Saturday Hot Request (090822)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Guest : Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika

The voice actress of Minami in "Jewel Pet", AKINA, is one of the hosts for this radio program. According to AKINA, she sees Eri every week because of the weekly Jewel Pet recordings. Although AKINA is not one who uses mobile phone straps, after she received a phone strap from Eri which was a matching one with Eri's phone strap, she attached it to her mobile phone. Eri was pleased to hear this of course.

When voice acting, Eri has problems reading out her lines smoothly. A phrase that she has problem is "Anatatachi" (You guys). As they have to match the graphics, she has to speak faster so that the words and the mouthing will match but at times, her tongue just wouldn't cooperate with her.

Reina too, had a voice acting experience. She was voicing the main character of "Onegai my melody Kirara", Kirara. At that time, Reina was the only voice actress among other voice actresses and actors of the anime who was still in her teens. Surrounded by adults, she felt lost. The voice actors and actresses were very kind though. They showed her the ropes and were very encouraging. One of the difficulties she faced was when her character falls down and she had to voice the reaction of her character.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Between a false love and a sincere love, Reina will choose to experience a false love because she doubts her heart can stay with a particular person for long. As for Aika, she wants to try a false love relationship but she prefers to have a real love. Totally opposite of Reina, Eri chose a sincere love.

The girls were asked to highlight a part of "Nanchatte Renai" that they would like people to pay attention to. Reina basically repeated what she said on FIVE STARS Wednesday so I'm skipping it. Aika highlighted the raps in "Nanchatte Renai". This is the 1st time Aika is rapping in a Morning Musume single. Eri highlighted her lines that come after the raps in the song (→ "Oshiete hoshii")

Reina wants to roast potatoes over a stove this Autumn while Aika wants to watch the leaves turn yellow. The hosts realised that when these 3 girls answer their questions, Reina will be the first one to reply followed by Aika then our little turtle who usually takes the longest time to give an answer. Although she had the longest time to come up with an answer, Eri could not think up of anything that she wants to do for this coming Autumn. Aika suggested a Halloween party and Eri took up the suggestion immediately, lol.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

During Anime Expo, the rooms the girls went to were all very cold. Reina was freezing. She assumed that the Western people have strong bodies so the cold does not get into them. What troubled Eri was that her room was in a complete mess. Obviously Eri's untidiness was responsible for it. Eri is the type who will empty her trunk immediately she enters her room and when she is about to check out, she will dump everything back into her trunk and leave. She is often told that she does not look like one who is that messy by her looks. However, Reina thinks that Eri is probably the untidiest member in Morning Musume. As for Aika, she had problems conversing with the shop assistants during their shopping sessions.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smile~

Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara ♪