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Friday, July 31, 2009

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This is Rinko-chan and

This is Eri-chan and
(Kamei Eri-chan)


Eri-chan is
a little airheaded
and that is extremely cute


Konya mo Usachan Peace #143 (090729)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #143 (090729)


This week's recommendation, "Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage song~" cover album! Unlike the usual cutesy songs Sayu sings, BOWY's "Only You" which she had covered together with Junjun and Risako was originally sang by males and the lyrics are all male expressions. It took them around 2 long hours before they are finally done with the recording of the song. She had also recommended Reina's solo, "Heya to Y shirts to Watashi" which she thinks is very suitable for Reina followed by New Mini Moni's "Tentou Chuu no Sanba". Lastly, Berryz Koubou and Mano Erina's "Kanpaku Sengen". Risako's husky voice in the song attracted Sayu to it.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu will usually go shopping together with her mom since her mom knows her temper the best and cares for her. At the same time, she can rely on her mom for advice if she gets torn between two items. Not that Sayu dislikes socialising, she does hang out with the members, but whenever she gets home and is alone, she feels as though she is free, able to do whatever she wants. It doesn't mean that she restrains herself or tries to be someone who she isn't when she's together with other members, just that she thinks she likes being alone. Sayu wonders if she had grown up or something since she didn't like to be alone in the past. Sayu taught listeners some of her devilish ways of dealing with those shop assistants that pesters you when you're alone. If that ever happens to you, just say things like "I'll come later with my mom", "I'll come back later with my friends" and "Ah, I have got something that is similar to this..." She uses the last phrase frequently to escape from those shop assistants. Before she moved on, she reminded all listeners to NOT say "I don't need it" because it will sound as though that item sucks so just use "Ah, I have got something that is similar to this..." as an excuse.

Little things like after drying her hair and realising that she didn't lose that huge amount of hair can get Sayu's tension up ↑↑ also, when she remembers to bring in every single item she needs in/after a hot bath into the bathroom. She feels satisfied when she didn't leave out anything and can just enjoy her bath while listening to some music in peace.

A listener who attended the LA concert thinks that Japan's concert stages are better as the stages are bigger and the lighting is better but putting that aside, he enjoyed himself and shared some simple fan reports with Sayu. Sayu had some problems reading "Exciting" in English and probably got some help from the Konusapi staffs. Unlike Japan's fans where their cheers are united, America's fans seem to lean more to the free-willed side, throwing in "Fuu~"s whenever they like. Its something new to Morning Musume, so it was fun. Sayu's description of their first signing event, "The first step to the world" ^^; The autograph event was fun too where they got a chance to be so near to the America fans. They also got the chance to hold a long conversation with those Japanese fans that they can recognise which was a rare opportunity as they had never got a chance to talk to them for that long even though they see them at their handshake events in Japan.

Linlin's fashion sense is a little...unique as compared to other members. Her outfits often lead Sayu to asking "Why did you match this top with this bottom?", "Eh? You're putting on a necktie when you're wearing this outfit?" and etc. But recently, she improved and is moving towards the cool image with outfits that look that she's about to perform GAM's "Thanks". Until now, Linlin is still buying jerseys that belong to the small category as though she still thinks she's small. The jerseys are so small that if she stretches a little, her belly button will be exposed. Several members have already advised her to get jerseys of bigger size but its probably Linlin's style to stick to those small-sized jerseys. Also, she puts on high-waist jersey bottoms which gives her wedgies often. Sayu's way of describing the high-waist bottom "Something that Fujimoto-san will probably get pissed off by" (Mikitty can't stand wediges) Again, the members advised her to pull it down a little but she just continues doing that, wearing jerseys that aren't even the high-waist type up high. Sayu assumed that it maybe because Linlin is small-sized so the pair of pants slips off easily that's why she wears it above her waist but still, the look of her with those pants isn't the best thing ever. Nowadays, all the Morning Musume members are trying to convince Linlin to change her style as though they are have some sort of "Improve Linlin's fashion sense Project" thing going on. A perfect example was that on the day itself (Recording of this episode), Aika forced Linlin to pull her pants down a little.

Whenever Sayu and her sister are in the elevator and Sayu goes "I'm cute today too" in front of the mirror, her sister will respond "Nah, I'm cuter", sparking off a battle with Sayu. Also, Sayu uses the mirror to check her outfit while in the elevator. Some time ago, she was taking a photo of herself in the elevator since she was searching for places with the best lighting for her to take the cutest photos ever. When she looked up, she realised there was a camera installed in the elevator and was totally embarrassed.

