InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #022 (090831)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Today is Gaki-han mama's birthday! Mama-chan's birthdaaaaay! Lets move on to the opening talk. Not long ago, when Gaki-san was on the train, she overheard 2 young girls' conversations. One of them told her friend, "The other day, I went Umagurumamichi*..." Gaki-san was wondering where Umagurumamichi was. After some time, Gaki-san figured out that the girls were talking about Bashiamichi and giggled a little. Eri took a very long time to figure out the link between Umagurumamichi and Bashiamichi ^^;

*馬車道 Bashiamichi. However, if you break up the kanjis, 馬 uma kuruma michi, putting them together again, 馬車道 Umagurumamichi.

Gaki :
Kame : (Spelling umagurumamichi in the background)
Gaki :
Kame : (Spelling umagurumamichi in the background)

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Around 2 months ago, Eri recommended a dish called "Kombu Mayonnaise Rice". A listener tried it out and apparently it was very tasty so he requested for Eri to recommend more of such dishes if she finds one. So this week, Eri recommended the listeners to eat shabu-shabu with lettuce and ponzu.

Trendy acronym quiz
As Gaki-san was explaining to Eri what this acronym thing was about, she gave "KY" (kuuki yomenai, can't read the atmosphere) as an example.
Kame : Oh, like "JK"?
Gaki : What is "JK"?
Kame : Joshi kousei (Female high school student)
Gaki : If you put it that way, then you can do that for everything. For example, "NR" will be Niigaki Risa then.

Eri's answer : Asian teatime moonlight.

Eri's answer for Q2 : Natural high Kamei. Naturally full...
Gaki-san had to remind her that the long forms are not necessary in English.
Eri's answer for Q2 : Nanchatte honkai (False meeting?)

Correct answers
A1 : Anata no Tayori wo Matteiru (I'm waiting for your mail)
A2 : Nanka Hen na Kanji (A somewhat weird atmosphere/feeling)

Normally, if Eri can't find anything that she wants to eat, it means that she is not hungry. While for Gaki-san, she decides her meals by looking at what she had the meal before. She makes sure the nutrients are balanced.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪
Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo ♪

Gaki-san is currently trying to grow her fringe out. General stores make things easier for her because they offer not just accessories like hairpins, rubber bands and earrings but also stationeries and more. Since she can get many items that she wants there, Gaki-san has been visiting general stores very frequently recently. In fact, the day before the recording of this episode of FIVE STARS Monday, she went to a general store to pick up more items.

(Eri's selection) Takeuchi Mariya - Genki wo Dashite ♪
Eri has no idea why she kept singing this song the day before this episode's recording.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Do check out FIVE STARS Monday's blog!
GAKIKAME : Ba~hahai~

Just too perfect.

Image Hosted by
Yes, I had the same reaction as most of the Eri fans out there.
A little devilishness plus her usual sweetness and cuteness. What else can we ask for?

Jewel Pet #022 (090830)

Some spoilers!
Rinko : Please translate the following sentence into English. "Mr Johnny is not sitting on the chair"...Can't they just say he is standing up or lying down?!
Ruby : Reversed anger?!

Teacher : How do you read this word? (The word was "orange")
Rinko : O-ra-n-ge (Read it in the Japanese way)

When Rinko came across a question that went " a bridge," she assumed that it was saying that the author likes bridges, lols.

Lots of screaming in this episode and was an extremely funny one with the Akira vs Rinko English battle. Remember, Eri's theme colour is o-ra-n-ge! xD

West wind (090830)

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Looks like Eri was enjoying herself during the recording! (:

Image Hosted by
Talk theme : A moment when you feel that you have aged.
Eri's answer : When I have to ask my juniors to help me massage my shoulders.
Eri : My shoulders stiffen very frequently so I often have to ask the 8th generation member, Mitsui Aika-chan to help me massage them...when she is free.

I hope Eri takes good care of herself. She is only 20 x.x Its worrying to hear that she's getting stiff shoulders already.

Keitai no Ana - Takahashi Ai & Tanaka Reina

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aichan was asked to name the names of all 12 months in English.
Aichan : Ehh?! I rather name the days in a week!
The host insisted for Aichan to name months so here it goes!
Aichan : August, September, October, November, December and as for the 1st month...
Aichan was allowed to ask for assistance from Reina.
Aichan : All right, I'll ask for help...but I bet she doesn't know the name of it...(lol)
Reina : One ~
Aichan : That's incorrect...

Before the clip ended, Aichan was requested to read "I love you forever" in Japanese for all the fans. She looked really cute when she got embarrassed and retreated into the little hole.

Host : Have you ever failed in earning laughs?
Reina : Failure...? ...What? ...Failure? I've never failed (lol)
Reina was then requested to throw in some gags that she thinks will get people laughing for sure.

1st gag : You better eat squids now, quick! (Hayaku ika tabe ni ikanto ikan!)*
2nd gag : The futon was blown away! (Futon ga futton da!)
The gags didn't really work...
Aichan : That was terrible eh?
Reina : Yes.
*Hakata dialect.

Aichan : She's good at impersonations.
Reina : Woah. Takahashi Ai-san?
Aichan : (Innocent) Yes?
Aichan's innocent "Naani?" made it really funny xD Anyway, Reina later made an impersonation of Crayon Shin-chan and was complimented by both Aichan and the host for it.

During the bonus of Reina's clip, Aichan did her well-known Doi Takako impersonation.

Handsome guys anyone?

Happen to be re-watching Hello! Morning Musume (090604) earlier on and to find out!

Youngtown (090801)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Before the recording of "Sanma no Goten", Sayu and Junjun had individual meetings with whoever-it-was regarding the show. They were not allowed to hear what one another was told.

Aichan : Junjun copies Sayu.
Sayu : That's right.
Sanma : Is it really emulating? Junjun said it was a coincidence.
Aichan : No! Its 100% same.
Sayu : Yes.
Aichan : Even their bags are the same.
Sanma : It maye just be coincidence!
Aichan : No way its a coincidence!
Sayu : Exactly!
Sanma : Junjun said it was a trend--
Aichan : (Cuts in) Its not!

Sayu wasn't the one disagreeing with what Sanma was talking about. In fact, Aichan was rejecting Sanma's explanations even before Sayu did it. Aichan gave an example of Junjun wearing jerseys that are exactly the same as Sayu's when Sayu was the one who first wore it.

Moving on to hairstyles, according to Aichan, because Morning Musume is a big group, they have to try not to have a similar hairstyle. When Aichan and Sayu have first entered Morning Musume, they were told to not style their hair until their seniors have done so so that they would not end up having the same hairdo. The 5th and 6th generation had to go through this tradition before they finally became the senior members of Morning Musume, earning the privilege of styling their hair first. However, Junjun completely ignores it although she is aware of it. Plus the fact that Junjun cries easily, Sayu has no choice but to not argue with her. In the current Morning Musume line-up, cases whereby several members looks good with a certain hairstyle happens often. Even though so, they will not all use that hairstyle. Instead, they will have to look around to check if anyone is having the hairdo that day and if no one is using it, the member will style her hair that way.

Not that the girls are picking on Junjun, but as Junjun and Sayu have similar heights, hair lengths and hair colours, they have to make it a point to style their hair differently so that when the audience will not mistake them for one another. Junjun's manager had told Junjun to avoid having same hairstyles etc. as Sayu. However, Junjun doesn't listen and continues doing so. Because of Junjun's stubbornness, the manager had no choice but to ask senior-Sayu to change her hairstyles instead.

Sanma finally understood the truth and commented that Junjun was doing an extremely good job in making Sayu look like a mean senior on the show. He later added that those who had watched the show and did not listen to this radio show would probably get the "This girl is cute, but she is actually a meanie" impression of Sayu. Sayu agreed to it and tried to laugh it off, but from her voice, it was pretty obvious it stung.

