Oto no Moto (090813)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Not long after Sayu entered Morning Musume, although it was entirely Sayu's fault for not dancing well, the leader at that time, Iida Kaorin, made Sayu dance and sing alone in front of the rest of the members, managers and staffs. She described the experience as "the most horrifying moment of her life." Sayu now understands why Kaorin did that for though.

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Around a year after Reina joined Morning Musume, she became pretty good friends with Aichan and they hanged out often. They decided to address one another as Ai and Rei. Once, when Reina called Aichan "Ai" at work, Yaguchi Mari who heard that called Reina over for a private talk. What happened next was something like this...

Mari : Why are you calling her Ai?
Reina : Because she told me its okay to address her that way.
Mari : She is your senior right? She is your senior. You have to show the differences in your seniority levels so you can't address her that way.
In Reina's mind : Ai was the one who allowed me to call her Ai so its none of your business.

One of the hosts later said that even though Mari told Reina to show the differences in their levels of seniority, Mari has been 1st generation's Abe Nastumi, Nacchi.

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After Ishikawa Rika graduated from Morning Musume, she became pretty good friends with Aichan. Charmy asked Aichan if she was afraid of her back then when Charmy was in Morning Musume and Aichan gave a honest reply, "Yes."

Host : She is Charmy right? Charmy isn't scary at all.
Sayu : She is scary, she is scary, she is scary.
Reina : Just by greeting her in the morning you will know how she is feeling that day.
Sayu : I get what you mean!
Reina : When she is in a...bad mood?
Host : (lol) The way you phrased it...
Sayu : There's a sort of uneasiness when I'm with her.
Host : (LOL)