Sayu weighs herself 2 times per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Sometimes, she'll gain some weight which makes her go "Eh? I gained so much within a day?!" She will try different ways of weighing herself since she can't bring herself to accept the fact that she gained that much within a day. After giving up tip-toeing and everything and still, unable to bring down the weight, she'll take off all her clothes then to weigh herself again and it seriously worked. It decreased by 0.6kg. Sayu is curious to know about how many kgs one can gain within a day so if you know the answer, do send in to her.

Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika & Junjun - Sekai wa Futari no Tame ni ♪

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer ~Hello! Chanpuru~ & Morning Musume's Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Nine Smile~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #096 (090729)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #096 (090729)

Although they don't get much spotlight during Hello! Project concerts as there are many of them performing, Reina enjoyed herself during the rehearsals. During the rehearsals, it was the first time Reina watched Berryz Koubou's "Seishun Bus Guide" performance. Its one of her favourite songs in karaokes. In this summer's Hello! Project concert, Reina has a solo performance of "Heya to Y shirts to Watashi". On the first day of the concert, during her performance, the whole concert hall was in total silence which made her heart throbbed. After the first concert, the fans learned to clap along to the song which made Reina really happy but...the fans' claps are a little out of beat and that causes Reina to mess up her rhythm. She is glad that the fans are clapping along to the song, but she will appreciate it if the fans can improve their clapping. And to help the fans...she held a "clapping lesson".

Also, in this summer concert, High King was revived. The self-proclaimed High King's leader, Tanaka Reina has been appointed as the leader of High King by Tsunku so its official! Reina hopes for the group to have more releases together and to make appearances on TV shows, giving her opportunities to say "I'm High King's leader." instead of "I'm High King's self-proclaimed leader."

High King - Cinderella/Complex ♪

Reina doesn't like nattou but she does have the urge to eat it at times. During the summer concert, she gave it a try by mixing them with mayonnaise. She was told it didn't sound appetising by the rest of the members but when she tried it, it was pretty nice, something that she can eat. Not too much though, just a few bites will make her sick of it because of the smell of the nattou. She encourages people who hates the smell of nattou to try mixing them too as the mayonnaise helps a little in killing the smell of the nattou. Taking advantage of the fact that the members will help her finish her leftover nattous, she challenges herself to eat nattous when she is with them.

During Hello! Project concerts, since Reina loves ribbons and they are cute, she uses them for her hair decorations but she noticed that Berryz Koubou's members don't usually put on ribbons. When she asked them about it, she was told that they want to be viewed as adult-like so they use flowers more frequently than ribbons.

Matsuura Aya - Navi ga Kowareta Oujisama ♪
Mano Erina - Sekai wa Summer Party♪

Not long ago, Reina went to Shibuya after not visiting it for some time. She went there in the morning on a weekday with the thought that there will be lesser people around but when she arrived at Shibuya, it was very crowded as there was a sale going on. Since she was already there, all she could do was to avoid the shoppers there and do her own shopping. Coming back to the sale, she was really happy since everything was so damn cheap, for instance, a store that sells their shirts at the price of 8000yen per piece had lowered the price to 5000yen for 2 pieces. At that particular shop, Reina had a short conversation with the shop assistant. After Reina asked her about the sale, she told Reina, "Don't you look at Tanaka Reina-chan?" At that very moment, Reina had no idea what sort of answer she should give so she just admitted that she is Tanaka Reina but now, thinking back, she thinks that she should have replied, "Yes, I often get told I look like her!" After shopping, as usual, Reina went Karaoke-ing. With that, Reina gave five stars to that satisfactory holiday she had.

Tanaka Reina - Heya to Y shirts to Watashi ♪

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Reina : OtsukaReina ♥

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #017 (090727)

Monday, July 27, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #017 (090727)

G : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K : I'm Kamei Eri...
G : de
GK : su~
G : You only read the "su" huh? All right, we have started!
K : Gaki-han, its pretty fast, but we have a message from a 18-year-old girl who is facing a problem. So I'll like to read it out now.
G : Okay.
K : This mail is from Pocchi-san, "Good evening, Risa-chan, Eri-chan."
G : Good evening!
K : "Since its okay to send whatever we want in, I'm going to ask about a trivial matter. The other day, I had curry together with my family. Before I had even finished my curry, I had already finished all of my rice and on the other hand, my mother, she had finished her curry before her rice. After thinking about it for some time, I realised it happens every time we eat curry. So with that, a question to GAKIKAME. When eating curry, which do you finish eating first? The curry, or the rice?"
G : A good question! This is a perfect question for both of us.
K : Its of the standard of a mail that is used for openings.
G : And the mail was sent in yesterday night.
K : Yes. Now my script has a page more than Gaki-san's.
G : What's with that?
K : How's that? (The fact that she has more pages)
G : *Insert Gaki-han's strained laughter* Answer her question, quick!
K : Oh yes, oh yah. For me, any one of it will do.
G : For me, neither one of them will be finished before the other one.
K : What do you mean? That you will be able to finish both of them together at the same time?
G : Yes.
K : Wow, that is admirable. Its not...
G : Admirable?!
K : ...that case for me. I don't usually finish of them at the same time.
G : Why not?
K : I often end up with one of them left unfinished.
G : It does happen to me when I'm at a restaurant because I'm not very familiar with their portions but at home, I'll finish both the curry and the rice together nicely.
K : At home...there are times where I finished the curry first and times where I finished the rice first. Under those situations, I'll borrow them from others.
G : Oh, like adding more?
K : I'll be like "Mom, if I can have more curry then..."
G : So you'll borrow it from your mom huh?
K : Well...that's...
G : I naturally pictured the image of your mom having to go over to the pot to get more curry.
K : Hehehe...she does that.
G : Its not about "She does that" or not! Please be more thankful!
K : (lol)

G : five-nk@interfm.jp
K : (Background) Curry rice ♪ 1000 yen ♪
G : five-nk@interfm.jp
K : (Background) Ice-cream ♪ 400 yen ♪
G : Hey!
K : *Innocent* What?

FYI, Eri was singing the curry song from Ribbon no Kishi.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Although Gaki-han loves Summers, she does not like the heat neither does she likes to sweat. Can't be applied for concerts though. She prefers to sweat during concerts than to not sweat.

G : What about you, Kame-han?
K : For me, my natural hair is curly, so I'll straighten it at home before heading for the train station. As I walk there, my sweat will not really mess up my make-up, but it'll wet my hair and they will curl back and I really don't like that.
G : So do you do to avoid that?
K : For now, I'll just run away from it.
G : Huh? From what?
K : I'll run away.
G : How?
K : Away from the sunlight.
G : I see.

Eri is still fighting her jet lag now. Just earlier on, in the recording studio during their break, Eri was complaining to Gaki-san about being sleepy because of the jet lag.

K : I can't seem to adjust back from the 16 hours jet lag ever since then so jet lag is a pretty good excuse for now.
G : Ah, that's true.
K : If something happens, I can just use "I just returned from LA so..." as an excuse, like "I'm still jet lagged"

Meanwhile for Gaki-san, she's glad that she was jet lagged when they were in LA because she could mail home without disturbing her family from their sleep since its daytime in Japan.

The MM members took lots of photos in LA but Kame-han was not really in the mood for pictures that few days and was like "Okay, later, later" when asked to take photos. Eri had her digital camera with her, but she only uses it when she feels like doing so. Her reason being that 8 out of 9 members have digital cameras. They will automatically go to her for a picture so its not necessary for her to take the initiative to take photos. Also, people like Gaki-han, has newer digital cameras that can send the pictures to their phones directly. Its so convenient that it discourages Eri from using her digital camera.

(Requested) Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

GK : five
G : -nk@interf
GK : m
G : .jp
G : five-@...ah no! That's wrong!
K : (lol)
G : Sorry, sorry.
K : This! This! We have been waiting for this for a long time! (For Gaki-han to mess up)
G : Eww. Sorry about that. Lets continue. five
GK : -
G : nk
GK : @
G : interfm.
GK : jp
G : five-nk
GK : @
G : interfm
GK : .jp
G : Sorry, only for today, we repeated the e'mail address out for 3 times.
K : It was funny.
G : Sorry about it.
K : You made a mistake ~ You made a mistake ~ Hehe.
G : You have just heard...hey, its not about "You made a mistake" or not! (lol)