Meanwhile, on "Sanma no Goten", Junjun gave a totally different story, saying that those incidents were purely coincidence and went on about how she thought Sayu was kidding at first when she first commented that Junjun was copying her but such comments gradually increased although Junjun wasn't doing so. Like Sanma had said, Junjun did an awesome job in making Sayu look bad.

I was very annoyed after I watched "Sanma no Goten." Even if it was for the sake of the show, it definitely was not necessary for her to put on the "Omg, I'm so innocent" look on her face and to make up excuses just to defend herself. Sayu is appearing on variety shows more often than Junjun so I personally think that Sayu's image of more value than Junjun's. Did Junjun even know what are the consequences for saying such things on a show like "Sanma no Goten" in the first place? Those who had watched the show would probably have the image of Sayu being a mean senior who picks on her junior now if they didn't listen to this episode of Youngtown. Although Sayu has been showing the dark side of her on the variety shows she has been appearing on, this bad image was something different from that sort of image.

Image Hosted by
Sayu was kind enough to not retort back during "Sanma no Goten", allowing Junjun to go overboard. I'm sure I'm not the only onewho thinks that it was pretty obvious that Sayu was not pleased by the little talk Junjun had there during the show from her expression. Still, Junjun didn't seem to be affected by it and just went on showing the I-am-innocent look. While on this episode of Youngtown as they were talking about Junjun, when Sanma said that it sounds like Junjun has a bad attitude, Aichan and Sayu quickly threw in good words for Junjun and held back themselves so as to not wreck Junjun's image. However, I didn't see such restrain from Junjun on "Sanma no Goten." She looked like a desperate idol who is trying to make herself look good.

Recent stories of Junjun not putting in effort, Junjun lying to Reina over a few sweets and such have certainly left an impact on me. "Sanma no Goten" only doubled my dislike for Junjun. Also, her Japanese is becoming from bad to worse (→ I'm not the only one saying this. I've seen quite a number of Japanese talking about it on blogs/forums) making it really difficult for people to understand her. Looks like she isn't heading for the right way like how Linlin is.

Honestly, I hope they stop putting Junjun on shows with Sayu. Its not as though Junjun can rely on Sayu's popularity and character to get her breakthrough in the variety world. Crying does not mean everything. Perhaps she can try using her tears on Tsunku. She may just get a lead in a song somehow.

- Junjun fans' comments will not be entertained. I believe I have the rights to express my view. Junjun fans can go ahead and scream at me and hate me though.

ON8 (090827)

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Guest : Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika

During one of the Hello! Chanpuru concert, Reina had a long earring on which was a hindrance. As they were performing "Nanchatte Renai," after Reina's "Aiso warai," the next dance movement was to put out their right hand. When she did that, she hit the earring unintentionally, causing it to fly backwards and smack Reina in the face. It was very embarrassing because the line before that was hers and hence the camera was focused on her. Reina is pretty sure that many fans saw that.

Eri practised very hard for the rapping parts of "Nanchatte Renai" before the recording. FYI, the girls will sing every line in the song during the recording. The distribution of the lines will only be released after the recording. Although Eri worked so hard for the raps, when she entered the recording room, before she had even started singing, she was told that they would not be recording her raps. She didn't really show it, but Eri was in a shock after hearing that. Despite trying so hard, figuring out how to rap the "Yeah", "Baby" lines well, Eri didn't even get a chance to show her ability.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Reina : The last one was Eri and the one with the weirdest tension was Eri too.
Being the last one to record her "Nanchatte Renai" PV scenes, Eri's slot was scheduled to be at night. Due to the fact that it was at night, Eri behaved strangely and made many impersonations.

Even though Eri will not remember about the headache or stomach ache she had once the pain goes away, Aika will remember it and ask Eri whether she still has those problems. Eri can feel the care and affection Aika gives her.

Not long ago, Eri and Reina went to a bakery together during their lunchtime. Once they arrived at the place, they hopped off the car and headed straight for the bakery. Although Eri really wanted to get there soon, Reina looked like she was more desperate to get to the bakery as soon as possible than Eri from the speed she was walking with. Meanwhile, for Eri, being a little turtle, she was of course, slower than Reina. Naturally, Reina reached the bakery before Eri did. She then turned back and called out to Eri, "Lets go, Eri!" Eri replied "Un!" just like how a drama would be like. From there, Eri felt some of Reina's affection for her.

During a recording of a "Nanchatte Renai" performance for a TV show, Aika was told to move a little more towards the back for a certain dance move. Being instructed to do that out of blue, Aika was not in the right state of mind to understand and to follow the instructions. At that time, the look Eri had on her face frightened Aika. Eri looked like she was annoyed because they could not present a good performance if Aika doesn't get her steps right. Still, Eri patiently taught Aika what she was supposed to do and Aika felt Eri's affection for her.
Reina : Its pretty difficult to decide if this is a good image or a bad one isn't it?
Eri : Please give such image to Reina only.

Eri treats Reina differently from the way she treats the rest. She acts coldly towards Reina and behaves in the sadistic manner. One example is when Reina gets all excited over talking about something and Eri will be a wet blanket going, "Eh? What the heck are you talking about?" Reina is trying hard to accept the fact that this special treatment for Reina is an evidence of Eri's affection for Reina.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

Knowing that the interval was going to end soon, Eri quickly gulped down a mouthful of water. She made a really loud gulping sound and that tickled the host and the other 2 girls xD It isn't the first time Eri is doing this on a radio show. She did that a couple of times on Gaki-kame radio shows.

Earlier this year, Aichan, Eri, Sayu and Reina were involved in a play called "Ojigi de SHAPE UP!" Once, Reina opened up the refrigerator in the dressing room and found some éclairs. She decided to eat them later so she closed the door, or rather, she thought she closed the door fully. Apparently, she didn't shut it completely and she didn't realise it. Before she left the room, a voice called out, "Tanaka-san, the refrigerator's door is left opened." Frightened by Eri's way of speaking, Reina hurried over to shut the door because she thought Eri was angry.
Eri : Hey, why do you have to talk about such a thing as "Kataomoi no Owari ni" is played in the background?
Aika : Its such an innocent song.
Eri : Exactly. The talk doesn't match with the song at all!

Last year, during Eri's 20th birthday, she received mails from all the members at 12AM with the exception of Reina. Later on when it was 12:23AM, she finally received a birthday message from Reina and Reina explained that she sent it to her at 12:23AM because Eri's birthday is December 23rd. Eri was overjoyed that Reina had specially planned it for her. However, Reina later revealed on Platinum 9 DISCO that Reina had fell asleep while waiting for 11:59PM for her to send the mail and had only woke up around 12:20AM during her solo MC. After her MC, Reina asked Eri if she had listened to her MC. As Eri was changing her costume, she didn't listen to it. Reina then told her to listen to it because it was hilarious. Dying of curiosity, Eri asked Reina to just tell her about it and Reina did as told. After listening to it, Eri was completely shocked.

Host : Eririn, do you have any episode? (With regards to Morning Musume's "Aki Urara")
Eri : I was not able to read the song title "Aki Urara" (秋麗) at first. I could only read "Aki" (秋)
Reina and Aika : Ehhhhhhhhhhhh?!

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Promotions for Morning Musume's 40th Single, "Nanchatte Renai", Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume C/W collection album

ON8 (090826) - Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina & Mitsui Aika

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Eri : I'm Kamei Eri from Morning Musume!
Reina : I'm Tanaka Reina!
Aika : I'm Mitsui Aika!
Eri : Which member in Morning Musume do you think is the most "Ehhhhh?"
Reina and Aika : Kamei-san!!
Eri : Ehhhhhhh?!


