Konya mo Usachan Peace #162 (2009.12.09)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sayu enjoyed hosting the radio show with Koharu as guest. Although Koharu has now graduated from Morning Musume, she still hopes that Koharu will be back on Konusapi as guest again.

Morning Musume - Furusato

Sayu and her mother went to her sister's house not long ago and helped her clean her messy house up. She has lots of her big sister's stories to update us with. First thing is, her sister lost one of her front teeth. If that happened to Sayu, she definitely wouldn't be in a good mood. Her sister on the other hand isn't affected by the fact that she lost a front tooth and her mother had to ask her to go to the dentist for treatment. Second thing is that for some reason, the water doesn't heat up in her sister's house. Despite it being winter, Sayu's sister has been bathing with cold water. After they checked with the landlord for why the water doesn't heat up, they found out that her sister didn't pay the gas fees so there was no gas supply. Third thing, they decided to go out for a meal after cleaning up her house. Sayu and her mother put on their coats while Sayu's sister only put on a T-shirt. Her mother advised her sister to put on a coat too but apparently, her sister doesn't have a coat...even though she had quite a number of them. Sayu's sister assured her mother that she would be all right and was about to wrap herself with her futon to go out. Her mother stopped her and asked her to use her blanket instead. Either way, it still surprised Sayu. Yes, her sister really went for a meal with them with a blanket wrapped around her.

Sayu likes Aichan's leopard print costume that she wore for Nine Smile concerts. She finds it really cute and suitable for Aichan. The costume comes with a hat which Aichan knows how to make full use of the hat during her performance to look cool. Sayu likes Aichan's cow costume too because she has this ribbon on her costume which goes well with Aichan. As for Sayu's costumes, she likes her Aruiteru costume. Sayu wore a hair accessory that looks like a ring for that song performance to match her costume.

Sayu enjoys writing Pocket Morning Tour Diaries. She feels that whenever she is writing for the subscription program, its one of her most blissful moments. Like she has always said, she wants a blog very badly. Since she can't have one, neither can she send Pocket Diaries when they don't have a concert, she sends three pocket diaries per day. FYI, for members like Eri, they only send around three pocket diaries per tour. Other members like Reina and Gaki-san send only one or two pocket diaries per day. Sayu doesn't like the fact that the subscribers will only receive their Pocket Diaries some days after the members sent it out but at least its better than not being able to send anything to the fans at all. FYI, subscribers usually receive it 2 days after the girls send it out. As the girls don't get much opportunities to talk to the fans, Sayu makes full use of this program to tell the fans whatever she wants to say. She has lots of stuff to say but doesn't get the time to. Sayu feels grateful towards Konya mo Usachan Peace, which is a perfect chance for her to say all that she wants.

When Sayu was in elementary school, she didn't know how to communicate with guys. She avoided trying to work with guys because she was afraid of them. So shy of them that she thinks that if back then, she dropped an eraser and a male classmate picked up for her, she wouldn't even dare to thank the person. She's totally okay with guys nowadays though and is able to communicate with them well.

Sayu finds Ishikawa Rika really sexy and acts like an adult.

Sayu can't cook at all, even though she has the urge to cook sometimes. Unlike other mothers, when Sayu told her mother that she wants to try cooking, instead of offering to cook with Sayu, her mother told her its okay to not know how to cook because her mother didn't know how to too until she got married. Sayu's mother loves cooking for her children.

Sayu's mother went to her sister's house recently. She called her sister beforehand and they agreed to meet at her house at 9PM since her sister gets off work at 8PM. However, Sayu's sister didn't get home all that while even though her house door was left open. Sayu's mother made a phone call to Sayu at 10PM where Sayu asked her to wait a little longer. Sayu received another phone call from her mother at 12AM. Her mother couldn't contact her sister neither had her sister got home. Worried, Sayu tried calling her sister too but no one picked up. Both of them were really very worried by then. Sayu made a call to her sister's friend who told her that her sister said that she was planning to go to a manga cafe. The smart Sayu did a quick research on the mange cafes near her sister's house and contacted all the cafes to check with them if her sister is at their cafes. Fortunately, Sayu managed to find out which cafe her sister was in and informed her mother. Her mother then headed to that cafe and found her sister sleeping there. Relieved, Sayu headed home after a long day of work plus an extremely worrying experience. Her sister called her to apologise for the trouble she caused. Apparently, her sister went to the manga cafe despite the date with her mother because she didn't have anything to do. The first thing that came into Sayu's mind was that her sister should have spend the time packing up her house instead of complaining about being too free.

Morning Musume - Aruiteru

This week's sexy phrase,
Sayu : Otomori set ~
An Otomori set consists of toothbrushes, soap and stuff like that.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

Sayu : OyaSayumin