Mano Erina - Sekai wa Summer Party ♪

G : Today, it will be Kame-han's turn to introduce her FIVE STARS corner. Earlier on I asked her about what she is planning to say for today's FIVE STARS but she refused to give me a spoiler and was like "Do I have to reveal it now?" so it ended up as "All right then, then just say whatever you want during the real thing." So now, please introduce your FIVE STARS that you're very confident about.
K : Today, I'm planning to give FIVE STARS to someone.
G : Woah, that's good (Because Eri is going to give five stars to someone, and not something)
K : And that is...Gaki-han!
G : *Immediate reaction* EH?! WHY?! NO WAY! WHAT?!
K : Er...uh...ah...well...
G : Gees, I don't like this.
K : I have lots of reasons for this.
G : I don't like this feeling at all.
K : I have lots of explanations for it.
G : Gees, I don't want to hear. I feel like leaving this studio now.
K : You can't~ Recently...I'm crazy over Gaki-san.
G : Ah, I know what you're going to talk about.
K : Just like now, I'm crazy over her now. Gaki-san's recent reactions and way of speaking are really amazing. Its really like an...
G : She's going to say I'm like an old granny again.
K : ...old granny.
G : There she goes again.
K : She makes lots of hand gestures and her never-ending talks are what that I find so entertaining.
G : You mean my way of closing a talk and such huh?
K : Yes. Like when there a disagreement between me and someone else over certain things, Gaki-san will step in to stop the dispute. I don't know when, but I slowly fell in love with her speeches and actions.
G : Kame and Sayumin are really crazy over the way I handle things but for me, I'm just doing it seriously.
K : You made me think "Ah, she is a really funny person."
G : I was being serious!
K : But actually, I have a good reason for why I gave you the five stars.
G : What? Please deliver your talk properly.
K : Other than the fact that I'm crazy over her, I'm also giving the five stars to all the good characteristics of Gaki-san. I will like to do this seriously today.
G : Aren't you pretty earnest today? It feels a little gross. Isn't it raining today?
G : (lol) What? I don't like this!
K : Please keep quiet!
G : Okay.
K : Not long ago, after a rehearsal, I had lots of things troubling me so I gave Gaki-san a call. I was asking her whether it was okay for me to do certain things and she gave me advices back in return, assuring me that it will be okay. She later told me to just go and have a good sleep so after the phone call, I went to bed. We had a rehearsal too the next morning and Gaki-san brought me some onirigis which had some ingredients in them from home...they were cooked by her mama though, but apparently, when Gaki-san woke up that day, when she opened up the rice cooker, she saw the delicious looking rice and her mama made some onigiris for Risa and Kame. At that very moment, I popped into the picture. Also, the Haribo gummy bears Gaki-san is currently in love with were included in the breakfast too along with some other snacks. I was very happy when I saw that and with that, I'll like to give Gaki-san five stars from the view of someone with higher authority.
G : Man, you're making me shy. Its really embarrassing to be listening to you talk about this earnestly.
K : Yeah.
G : On that day Kame called me, I was with Aichan at Donki Houte.
K : Yes, you were there, weren't you?
G : It was my first time there and I enjoyed myself.
K : Sounds fun.
G : It was really fun for a first time.
K : Good for you~
G : I bought some Haribo gummies there. The big gummy bears are available there. Coming back, when Kame called me, we were still wandering around Donki Houte. The moment she called she was like *Weak voice* "Gaki-san..." and that made me wondered if she was okay. She really sounded as though she was about to cry anytime when she called me.
K : (Laughing in the background)
G : After her call, even though I was at Donki Houte, I couldn't help but to think about Kame and ended up buying the snacks she likes.
K : Yes, yes.
G : The next day she was as good as new so its a good thing!
K : I'm glad too.
G : Thank you (For giving Gaki-san 5 stars)
K : So here, on five stars, I've said whatever I don't usually say.
G : Thank you.
K : All right! With that, today, I'm giving five stars to Gaki-han!
G : Thank you!!
K : Kyaaa~ (Obviously embarrassed)
G : This is so embarrassing.
K : Yes.
G : This isn't a show for touching stories so lets just stick to the show itself.
K : That's true, but sometimes I just have to say it.
G : And you know what? The next song that I have selected is Juju-san's "Kimi ga iru kara -My Best Friends-" When I was listening to the lyrics, it reminded me of you and the people I'm close to as well as the members. Isn't it amazing how my selection and your five stars topic matches? At first I thought you were just going to throw out some half-hearted talks, something completely different from my theme of "Best Friends" song but our initial intentions went well together.

(Gaki-han selection) JUJU - Kimi ga iru kara -My Best Friends- ♪

Promotions for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~ & Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa's dinner show

After Gaki-han's request a few weeks ago for ways to solve the leg problems her mom is facing, they received many mails regarding that matter, showing their concern for Gaki-han's mama as well as giving suggestions. Gaki-han thanked all the listeners who had sent it.

G : And Kame-han! Today, thanks for that!
K : No, no, you're welcome. It has always been like that, senpai!
G : Its not always like that... (Eri being appreciative)

G : five-nk@interfm.jp
K : ________
G : five-nk@interfm.jp
K : ________
(Left blank because its a spoiler. Tune in to next week's FIVE STARS to find out what its about.)