Konya mo Usachan Peace #147 (090826)

Sayu went to the hair salon recently after realising her hair was turning brown. She hates visiting the hair salon because she had several reluctant conversations with the hairdressers whenever she went there. As one who hates going there, the last time she went there was nearly 4 months ago. This recent visit made Sayu hate hair salons even more. Before undergoing the hair treatments, she had her hair washed by the hairdresser. The hair salon that she went to does not put on a towel to protect their customers' eyes from the shampoo so Sayu decided to close her eyes to prevent the shampoo from going into her eyes. As the hairdresser was washing her hair, Sayu heard "Are you going to work after this?" so she answered yes. But...the question was actually directed to another customer who was getting his/her hair washed. Before the visit, Sayu had made mental preparations for what to answer if the hairdressers ask her something so when she heard that question, she gave a full-of-energy "Yes!" Her hairdresser didn't know how to respond to her too. Alone and embarrassed, Sayu couldn't wait to share with all the listeners about this to lighten her embarrassment. Although it was her fault for being answering to a wrong question, this experience increased her hatred for hair salons.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

In the same Pocket Diary which Momoko had revealed that Aichan slaps her butt often, she mentioned that earlier that day after she had greeted Sayu, Sayu gave her a hug suddenly and patted her on the head. Listener asked Sayu if she drank a little too much in her dressing room xD Sayu denied being drunk and explained that she did that because she was charmed by Momo's cutesy "Good morning." If Sayu puts it in a nice way, Momo is a cute and friendly girl but if she puts it in the mean way, Momo is just plain noisy. She speaks so much that she often calls Sayu "Misshige-san" instead of "Michishige-san" due to the speed she is talking with. Sayu allowed Momo to address her as "Sayumin" but she got a "No, Misshige-san!" as a reply. She dislikes the "Misshige-san" name so she tried to get Momo call her "Sayumin." Momo agreed but the next moment, she was going "Misshige-san!" again. Once, Momo consulted Sayu about something personal and that surprised Sayu. She asked Sayu if she was told by any member that it looks painful for her to be all cutesy and how long Sayu will want to stay with this character. The way she phrased her question and the tone of it was very serious. It made Sayu happy for that Momo had actually spoke to her about her problems and Sayu gave her some advices in return.

Idoling!!!'s Kikuchi Ami wrote in her blog that her favourite Hello! Project members are Tsuji Nozomi (Ex-H!P), Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina. She added that she has once bumped into Sayu in town and shook hands with her. Sayu can't remember shaking hands with Ami, but she was told by a friend that Ami said that she saw Sayu in town. She knows who is Kikuchi Ami though because she watches Idoling!!!'s DVDs. She finds all of them cute and enjoyed herself while watching Idoling!!!'s "Lemon Drop" PV making-of DVD.

Sayu got very excited when she got to know that Ogura Yuko would be on the same episode of "Quiz! Do Re Mi Fa Don!" as her. Yukorin belongs to the type that Sayu loves. In fact, Sayu collects Yukorin's DVDs and PBs. Sayu often picks up something new from the DVDs, taking Yukorin as a role model. It touched Sayu deeply when she finally got to meet Yukorin in person. At that time, Yukorin was wearing short shorts so Sayu couldn't help but admire her slim legs. After Sayu introduced herself to Yukorin, she was already satisfied enough for that at least, Yukorin knows aboutSayu's existence now. Sayu now understands how it feels like to meet your idols in person rather than to just be watching them on TV.

As Sayu had mentioned, her sister can't seem to pass her driving tests. Not long ago when Sayu stayed at her sister's house for a night, she asked her sister about how she was progressing with her driving tests and her sister told her that she received a mail from their dad telling her that its okay to give up trying to get a driving licence. All she needs to do is to work hard for her current job. Sayu then asked her what she thought of it and her sister replied "I want to get my license so I want to quit my job." Apparently her sister misunderstood her dad's mail and thought that if she works hard for her job she doesn't have to get herself a license and hence if she gets herself a license, she will not have to work so hard.

Her sister is doing a good job in keeping her new home neat and tidy. However, the light at the entranceway is no longer working and according to her sister, it had stopped working for some time. So how does she clean the entranceway without any light? When her neighbour switches on his/her entranceway light, Sayu's sister will rush to sweep her entranceway because her neighbour's light will somewhat shine into her house, lighting it up a little. Sayu advised her sister to change the light bulb as soon as possible.

Sayu does not receive a birthday mail from her sister every year. Only this year, after Sayu's sister has moved out, she finally remembered about Sayu's birthday and sent her a flying mail.

Sayu thinks that her sister is destined to be scolded xD There was once when Sayu and her sister went to a monjayaki store for a meal, her sister went to the wash room. When she came out without turning off the lights, the annoyed shop assistant had to tell her to switch off the lights. Sayu too would not turn off the lights but luckily for her, her sister went to the toilet first so that served as a warning.

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

By a request of a listener, Sayu repeated the English sentence she used during the self-introduction for the concert in LA. Honestly, Sayu had forgotten what she said and the staffs had to go onto the internet to check for her.

Sayu : It's like a dream to do a concert in America!

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
Sayu made a small mistake by saying "All 8 of us" instead of "All 9 of us." She realised it and quickly corrected herself.

Sayu : OyaSayumin!

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday's blog - Kame★8

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The recent me is so relaxed during the radio shows ~ I'm so free that its as though I was lingering around ~

Many thanks, everyone.

I'm Kamei Eri.

Its going to be autumn soon isn't it ~
If only there was a song called "Autumn beauty*"...Eh? What am I talking about.

Kamei-san is so not funny at all.

Heiyo heiyo.

Its time to to be considerate to everyone's feelings.

Well, just like this, in the Kamei Eri-ish and fun way, I will be hosting the show everyday for everyone oneevery**, so I hope I will be able to make everyone's day too.

Beautiful everyday ~***

Okay, roger.

Please listen to our radio show again.
Definitely do so ~ definitely.

*Aki Urara, one of the Nanchatte Renai C/W.
**Reverse of "everyone"
*** A song sang by Eri herself and Mitsui Aika

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #100 (090826)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100th episode of Tanaka Reina's FIVE STARS Wednesday! When Reina had first started hosting this radio program, she read out her script monotonously and was not able to talk about a topic for long. Because of her short talks, the staffs have to play around 5 full songs per episode so that the show would be at least 30 minutes. Reina listened to one of the earlier episodes of FIVE STARS Wednesday and was shocked by how bad her radio-hosting skills were. She remembers how badly she wanted to quit at first because she was not able to host the show well but knowing that she should not be running away from a problem, Reina decided to change the way she speaks as well as to be frank with the listeners as she hosts the show. It gradually became enjoyable and Reina is glad that she didn't get discouraged and gave up back then.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Continuing with the opening talk, although Reina was speaking in a monotone, the Reina at that time thought that her way of reading the script was already perfected because she had gave her best. Also, she tried to hide her Hakata dialect and host the show in standard Japanese. It wasn't like the Reina people knew at all. Unlike the past Reina, she is now able to share with the listeners stories that may get a "Huh? Is it really okay for her to be talking about that?" reaction.

Not long ago, Reina gave five stars to Gari-gari-kun. She had a catalogue of the products of the company during this episode's recording and she started reading out the names of the ice-pops. One of the ice-pop that she has never tried before is the red wine flavoured ice-pop. It sounded delicious so Reina was thinking of getting one. Once, she bought a mustard flavoured gari-gari-kun ice-pop and gave it to her little brother.
Reina : I'm such a kind big sister aren't I?

B'z - Ichibu to Zenbu ♪
Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo ♪

Not long ago, Reina had 2 dreams in a row. In the 1st dream, Reina was rubbing her arm against Linlin's in an extremely fast speed resulting in a fire. Immediately after this dream, the setting changed and she had a 2nd dream. She dreamed of herself oversleeping on the day of a "Nanchatte Renai" performance recording. As she was late, when they were called to prepare themselves to perform, Reina had yet to complete putting on her make-up. She reqeusted for more time and was only given 10 minutes. Being the one who overslept, she knew she should not be complaining so she tried to rush through everything. However, many people kept annoying her, stopping her from putting on her make-up. For example, purposely blocking Reina just to make funny faces at her and calling her non-stop. She was already in a hurry so she told them to stop it but they wouldn't listen to her. Eventually, she could not tolerate it any more and screamed with all her might. After her scream, she couldn't breathe and fainted. After 2 strange dreams in a row, Reina thought it was some sort of warning from god. Amazed by how dreams are beyond one's imagination, Reina gave 5 stars to dreams.

