's up with Eri's recent English phrase nowadays. Both Gaki-san and Eri will inform the waiter if they happen to be served with a different dish. Gaki-san will say something like "Erm...there's only onions in here. You guys forgot to add in the rest of the ingredients right?" The two of the encourage listeners to speak out if we are served with the wrong dish since we are in the right.

A listener asked if Gaki-Kame prefer guys with thick eyebrows or thin eyebrows. Eri responded with a "Anything will do ~" As usual, she doesn't have a preference for such things. Gaki-san too, has never thought of what type of eyebrows she prefers guys to have. She doesn't like guys with very fine eyebrows though. Eri remembers that back then when they were still schooling, everyone had very fine eyebrows during a period of time. Hearing herself say "Back then when we were still schooling..." Eri doesn't like it but Gaki-san, being the very realistic her, told Eri she has no choice since they are all growing up. Gaki-san can't stand guys with blonde hair but black eyebrows too. Eri doesn't mind. As long as the guy looks fine with the eyebrows he has, she is okay with it. Both of them concluded that they guys with too thin eyebrows aren't their cup of tea. They prefer just normal eyebrows.

Eri noticed that whenever she reads out mails from the listeners that ask them which do they prefer, A or B and stuff like that, she doesn't actually have an answer because she is fine with all the options.

A listener asked what sort of cakes do they like for Christmas and of course, poor little Eri who's birthday is two days before Christmas. To Eri, its not a matter about what sort of cake she likes, but rather, its about whether she gets a cake for her birthday. Eri called her mother an idiot which Gaki-san reminded her that if she calls her mother an idiot, that means an idiot gave birth to baby Eririn. Gaki-san told Eri to appreciate her mother. Coming back, because Eri's birthday is two days before Christmas, her mother doesn't know when to get a cake. On Eri's birthday? Or on Christmas? To Eri, her mother should just get cakes for both the events. Apparently she doesn't mind eating so many cakes. When Gaki-Kame were informed of the public recording that will be held on Eri's 21st birthday, the first thing that Eri said was that "I hope there'll be a cake..."

FYI, in Morning Musume DVD Magazine Volume 27, Eri mentioned that during her birthdays, whenever she goes shopping for a birthday cake with her mother, they won't be able to get one because during that season, all the cake shops only sells Christmas cakes. She made a cute request in the DVD for cake shops to sell birthday cakes within that period because her birthday is near to Christmas.

C-ute - Akogare my star

Gaki :
Kame : (Mumbling)
Gaki :
Kame : (Mumbling) ...I want to eat ~

Mano Erina - Osozaki Musume

Gaki-san watched Michael Jackson's "This is it" movie twice. Eri missed the movie asked Gaki-san to stop talking about it. She ignored Eri of course and continued talking about how badly she wants them to release a DVD for the movie. Every time Gaki-san watches a movie, she will buy M-sized popcorn. She was so awed by the movie that she didn't eat much of her popcorns. She only ate them during the advertisement before they started playing the movie. Despite doing that on her first "This is it" movie experience, she still bought a M-sized popcorn for her second "This is it." Gaki-san has Michael Jackson's DVDs at home and dances to them too. She tried moonwalking and enjoys dancing to Michael Jackson's songs. Gaki-san's parents are big fans of Michael Jackson and has brought Gaki-san to one of his concerts. Gaki-san doesn't remember it though because she was only three years old or so at that time. Eri laughed at Gaki-san when Gaki-san got a little too excited and started talking like some sort of promoter. With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to Michael Jackson's "This is it" movie.

Procol Harum - Aoi Kage
Eri's mother likes this song. Through her mother, Eri got to know of this song and started to like it.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

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Their manager is planning on getting them their usual drinks too for the public recording.

Gaki :
Kame : Kedama? (Furball) Kendama?
Gaki :
Kame : Kendama?

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GakiKame : Bahahai
Kame : Lets all gather at Gaki-san's house!
Gaki : No way!!