Eri will be updating this blog this week so do check it out!

G : And this has been Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and...
K : Kamei Eri...
(Long break)
G : deshita!
GK : Ba~hahai~
K : Sorry!


Haven't been transcripting radioshows for sometime so I'm a little rusty at it, but anyway, I strongly encourage all GAKIKAME fans to listen to this episode. Not the first half was funny with the way Eri was treating Gaki-han, the second half was touching with Eri's five stars talk.

26 Hours TV (090726)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

26 Hours TV - Yaguchi Mari & Air Band
26 Hours TV - Grand Finale
Sometimes, you can't not love the Hexagon family.
(Do watch the 2 clips till the end! Especially the first one xD)

H!P 2009 Summer - Gaki-han mail

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Gaki-han ~ Kame-han ~

26 Hours TV (090725-090726)

(Download) 26 Hour Television - Morning Musume (Cheering on Yaguchi)
(Download) 26 Hour Television (10AM) - Morning Musume

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Since weeks ago, Hexagon has been showing the trainings Yaguchi, Mizuno, Shouji and Kojima were undergoing for the 12 hours tricycle endurance race. The race started earlier today and is still going on now.

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Not just the 4 who are involved in the race are working hard for this event. The whole hexagon family has been preparing for it since months ago too. When Sakimoto first performed "Naite mo ii desu ka" (26 hours TV theme song) together with Tsuruno on Hexagon, he broke down after the performance (Sakimoto is an actor, not a singer, it was only natural for him to feel pressurised)

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And of course, behind these entertainers/idols/actors who are giving all their best for this event, there's their juniors/friends/families who are supporting them. As part of their support for their senior, the Morning Musume members had each made a friendship bracelet for Yaguchi.

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"She (Yaguchi Mari) has the image of giving her everything in whatever she does. I think she is the most hardworking Hello! Project member."

Mikitty too, is cheering on for Shouji and the hexagon family while worried about Shouji's hernia and the heat outdoors. Her readers left kind comments too, showing their support for those involved in the event.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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At 10AM today, Morning Musume turned up as guests on 26 hours TV and had performed "Nanchatte Renai" as part of their support for Yaguchi, who was (and is still) riding on her tricycle under the hot sun with the friendship bracelets tied onto her wrist.

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Its definitely not easy for all of the ones cycling to be riding on such a small tricycle needless to say to be cycling on it for 12hours. Its really moving watching all of them give their everything for this race and how other members of the hexagon family cheering on for them.

Anyway, here's some blogs you may want to follow for these few days since the authors are involved in 26 Hours TV (Like woah, misono moved into top 10 because of the event?)

Jewel Pet #016 (090719)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Last week's Jewel Pet was really entertaining with the Rinko vs Akira battle. Eri sounded so adorable even when she was annoyed and when she was sneering at Akira Love how Eri screamed "Chibiko!!" (kid) at Akira throughout the whole episode while being insulted by him. Unfortunately for Rinko, even though she does not want to see Akira again, Akira is her new neighbour ^^;

Rating : 1.6%

Kindai (August 2009) - Morning Musume

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
- Maple syrup incident
Eri : Yes, the place stank afterwards (lol)
Sayu : I was sitting together with Eri and Mitsui and at that moment when I spilled the syrup, Mitsui lent me a helping hand immediately while Eri sat there complaining about the smell (lol)
Reina : I was sitting in front of Sayu, she was there moving about so much, hitting onto the back of my seat again and again.
Sayu : Ah!! Sorry about that (lol)
Reina : For a while there I thought an accident occurred behind me.
Sayu : Mitsui was sitting in between me and Eri and was of a really great help to both Eri and me.
Aika : Nah, I had fun sitting there too.
Eri : Like when the food came, she'll wake me up saying "Kamei-san, the food is here."
Sayu : When she saw Eri deep in sleep even when the food came, she asked me "Should I wake Kamei-san up?", "Yes, go ahead. Wake her up from her peaceful sleep", I replied (lol)
Reina : Something similar happened to Sayu too. When we were returning to Japan, I was sitting with Sayu and Junjun. Junjun asked me "Should I wake Michishige-san up? She is sleeping." I then replied "Its okay to not wake her up. Since she is sleeping, she doesn't need to eat." After that, Junjun told the cabin attendant "In that case, there's no need to serve her the food." (lol)