Morning Musume - Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai darou? ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine smile~

Reina : OtsukaReina ♥


I'm really sorry for making it such a short one despite it being the 100th episode.

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #021 (090824)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whenever Eri takes a photo, they are mostly taken from her right side not because she likes the right side of her face more, but because of the parting of her fringe. As she parts her hair 7:3, the side with more fringe makes a better picture. Also, the curve of Eri's fringe that is parted to the right is something Eri will like people to look out for.

Gaki : I'm going to move on to the e'mail address. You understand after last week's experience right? How it difficult it is to recite it when someone is interrupting.
Kame : Yes. I will stop it.
Gaki : So now, I'm going to read out the e'mail address.
Kame : (At the same time) jp.interfm@nk-five
Gaki :
Kame : (At the same time) jp.interfm@nk-five

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Gaki-san and Eri have been hanging out often recently. And every time they do, they will go drinking. After several drinking sessions with Eri, Gaki-san noticed a habit of Eri. Normally, people will just "Cheers!" once before they drink but for Eri's case, she "Cheers!" every single time she drinks the alcohol. No idea if Eri was drunk, but according to Gaki-san, Eri's face was completely red and Eri went "Hey Gaki-san, heh heh, heh heh." Disgusted by Eri, Gaki-san replied "Please Kame, that's gross." As for the type of alcohol they prefer, Eri prefers sweet ones and Umeshu. Meanwhile, Gaki-san recommended some sort of alcohol where you can drop a sour plum into it and drink it.

Not long ago, Gaki-san and Eri were discussing about having too many shopping cards that are meant to collect points. To solve their problems, they bought a card holder to keep those cards. The card holder displays the cards neatly and one look at it, one will know what are the cards she/he has. Perfect item for those who always forget that they already have the card.

A listener sent in a mail about the difference in the way the people living in Kantou and the people living in Kansai eats shaved ice. His question was "Do both of you sleep facing down or facing up? Or does Kame have a funny way of sleeping?" The randomness of the mail was funny xD Both Gaki-san and Eri will pour syrup over their shaved ice like the way Kansai people does. As for sleeping postures, Gaki-san sleeps sideways while Eri will curl up as she sleeps in a not-so-comfortable-for-normal-people manner.

Tanpopo# - Akai Sweet Pea ♪

Gaki :
Kame : Mumbles mumbles...
Gaki :
Kame : (Low voice) Gaki-san, behind you...
Gaki : Stop that! Its scary!
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : I had my headphones on so that sounded really real!
Kame : Hahahahaa!
Gaki : You have just listened "Akai Sweet Pea" by Aho-Kame-san, Kamei Eri, Tanpopo#

Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo

Like Eri has mentioned during Hello! Chanpuru, she got herself a cooling pillow. Because the pillow is very soft, it makes it easy for Eri to fall asleep on it. Also, it feels very good when you rest your head or neck on the cooling pillow. However, its a very thin one, so Eri has to place it on her original pillow to make her pillow a little higher. With that, Eri gave 5 stars to the pillow!

(Gaki-han's selection) Britney Spears - Toxic ♪

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki :
Kame : (Trembling voice) Gaki-san...
Gaki :
Kame : There's something there, there's something there!

GAKIKAME : Ba~hahai~
Kame : Do you hear me? There's something there!
Gaki : There's nothing!

Eri was in an extremely high tension in this episode ^^;

Ameba Studio (090820) - Takahashi Ai


Short self-introduction! Aichan described herself as stubborn and forgetful. She forgets things almost immediately and it always feels like she is the slowest among all the members when remembering the dance choreographies. Aichan's favourite Morning Musume song is "Do it! Now." She fell in love with the song the moment she heard it and ever since then, she has been liking that song. With that...No, not "Do it! Now" PV but...

Image Hosted by
Morning Musume - Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle! ♪
Don't ask me why.

Using a phrase for each member, Aichan is going to highlight a good point of the members.

Niigaki Risa → Big sister
Despite being younger than Aichan by 2 years, Gaki-san is responsible and is someone who Aichan can rely on for support.

Kamei Eri → My pace
Aichan personally thinks that this is the most suitable description to describe Eri.

Michishige Sayumi → Cute
Aichan finds Sayu very cute and Sayu is like a younger sister to her.

Tanaka Reina → Full of motivation
Reina hides that side of herself very well though.

Kusumi Koharu → Miracle
Miracle is a perfect word for Koharu.

Mitsui Aika → Sweet
Aika often makes Aichan's day when she tells her she likes Aichan.

Junjun → Helpful
Junjun is always ready to lend a helping hand. For example, when she sees Aichan searching for something, she will join in the search and find what Aichan wants for her. Aichan later described her as motherly.

Linlin → Funny
Aichan has been going on radio shows with Linlin frequently and Linlin certainly made Aichan laughed non-stop on the shows (→ Damn true)

If Aichan gets a 1-week-holiday, she will like to go to Bali for a holiday. She has once been to Bali for a photo shoot and the tastiness of the food there is still etched in her mind. Also, massages in Bali is way cheaper than in Japan.

A sender who has problems handling his juniors is amazed by how Aichan is able to get people like Eri and Koharu to cooperate with her xD Being the modest her again, Aichan denies herself as a great leader. She thinks that its the members' considerateness and cooperativeness that saves her from the trouble of having to specially get them to listen to her instructions.

If Aichan were an animal, she will choose to be a tiger because her zodiac is tiger.

Not long ago, Aichan had a handshake event in Fukui. Her secondary school friend, a very good friend of Aichan's, got herself a copy of "Nanchatte Renai" and got to shake Aichan's hand. As Aichan shook her friend's hand, she didn't notice her until the girl told her "I'll like you forever!" Shocked, Aichan gave a harsh reply, "Why on earth are you here?!" She really didn't mean it though.

Normally, Aichan will add in soy sauce to thicken the taste of the curry. But recently, she tried adding in maple syrup after someone told her that Canadians add maple syrup into their meat. And the result of the new flavour curry? Something disgusting.

Aichan's dream-height is 165cm. She believes she is still growing ^^;

Aichan is trying her best to get all the members to address her as "Aichan" instead of the formal "Takahashi-san" which she isn't used to being addressed that way. Aika and Aichan made a compromise. As long as Aichan calls Aika "Aika" and not "Mittsi", (Aika doesn't like to be called Mittsi) she will call her "Aichan." Earlier on, before Aichan entered the studio, she bumped into Aika, whose program was the slot before Aichan's. Before Aika left, she told Aichan, "Good luck, Aichan." Meanwhile, Junjun is calling Aichan "Ai-san" and Linlin is calling Aichan "Ai-neesan."

Even if she wins 6 hundred million yen, Aichan will not resign from Morning Musume. She will probably donate it away because she doesn't want to "use her luck."

After improving her English a little more, Aichan will like to go to Los Angeles. It may sound impolite, but Aichan found LA similar to Fukui. She hopes that she will be able to converse in English fluently one day.

Although Aichan has never been to Toujinbou, she recommended for the sender who had asked for Aichan to recommend places in Fukui for him to visit to visit Toujinbou.

When asked to name her favourite 4-word-idiom, Aichan used Yuko's favourite, "弱肉強食" jakunikukyoushoku which means the survival of the fittest. That was just a random answer though. She tried to think up of a 4-word-idiom and ended up mumbling "Kamei Eri?" (亀井絵里 → 4 Kanjis and yes, has became a 4-word-idiom recently :P)

Aichan's black dye came off x.x During the handshake events, she was told by many fans that they prefer her black hair. At the same time, there were some fans who supported brown and some others prefer her short hair.