- Shopping in LA
Sayu : Eri was surprising. I don't really go shopping together with Eri often and at that time, it has been some time since we last went shopping together and she made me think that "Eri is awesome!" There are items that look similar aren't there? For Eri's case, instead of wondering which to buy, if she finds both of them cute, she will buy both of them. Being together with her influenced me to be like "Maybe I should get it too~" and the shopping bags just keep increasing (lol)
Eri : I bought more stuff than usual. It felt great.
Reina : Eri bought so much stuff that it was like its impossible for one to buy that much.
Eri : In that condition, carrying all the items I bought to Los's airport, I realised I shopped more than anyone else (lol)

That explains why Eri's family and friends discouraged her from getting herself a credit card. With such shopping habit, its dangerous to have one ^^;

Hello! Project DVD Magazine Volume 19

In this DVD, H!P members will get a short segment in pairs. They will be given 2 decks of cards where stuff are written on it. Each of them, in the pair, will pick a card from the deck and when both of them put their cards together, it'll form a topic that they are suppose to discuss about. There were some pairs that got some weird topics as they had pulled out adjectives and nouns that don't go well together.

I'm only going to translate some of the funny conversations of some pairs. The main highlights of the DVD, in my opinion, are Eri's segments. (Go ahead and say I'm biased all you want :P)

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Aichan : For me, I hate ghosts and scary stories. Whenever I go into a haunted house, it will wreck my mood. Its like...usually, they (the ghosts) will just jump out suddenly and that pisses me off.
Karin : (lol)
Aichan : When they go "BOO!", I'll be like "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" because I don't really like to be startled.

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Gaki-san : During our concert tours, there are towels being sold aren't there?
Kanon : Yes.
Gaki-san : For us, before the concerts, the staffs will give us each a neat bag of the concert goods but unexpectedly, we (Morning Musume) will be more interested in the pamphlets instead of the towels and stuff. There was once we overlooked the towel...(to staffs) but now that doesn't happen anymore! Now we had learned to look through every single of the goods. But anyway, at that time, while I was looking at the fans from the stage, I saw a fan with a towel hanging over his neck that says "Niigaki Risa" and that made me realised there was actually such an item. What about you, Kanon-chan? Do you have any experience of a "towel that you didn't know about"? (That was the topic the both of them picked)
Kanon : We had a concert called Shinjin Kouen and were too, given the concert goods. All the while during concerts, the towels sold are of muffler's size but there was once, it was of a bath towel size. I used it, but all the while, I was using it with it folded into half. Only until recently, I found out that it was that big.
Gaki-san : Folded into half? There is a full-body picture of you on the towel right?
Kanon : No.
Gaki-san : No?
Kanon : Only the concert name was printed on the towel.
Gaki-san : Oh, so you mean all the while, you used it with the concert name folded into half?
Kanon : Yes.
Gaki-san : You're pretty airhead-ed eh?
Kanon : ^^;

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Chinami : I have a dog at home.
Junjun : Ah, thats good.
Chinami : I'll bring it out for walks.
Junjun : Is the dog still alive?
Chinami : ...eh, yes, its living healthily.
Junjun : Really?
Chinami : Yes.
Junjun : Its pretty dangerous (For the dog)
Chinami : Its okay! Its okay!
Junjun : That dog have a strong life eh?
Chinami : ...Yes.
Junjun : Of course.
Chinami : Coming back, I'll bring it out for walks.
Junjun : Oh, walks, okay.
Chinami : During the walks, when we come across other dogs...erm...
Junjun : He (Chinami's dog) will become very energetic?
Chinami : Yes, but meeting the dogs is pretty scary.
Junjun : Whats so scary?
Chinami : The other dogs.
Junjun : While taking your dog for a walk and both of you come across other dogs, it'll be frightening?
Chinami : Yes.
Junjun : You mean you are the one who is scared of other dogs?
Chinami : Yes!
Junjun : That is what you wanted to say?
Chinami : Yes!
Junjun : Please explain properly!
Chinami : I did didn't I?
Junjun : You're a Japanese right?

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I wonder how does it feel to have those eyes fixed on you while you are trying your best to shuffle the cards.