After being in Tokyo for so long, Aichan has learned to control herself from blabbering in Fukui dialect. There are still times when she speaks in Fukui dialect unintentionally though. And under such situations, the rest of the members will tsukkomi her for it.

If she were to make a solo debut, she will like her first single to be something cool, probably of the R&B genre.

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Aichan really didn't have any confidence is hosting this show well especially when she is a bad speaker but with everyone's power, she hosted her show until the end successfully.

Image Hosted by
Aichan : Goodbye ♥

HaroPro Meeting (090823)

As Aichan and Gaki-san were speaking, the 3 Rokkies were whispering and giggling at the back. Perhaps they laughed a little to loudly, Gaki-san heard them and of course, they got scolded. To let them participate in the talk, Gaki-san asked the 3 of them, "What do you do before a live concert?"

Reina : Return to my original character.
The usual Reina does not wink often so before the live concerts, she has to switch back to the "The Idol" mode.

Eri : I'll confirm the dance choreography and the song lyrics once more.
Gaki-san wondered if Eri really does that xD

Sayu : I'll confirm I'm singing with the right key.


It was funny listening to Gaki-san scold the Rokkies for not listening and instead of quietening down, Rokkies laughed even louder. Poor leader and sub-leader :P

Ameba Studio (090818) - Michishige Sayumi


Short self-introduction! "Shabondama" marked not only Sayu's official debut, but also the start of her screaming career. As for Sayu's favourite Morning Musume song, its none other than "Aruiteru" The song is just like the theme song of Sayu's life. After knowing this song, Sayu finally understood the importance of walking (Aruiteru) and the meanings hidden behind it. With that...

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Morning Musume - Aruiteru ♪

For Sayu's show, the fans were asked to send in consultation mails so I'll be skipping those parts where Sayu had simply gave a short solution without much elaboration.

Sayu's solution to fighting against the summer heat is to not lose to yourself ^^;

A male fan who was recently made fun of by a friend for using lots of pictographs in a mail sent in to seek for Sayu's opinion. Just as Sayu was about to comment on how annoying her mom is, replacing words like "home" with a picture of a house in her mails, the fan who sent in the mail who was standing outside the studio raised up his hand xD She held back immediately and said that her mother is at the age where she shouldn't be mailing in such a way to cover up for her earlier talk, lols. As expected of the quick-witted Sayu.

Once, Sayu's sister went for a job interview. When asked about what her (Sayu's sister) friends think of her, she thought it would be better for her to say something good about herself so she lied that her friends described her as energetic, honest, cute and obedient. The interviewer then asked her if anyone told her that recently. For no good reason, her sister didn't continue with her lie and just answered honestly, "No one told me that." Obviously she failed the interview ^^;

A fan who collects Sayu's photobooks and goods sent in, troubled about what reply he should give his mother after she asked him when is he going to stop being a fan of Sayu, buying and collecting her goods. Sayu personally thinks that collecting an idol's goods is totally okay. Not just because the fan who sent in is a fan of Sayu, but she thinks that having a hobby is important.

A fan sent in to inform Sayu that earlier on during Reina's ameba program, Reina labelled Sayu as the "small breast" character of Morning Musume. The fan thinks that Reina is flatter than Sayu so he/she encouraged Sayu to pass the "small breast" character to Reina. Sayu does want to have bigger breast but they don't seem to grow much. She would love to give Reina the "small breast" character to Reina but she believes that it all depends on one's opinion so she doesn't get the final say. Embarrassed by the focus on her breast, Sayu went "This is embarrassing! *Covers her breasts* Don't look at them!"

Sayu is the type who speaks without a second thought for the listener's feelings. She often regrets saying certain things. Under such situation, she will learn from her mistake but still, she will want to say the same thing, just that she will dress it up properly so that it doesn't appear to be harsh and straight-forward. Being one who is careful to not hurt people's feelings is better in her opinion.

The ichiban kawaii of Morning Musume does not look as cute as she claims to be. She often wakes up with a swollen face. Something that she can't show to the fans. In order for her to return to the cute Sayu face, she will massage her face and try her best to look as good as possible. FYI, Sayu has once mentioned that her face swells often on an irregular basis xD

Sayu's advice to a fan whose junior doesn't to his instructions properly, "Give up on the junior."

A sender has been losing his stuff recently. An example would be when he lost his Koharu uchiwa (fan) after a concert.
Sayu : Ah, Koharu-chan's? Since its Koharu-chan's, its okay~
Okay, coming back to the serious mood, Sayu suggested for the sender to remember the pain of losing his belongings so that next time he goes out he will take care of his belongings properly.

A fan requested for Sayu to read out a line in a cute manner that he had prepared so that he make an alarm clock using that as the ring tone. (29:49~29:53)
Sayu : Ne~ You're going to be late~ Quick, big brother! Wake up!
A perfect alarm tone.

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪
Sayu : Aiso warai ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
For Sayu, she prefers the title to be ~Ten smile~. And yes, Y.O.U are the one responsible for the tenth smile. (Sayu is so sweeeeet )

While making the announcement for Eri's show which was held the next day, Sayu commented that she thinks that Eri's show would probably be more disorganised than hers ^^;

Image Hosted by
Sayu : Usachan Peace! OyaSayumin! ♥

Summer dinner show (090822) - Takahashi Ai & Niigaki Risa

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Listened to recordings of both the dinner shows that were held yesterday. The girls basically talked about how good the food was and how excited they were about the dinner show so...I'm skipping that! X:

Aichan and Gaki-san had a hotel room each for them to do their make-ups and prepare themselves. Although they were separated, Aichan went knocking on Gaki-san's door specially just to ask her if their meal was delicious ^^; Just imagine a soon-to-be 23-year-old lady doing that. Pretty cute.

The girls only had plain water during the dinner show because they had to sing. Another reason would be that Aichan falls asleep easily after drinking.

The live band on the stage is called "B-band" because all the team members have B blood type. In fact, the only one on the stage that is a non-B blood type is Aichan (She's A)

This is Gaki-san's 1st dinner show. She was nervous and worried about it. Normal people would be rooting for Gaki-san, wishing her best of luck...
Gaki-san : But that Kamei Eri.
Apparently, when Gaki-san was chatting with Eri and Sayu, asking them what should she do if she happens to trip over her dress, Eri replied "(In a carefree manner) Its okay to fall~ Its okay, its okay~" when its totally not okay. Sayu too was there going "Its okay, its okay~ Hahahaha!" As usual, the duo wasn't taking Gaki-san seriously xD Provoked by Eri's comment, Gaki-san made sure she didn't trip because she knows that if she did, Eri will laugh at her.

The day before this dinner show, thanks to her playfulness, Aichan burned her thumb. She was playing with candles.

After listening to the TakaGaki version of "Shougani Yume Oibito", I realised that no one can't pull off Eri's lines as well and as sweet as Eri :P *Runs away from TakaGaki fans*

Ambea Studio (090818) - Tanaka Reina


Instead of being nervous, Reina was excited about the 40 minutes solo program. This is her 1st time hosting a live program alone and she has no idea if she was supposed to look at the fans who were outside the studio, her script or the camera.