Eri : I have been hoping to go to a country without bugs since a long time ago.
Mano : But without insects, strawberries can't be grown.
Eri : Why? Why?
Mano : Strawberries can't grow with honeybees.
Eri : Is it?
Mano : You didn't know? When...
Eri i : How old are you again?
Mano : 18, hehe.
Eri : You know a lot don't you?
Mano : ^^;
Eri : Tell me about it again. What about the honeybees?
Mano : There is some sort of house to grow strawberries isn't it?
Eri : Uh-huh
Mano : There will definitely be a bee hive there.
Eri : Definitely?
Mano : Yes. It seems like they can't grow without it.
Eri : So without insects, we won't get to eat strawberries?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : I see...
Mano : Also, earthworms help to make the soil fertile.
Eri : Is it?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Where did you learn that from? You were taught that in elementary school?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Eh? But I did attend elementary school too and did study hard!
Mano : (lol)

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Eri : There is something I'm always wondering about. Nothing about you though, just something that I was discussing about with Gaki-san. The earth is round isn't it?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Then from here (The top of the earth) man starts digging in isn't it?
Mano : Uh-huh.
Eri : Erm like from the ground we're standing on, we dig into it isn't it?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Then as we penetrate into the ground, when we come out of the hole, do we come out from our heads first or our legs first? I'm really interested to know.
(For those who are confused already, Eri thinks that man can dig through the earth's core, forming a hollow diameter. If you still don't get it, get yourself a fishball, use a stick and poke through it then remove the stick. Its the same theory.)
Mano : ... ... Erm, there is a core in the earth isn't it?
Eri : Core?! What core?
Mano : (lol) There is a core at the center of the earth.
Eri : This is embarrassing (For Eri, because Mano knows more than her)
Mano : I learned this during science lessons.
Eri : Eh? You were taught this during science lessons?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Ehh...
Mano : It is said that we can't dig through the core.
Eri : (Nodding) Ah...
Mano : (lol)

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(Eri later learned about the core of the earth being hot and such)
Eri : I see. That means even if we keep digging in, because of the core, we can never dig through the earth?
Mano : I wonder how much we can dig in to.
Eri : Exactly. When Gaki-san asked me about it, I had no idea how to answer her. I was wondering if we dig through it and reach the other side of the earth from on our feet, will we drop off the surface of the earth or not...
Mano : (lol)
Eri : But the earth is big isn't it? Then...
Mano : And if the person was on the opposite side of the earth digging in, that means he will be digging up into the top of the earth.
Eri : Yes yes! So...I was...ah, I'm pretty dumb right?
Mano : (lol)
Eri : Like, what sort of talk is this? But I still want to know why. We will be digging down right?
Mano : Uh-huh
Eri : Then for the people who are at the other side...
Mano : will be digging upwards.
Eri : Yes! Isn't that strange?
- End of Eri & Mano's Chanpuru Earth talk -

I'm so glad Eri's partner was Mano ^^; Eri would have made the eggs cry if she went asking them such questions.

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Koharu : You have never seen a shooting star before?
Wada : Not even once.
Koharu : What about an UFO?
Wada : Nope.
Koharu : I've never seen an UFO too. But have you heard of people who have seen UFOs? I know of around 3 people who said they have seen UFOs.
Wada : Huh?
Koharu : I know of 3 people who said they have been kidnapped by UFOs before.
Wada : There is someone among the H!P eggs who said that too.
Koharu : Really?! Who is it?
Wada : Fukuda Kanon-chan.
Koharu : How was her experience like?
Wada : It sounded a little fake...
Koharu : Really?
Wada : Yes.
Koharu : From what I've heard, a light was put on them and they were pulled into the UFO.
Wada : Huh?
Koharu : But they came back after that. They said the aliens pierced a hole into their temple (The ones who got pulled into the UFO)
Wada : (lol)
Koharu : I mean it! Seriously! Everyone! In Morning Musume too, Kamei Eri-san, she said UFO was her past life. She seriously said that. I asked her why she feels that way, why she knows about it. "My relatives told me", she replied. She was told "You're an UFO."
Wada : (lol) That means her relatives are aliens?
Koharu : No no, apparently it was only Kamei-san who is one. Her relatives just told her out of blue that she is an alien, like "You're an alien."

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The staffs later managed to get an interview with Eri about this encounter.
Staff : Is it through that you were once kidnapped by aliens?
Eri : Yes, yes. Aliens right? Eh? Eh? (lol) I mean it. Instead of being kidnapped...I'm an alien.

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Eri : I'm an alien.
Eri : Seriously. People indeed, may react with a "Huh? Is this girl all right in the head?", but...(Camera moved up close) You're too close! (Camera moves away) but this is really a one-to-one thing. Really. After knowing that I'm an alien, instead of reacting that way, please, react with a "Indeed isn't it", I feel that the world can be changed if people open up to it. In fact, I think that there are aliens here too. Earthlings and aliens' appearance are completely the same. (Smug look) I have said whatever I intended to.