A short self-introduction from Reina! In Morning Musume's Shabondama PV, the girls were asked to kick the water up on purpose. At that time, Reina hardly got a chance to converse with her seniors and as a little girl, she didn't use honorific. Naturally, she got irritated when scolded. So during the recording of the PV, she had the urge to kick the water straight into a senior and scream "Asshole!" Despite living for years in Tokyo, Reina is still using Hakata dialect when conversing. However, Reina's intonation of certain words are gradually changing so now she is speaking with both Tokyo dialect and Hakata dialect. One of Reina's favourite Morning Musume songs is "Resonant Blue." Reason being that she has many lines in the song (→ She said that herself)

Image Hosted by
Morning Musume - Resonant Blue ♪

Normally, Reina will be the one waking up her mother and not her mother waking her up. If Reina happens to oversleep one day, she is sure that both of them will be late. When she wakes people up, she does not scream into people's ear although that maybe the best way to wake one up because she is afraid that it will irritate the person who was sleeping. She will just tap the person softly and ask him/her to wake up.

Known for going to karaokes often, 2 days before this live program, Reina went karaoke-ing again. She spends a long time in the room every time she goes karaoke-ing. Once, she sang so much that the microphone ran out of battery. Still, she was not contented and simply picked up another microphone to continue singing.

During concerts, if Reina notices someone who used to wear her T-shirt wearing another member's T-shirt, it irritates her and she will be like "What's with that person? Why is he changing the T-shirts as he likes?" Most of the fans who are doing this that Reina had noticed are males so she assumed that it can't be help because she has the image of males being playboys. The fans outside the studio responded to it of course, telling Reina that it isn't that case. Another thing that fans do that annoys Reina is when they ask her "Do you know whose fan I am?" during a handshake event. When she answers "Are you my fan?" and if the fan replies yes, she will feel happy. However, if the fan replies no, it annoys her because she don't see the need for them to ask that question if they weren't her fans. But as an idol, she will put on a sweet look as though she's not affected by it although she was annoyed.

The secret to Reina's good skin is that she drinks royal jelly everyday. Also she adds in some sort I-don't-know-what-its-called stuff (→ Sorry, my bad) into her baths so that it moisturises her dry skin.

Reina don't see what is so special about mentaiko but most of the members in Morning Musume are crazy over it. Junjun loves mantaiko so much that she makes sure that not a single bit of mentaiko is wasted. Whenever Reina returns to Fukuoka, she will eat the yakitori sold there because they aren't greasy but yet, they are juicy and delicious.

Even though the girls always say that they don't quarrel, in actual fact, they do. Just that they haven't been arguing recently. Surprisingly, despite being together with the 6th generation for so long, they only had one dispute which took place shortly after they joined Morning Musume. Sayu and Eri's personalities are very different from Reina's back then so naturally, there was a 2:1 thing going on. Not that Sayu and Eri were doing that on purpose, just that their personalities with Reina's are not comparable. Since they can't talk about certain things to other people, they shared their problems among themselves (6th generation) However, there was once, after Reina told Sayu and Eri about a senior, the next day, whatever she said was circulated among the rest of the Morning Musume members. She confronted the 2 girls - The End - She didn't give any other details.

Reina has never thought about what sort of marriage proposal she will want, but she wants something that is simple and sweet.

Although we hear "I want to try drinking alcohol after I turn 20" from people often, Reina has no such plans. She prefers to go with just juice. In fact, Reina's parents don't drink. When Reina was told that she has changed by people who watched her grow up, she was shocked because she has never tried to change herself. She only wants to be who she is.

Junjun has never been to Reina's apartment. Reina's reason for not bringing Junjun home,
Reina : I don't want to let her in, I don't want to invite her, I don't see the need to invite her.
Lol. She didn't mean that, she was just voicing out her thought process. To Reina, homes are a type a privacy. Though so, not long ago, after a meal of yakiniku with Junjun, Reina went to Junjun's apartment. According to Reina, Junjun's apartment was very neat, something that you would expect from a 21-year-old adult.

Recently, Reina is into some sort of sandals that looks like boots. She is the type who wants to wear boots even during summers which can be pretty warm so those sandals-boots shoes are perfect for her.

Reina is well-known for hating rehearsals and the reason behind it is the atmosphere of rehearsals. Its tense and everyone has to remember every single detail. Also, she hates it when they have to repeat a song performance over and over again although she knows it is necessary for those practices. Another thing of rehearsals that she hates is the start of the rehearsals. Normally, for the first few rehearsals, they don't get to hold onto the microphones. All they do is to dance. As one who loves singing, Reina will be dying to get her hands on a microphone and start singing. The solution to Reina's I-hate-this attitude is when she wears nice jerseys that cheers her up. A slip of the tongue, Reina revealed that there will be new songs in the upcoming Morning Musume concert tour.

When Reina was younger, she doesn't get much opportunity to work together with people so she didn't really know how to work in groups. She was a very independent girl who does whatever she wants to so having to cooperate with people was difficult for her when she first entered Morning Musume. To the little-Reina, having to greet people was troublesome. She now knows the importance of greetings though. There are many things that the OGs did that pissed Reina off but she refused to talk about them.

Next mail!
Reina : "Hello Reina-san! Deep down, does the small-sized Reina-san want to become taller, have longer legs, have bigger breasts, a lady with a perfect curvy figure--" Hey! This is rude! Its impolite isn't it?! Its as though saying that I'm completely opposite of that description!
There is nothing in other Morning Musume members that makes Reina envies them for. She just wants to be who she is. Looks like Reina was very affected by the "bigger breasts" part. She was fast enough to push the small-breast-character to Sayu though. Unfortunately, some fans who were outside the studio didn't agree with her and personally thought that Reina is the small-breast-character in Morning Musume.

Reina loves Amuro Namie's "Body Feels Exit". Every time she sings it, she sings it while hoping that she will get a chance to perform the song in front of all her fans.

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Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Promotions for Morning Musume's 40th single, "Nanchatte Renai" and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine smile~

Image Hosted by
While making the announcement about the ameba pads, Reina hugged the ameba pads, adding more value to them :P

Image Hosted by
Reina : OtsukaReina! ♥

Ameba Studio (090819) - Kamei Eri


As expected, our little turtle was very nervous. 40 minutes of solo talk, who wouldn't? The duration of the talk is 40 minutes because "Nanchatte Renai" is Morning Musume's 40th single. The theme of Eri's show was : "4-word-idioms that goes well with Eri." So in her show, she read out the 4-word-idioms that fans had sent in. Also, Eri had prepared some 4-word-idioms beforehand to share.

Short self-introduction! Eri knows that she is pretty half-hearted/random. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this personality so she concluded that "advantage = disadvantage" (?)

One of Eri's favourite Morning Musume song is Morning Musume's 30th single, "Amibitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan." She remembers how happy at that time for that they had released 30 singles as a group. With that...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Morning Musume - Amibitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan ♪

The following 4-word-idioms were sent in by fans.
#1 . 外柔内剛 gaijuunaigou - Looking gentle and kind on the outside but is a strong-willed on the inside.
Eri has plans of using this 4-word-idioms when she gets the opportunity to.

#2. 天真爛漫 tenshinranman - Simple and innocent.

#3. 蚤寝晏起 soushinanki - Sleeps early, wakes up late.
Eri : Ah, that's me.

#4. 春風駘蕩 shunpuutaitou - The gentle spring breeze.
Although Eri said this is the first time she is seeing this 4-word-idiom, she had once used this 4-word-idiom in one of the GAKI-KAME episodes.

#5a. 明眸皓歯 meiboukoushi - A beautiful woman.
#5b. 大言壮語 taigensougo - Big talk.

Now for 4-word-idioms that were prepared by Eri beforehand.
#1. 乱筆乱文 ranpitsuranbun - Poor handwriting.

#2. 中途半端 chuutohanpa - half-hearted
She used the idiom to describe her current hairstyle ^^;

For #3 - #9 , Eri had modified the 4-word-idiom in (a) to become the 4-word-idiom in (b).
#3a. 一連托生 ichirentakushou - To be together forever.
#3b. 襟厘托生 eririntakushou - To be together with Eririn forever.

#4a. 初志貫徹 shoshikantetsu - Achieving what one wanted to.
#4b. 阻止soshikamin - Once she gets a break, she will take a nap.

#5a. 有口実行 yuugenjikou - Carry out one's word.
#5b. 母言実行 bougenjikou - To do what one's mother tells one to.
Eri hardly listens to her mom. But she is going to try follow what her mom says from now on.

#6a. 他力本願 tarikihongan - Relying on other's effort to achieve one's desired result.
#6b. 自力本願 jirikihongan - Relying on one's own effort to achieve one's desired result.
Now that she has turned 20, Eri thinks that its time for her to rely on herself.

#7a. 純情可情 junjoukaren - Innocent and lovely.
#7b. 純情亀井 junjoukamei - Innocent Kamei forever.

#8a. 四面楚歌 shimensoka - Surrounded by enemies on all sides.
#8b. 四面呆気 shimenpoke - Pokepoke on all sides.

#9a. 人間疎外 ningensogai - Dehumanisation.
#9b. 絵里疎外 erisogai - Don't neglect Eri.
Eri feels threatened now that there are a lot of cute girls in Hello! Project especially the S/mileage group.

The next 4-word-idiom is a new 4-word-idiom invented by Eri.
#10. 絶妹要肝 zetsuimoyoukan - Eri's sister is an essential to Eri.
The 肝 kan was added in so that it becomes a 4-word-idiom and not a 3-word-idiom ^^;

Coming back to the 4-word-idioms sent in by the fans.
#6. 亀井天才 kameitensai - Kamei is a genius.

#7. 亀井絵里 kameieri - Although she is usually pokepoke, when she is suppose to do something, she does it well.

#8. 亀井絵里 kameieri - Although she is usually pokepoke, she pays attention to those around her, listens to people, does things that she is suppose to and a motivation for one to concentrate.

#9. 亀井絵里 kameieri - Seemingly spaced out and dense, will use Niigaki Risa as support.

#10. 亀井絵里 kameieri - As she is.

Reading all these 4-word-idioms sent in by the kind fans, Eri feels as though she is in her dreams, being showered by compliments. As for Eri's favourite 4-word-idiom out of all of the 4-word-idiom is the first one she read.

"外柔内剛 gaijuunaigou - Looking gentle and kind on the outside but is a strong-willed on the inside."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This was our little turtle's first time hosting a show alone. She was very nervous because she knows she is one absent-minded turtle but with the power of all the people watching her, she did her best to host the show. Eri enjoyed herself and has learned many new stuff. She will like to do this again if she gets a chance to.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
When Eri first saw the setlist, her reaction was like "Eh? We're going to perform this song?" According to Eri, there are several songs in the setlist that they don't usually perform.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After Eri signed the Ameba pad, she expla ined that the "#" in the turtle is the "井" in 亀井絵里.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Eri : Byebye! ♥

Oto no Moto (090813)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Not long after Sayu entered Morning Musume, although it was entirely Sayu's fault for not dancing well, the leader at that time, Iida Kaorin, made Sayu dance and sing alone in front of the rest of the members, managers and staffs. She described the experience as "the most horrifying moment of her life." Sayu now understands why Kaorin did that for though.

Image Hosted by
Around a year after Reina joined Morning Musume, she became pretty good friends with Aichan and they hanged out often. They decided to address one another as Ai and Rei. Once, when Reina called Aichan "Ai" at work, Yaguchi Mari who heard that called Reina over for a private talk. What happened next was something like this...

Mari : Why are you calling her Ai?
Reina : Because she told me its okay to address her that way.
Mari : She is your senior right? She is your senior. You have to show the differences in your seniority levels so you can't address her that way.
In Reina's mind : Ai was the one who allowed me to call her Ai so its none of your business.

One of the hosts later said that even though Mari told Reina to show the differences in their levels of seniority, Mari has been 1st generation's Abe Nastumi, Nacchi.

Image Hosted by
After Ishikawa Rika graduated from Morning Musume, she became pretty good friends with Aichan. Charmy asked Aichan if she was afraid of her back then when Charmy was in Morning Musume and Aichan gave a honest reply, "Yes."

Host : She is Charmy right? Charmy isn't scary at all.
Sayu : She is scary, she is scary, she is scary.
Reina : Just by greeting her in the morning you will know how she is feeling that day.
Sayu : I get what you mean!
Reina : When she is in a...bad mood?
Host : (lol) The way you phrased it...
Sayu : There's a sort of uneasiness when I'm with her.
Host : (LOL)

Saturday Hot Request (090822)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Guest : Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika

The voice actress of Minami in "Jewel Pet", AKINA, is one of the hosts for this radio program. According to AKINA, she sees Eri every week because of the weekly Jewel Pet recordings. Although AKINA is not one who uses mobile phone straps, after she received a phone strap from Eri which was a matching one with Eri's phone strap, she attached it to her mobile phone. Eri was pleased to hear this of course.

When voice acting, Eri has problems reading out her lines smoothly. A phrase that she has problem is "Anatatachi" (You guys). As they have to match the graphics, she has to speak faster so that the words and the mouthing will match but at times, her tongue just wouldn't cooperate with her.

Reina too, had a voice acting experience. She was voicing the main character of "Onegai my melody Kirara", Kirara. At that time, Reina was the only voice actress among other voice actresses and actors of the anime who was still in her teens. Surrounded by adults, she felt lost. The voice actors and actresses were very kind though. They showed her the ropes and were very encouraging. One of the difficulties she faced was when her character falls down and she had to voice the reaction of her character.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Between a false love and a sincere love, Reina will choose to experience a false love because she doubts her heart can stay with a particular person for long. As for Aika, she wants to try a false love relationship but she prefers to have a real love. Totally opposite of Reina, Eri chose a sincere love.

The girls were asked to highlight a part of "Nanchatte Renai" that they would like people to pay attention to. Reina basically repeated what she said on FIVE STARS Wednesday so I'm skipping it. Aika highlighted the raps in "Nanchatte Renai". This is the 1st time Aika is rapping in a Morning Musume single. Eri highlighted her lines that come after the raps in the song (→ "Oshiete hoshii")

Reina wants to roast potatoes over a stove this Autumn while Aika wants to watch the leaves turn yellow. The hosts realised that when these 3 girls answer their questions, Reina will be the first one to reply followed by Aika then our little turtle who usually takes the longest time to give an answer. Although she had the longest time to come up with an answer, Eri could not think up of anything that she wants to do for this coming Autumn. Aika suggested a Halloween party and Eri took up the suggestion immediately, lol.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

During Anime Expo, the rooms the girls went to were all very cold. Reina was freezing. She assumed that the Western people have strong bodies so the cold does not get into them. What troubled Eri was that her room was in a complete mess. Obviously Eri's untidiness was responsible for it. Eri is the type who will empty her trunk immediately she enters her room and when she is about to check out, she will dump everything back into her trunk and leave. She is often told that she does not look like one who is that messy by her looks. However, Reina thinks that Eri is probably the untidiest member in Morning Musume. As for Aika, she had problems conversing with the shop assistants during their shopping sessions.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smile~

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪

Happy Usachan Peace Day! (August 2009)

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"Michishigerogeo's Usachan Peace!! Yes!!"

Konusapi picture map postcard~

"Now that Sayu had completed her picture map, she's taking a break from such challenges since it took unexpectedly long to complete her picture map. The Konusapi staffs had designed a post card using the map and Sayu's stickers. (The picture above is a picture of the postcard) They will be giving out 10 of the postcards. Just send in a mail saying that you want the postcard and you'll stand a chance of winning it. Sayu has it too, so you'll get a matching item with her ~ (Not too sure if its limited only to Japan residents)"

Fan picture
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Nanchatte Renai - Handshake events (Part 2)

Another fan story!

1st round
Eri : OO-chan! (Fan A's friend told Eri to call Fan A by her name)
Fan A : You remember my name *Started crying*
Eri : Are you okay!? Don't cry, don't cry (laughs) Are you okay? (laughs) Don't cry (laughs)
Fan A : *Continues crying*

FYI, Fan A is only 14 years old. Also, she was one of the lucky fans who received a signed "20 (Hatachi)" photobook after making her purchase from wani.
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2nd round
Fan A : I love you! Thank you always!
Eri : Thank you!
Fan A : *continues crying*
Eri : Are you okay? Please don't cry. See you next time all right!!!
Fan A : Un.

Fan A's friend gave her 2 tickets so she went for 2 more rounds.

3rd round
Fan A : Please remember I'm OO!
Eri : Un!
Fan A : *continues crying*
Eri : Ah, don't cry, don't cry. Are you okay? Come to our concerts okay!
Fan A : I will definitely attend them!

4th round
Fan A : Its my last round so I'm not going to cry!
Eri : Oo! (laughs)
Fan A : I'm a secondary 3 student preparing for exams but I'll try my best to attend the concerts!
Eri : Un! Lets work hard together!

Its really nice to read how kind Eri was to a 14-year-old fan, behaving just like an older sister. And about the name-addressing part, during the past Nanchatte Renai handshake events, some fans have been teasing one another by asking the fan's favourite to address the fan by his/her real name. Sounds pretty fun just from reading their blogs *Envies*

Also, I know translated something about the fan asking Aichan if she has any intention of converting him into a Aichan-fan in my previous post. I honestly had no idea people would take it seriously so I didn't explain much. Please don't take it seriously, I'm pretty sure that the fan was just teasing her. He added an after comment in his post that says "It seems like she wasn't trying to convert people into her fan (lol)". In fact, at the start of his post, he mentioned that he had night shift the day before and was lacking of sleep, but still, he dragged himself there. No point torturing yourself just to insult an idol.

Perhaps its just me, but when I read it, I was just like "lol" and it didn't seem to affect me. Its not a matter of whether I am a Aichan-fan or not. But when you're on 2ch or reading fanblogs, you should be prepared to read any harsh comments/talks about your idols and just ignore it if you can't stand them because if you don' will probably die from anger.

Don't say I'm ignoring it because its about Aichan and not Eri. Here's a translated image of a 2ch thread when someone posted the translation of Kamemoe's fan report on the forum. The fans there are doing the same thing. Ignorance is bliss.
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I translated Kamemoe's report not because I found it rude, but because it was interesting to see how members reacted to him when he asked about Eri (→ Please remember this is a Kamei Eri fanblog :P) Not long ago, when he was at another handshake event, he tried to get Sayu to tell him when Eri's next handshake event will be at but Sayu refused to tell him ^^;

My point is, please get used to such comments/stories and don't judge the Eri wota.

Nanchatte Renai - Handshake events (Part 1)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 fan stories (2 different handshake events)

Fan A : Do you feel like getting a short hairstyle?
Eri : If I get the chance too, yes.
Fan A : I love your short hairstyle so please do so!
Eri : Thank you very much!

1st round
Fan B : Do you have any plans of converting me into your fan? (lol)
Aichan : Eh? Hm...
Fan B : No? Then I shall not become one (lol)
Aichan : Sorry (lol)

2nd round
Fan B : I'll like to give Eri some clothes. Do you have any brand to recommend me?
Aichan : I think she will be happy with whatever you give!
Fan B : Ah...I was hoping for an answer from you~
Aichan : Ah, sorry.
Fan B : See ya!

3rd round
Fan B : Do you know what is my name?
Aichan : Sorry, I don't.
Fan B : I see.
Aichan : Ah, Eri's, you're Eri's fan...
Fan B : Aha.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #146 (090819)

Konya mo Usachan Peace #146 (090819)

Sayu's sister has found herself a job and moved to an apartment that is nearer to her working place. As they are no longer living together, Sayu has not been seeing her sister recently. Not long ago, she received a mail from her sister saying that she has got herself a cat. A photo of the cat was attached to the mail. After looking at the photo, Sayu was really tempted to meet the cat so she made a special trip to meet it. The cat was surprisingly friendly. Sayu has the image that cats tend to have the tsundere personality. Although Sayu's sister had named the cat Kyasarin, its actually a male cat. Her sister has wanted a cat very badly ever since she has moved out because it was lonely living alone. However, Sayu's mom didn't allow her sister to as she thinks that she has yet to get used to living alone. For now, Sayu is going to keep this as a secret for 3 months as promised. If you're wondering why has it got to be 3 months, its because Sayu's sister has a plan. After raising Kyasarin for 3 months, she is going to tell her mom that she wants to get a cat again. If her mom refuses, she will just challenge her mom that she will be able to take care of it for 3 months and once her mom says "It'll be awesome if you can hold on for 3 months," she will tell her the truth. Sayu was charmed by Kyasarin's cute-ness but for some reason, after that visit, her eye was very itchy and her hands became rough. She wonders if she has a cat-allergy.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu and other MM members were present during the recording of the Kizuna Shokudo SP that had featured the OGs. She had no idea there were such behind-the-scenes tension and feelings between the OGs back then. The thing that left her with the deepest impression cold the studio was. Although it was summer, the studio was freezing cold. The OGs' managers were kind enough to lend the girls their coats.

Sayu was very nervous during the recording of "London Hearts". At the same time, she was very happy to be invited onto the show as she loves the show. It was recorded at night and she got so nervous that her stomach hurt. She was totally lost, not knowing what she was suppose to say and what was expected of her. During the show itself, there were some moments where she regretted saying certain things because the other guests were famous actresses and variety idols. She kept reminding herself that its okay, since she had decided to head for this way, she should not regret it. She tried her best to participate in the talk. After the recording, Sayu was brought to the dressing rooms of the other guests to meet them formally which was pretty scary. When she met Kokushou Sayuri, she apologised for the things she had said earlier on during the recording and got "Its all right" with a smile in return. Looking at the smile, it frightened Sayu even more because she thought it was more than just a simple smile. Other MM members who had watched the show had gave her feedback like "It was funny!" which makes Sayu feel a little relieve.

Sayu is aware that there is a purikura machine that will suggest the customers to make a "Usachan Peace!" pose during one of the shots.

Sayu thought she was talkative enough but during the Hello! Chanpuru rehearsals, she was amazed by how much Momoko talks. As Momoko spoke, the rest of the Berryz Koubou members ignored her (Not in the mean way) as though it was like "Ah, Momo is talking again."

If Sayu's sister were to be added into Morning Musume, Sayu will be elated. Sayu has been staying together with her sister since young and now that her sister has moved out, it feels a little weird whenever Sayu gets home and her sister is not around. However, Sayu's sister has a poor memory. Sayu went to the karaoke with her sister not long ago and her sister remembered "Shouganai Yume Oibito" as "Shouganai Oikake nin".

At the thought of a couple making-of in the street, Sayu was reminded of Mikitty. It may be just because she knows that Mikitty has just got married but Sayu thinks that the before-marriage Mikitty and the after-marriage Mikitty looks different. As though the happiness she found is now engraved onto her face.

Koharu may be a free-willed girl, she knows when is the time to be serious. During lessons and rehearsals, she will take things seriously. For example, when the girls were practising their "Nanchatte Renai" lines, Koharu, who has the same part of lines with Sayu, just that Koharu's part in the 1st part of the song while Sayu's part is in the 2nd part of the song, she was worried as she could not get the first key of the first line right straight away. Sayu too, had the same problem so both of them practised together. They came up with a plan. The lines before these 2 girls' lines are Aichan's and the first key of Aichan's last line is the same as theirs, so they decided that the moment Aichan sings her first word, they will quickly register that in their mind (During the performance) and keep repeating it in their minds. It was pretty dangerous though because the first word of Aichan's line was "Ha" (Hamburger ♪) while Sayu's was "He" (Headphone ♪)

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

This week's sexy word
Sayu : Wet tissue ~

Promotions for Eizo The Morning Musume 5 ~Single M Clips~ DVD and Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smile~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