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Staff : You are an alien huh...
Eri : I am an alien.
Staff : I heard that aliens have a hole in their temples...
Eri : Here?
Staff : Can we have a look at it?
Eri : Hey...I think you guys won't be able to see it though...(Pulls back her hair to expose her temple) Here, over here. It seems like the hole is suppose to be here but I can't really see this part of my head by myself...but yes, aliens do have a hole there. I know that you may be thinking that a twenty-year-old shouldn't be talking about such things but this is true! Really! Believe me, all right? (Camera moves away from Eri)

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Eri : But can't you guys see it? You can see it right? Right? You, who is watching this, may be an alien too.
The most awesome way ever to end a DVD.

H!P 2009 Summer - Maasa's mail

"Today too, after showing Takahashi-san some funny faces, I...
found Kamei-san!
She was laughing really loudly there
Man~ That is Kamei-san (lol)

...I wonder what funny faces should I make next (lol)
and the discovery of Kamei-san!
I took a picture with her. And got some feedback from her about my funny faces
Sorry to keep you waiting! Here you go!

Kamei-san was laughing really hard there
Even though I wasn't making a weird expression...
When I asked her for some feedback from her afterwards, she told me I'm gross.
Sob sob (>_<。)"

- From Maasa

Waratte Iitomo (090721)

Friday, July 24, 2009

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Nakai : Oh, you're (Maichin) her senior?
Maichin : Yes, I'm her senior.
Sayu : Yes.
Nakai : (To Sayu) You know this person? (Maichin)
Sayu : Yes, I somewhat know her.
Maichin : ?!
Sayu : Ah no. She is my senior, I know her pretty well.
Nakai : She is a senior you admire?
Sayu : Yes.
Nakai : Tell us something special about her.
Maichin : Ah...
Sayu : Okay. She has a wide forehead.

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When looking at Happy Summer Wedding's cover, Nakai asked about Sayaka. He later moved on to talk about Nono who was next to Sayaka in the cover about Nono being a mother now. Before they returned the board, Nakai pointed at Aibon and asked "How are you?", lols. From the reactions of the OGs, it seems like they didn't expect that too.

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After Yaguchi revealed that the juniors will usually be the first few to reach the studio/location instead of making their seniors wait for them,
Nakai : What do you think of that?
Sayu : I too, will give way to the seniors because they are scary so...
Nakai : "Scary", she says.
Yaguchi : Hey!
Sayu : It seems like they, especially those who have a hot temper will get pissed off by little things.
Nakai : Doing this all this while, who do you think has the worst temper?
Sayu : Of course its Nakazawa Yuko-san.
Yuko : HEY! You're saying that even though I don't really get to work together with you?
Sayu : Even though we don't work together much...
Yuko : Yes, even though so?
Sayu : but that impression of her (having the worst temper) is really strong.
Yuko : ...

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While discussing about how their theme colours were changed to a completely different colour/different shade as there were quite a number of members back then...
Yaguchi : At first, my colour was orange. But after the juniors joined in, my colour naturally changed to light purple.
Everyone : (lol)

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Bananas are forbidden in dressing rooms that Yuko uses. She can't stand the smell, the taste and everything of bananas. She hates it so much to the extent that she can't bring herself to kiss someone who eats bananas, lols. Yaguchi later shared with everyone that during Love Revolution 21 performances, at the part where they will go "Love revolution 21 ♪", if they had had a quarrel earlier on before the performance over small things like for example, there was a banana in their dressing room, they will refuse to make eye contact with one another during the song performance at that particular part even though they are supposed to.

Wednesday J-POP (090722)

The girls had around one and a half hour everyday during their LA trip set aside for shopping. For Reina, during those shopping sprees, she bought a cheap and new suitcase and ended up having to pull 2 suitcases back to Japan.

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Sayu : There are some members who bought a lot of shoes.
Aichan : Eri bought a lot. Kamei Eri.
Aika : Aichan bought a lot of them too! (Yes, she said Aichan)
Eri : You (Aichan) too!
Aichan : For me, I bought 5 pairs.
Reina : Isn't that a lot?
Sayu : She seriously bought a lot of shoes.
Aichan : But Kamei Eri-chan bought like...how many pairs of boots?
Eri : I bought around 3 pairs but...
Sayu : Jerseys too. She bought quite a number of jerseys
Gaki-san : She bought so much that when we were on the bus, her shopping bags took up most of her seat and she had to squeeze herself in as though there was no more space for her to sit.
Sayu : Even though I wanted to sit next to her, there wasn't any space for me.
Eri : Right? It was troublesome carrying them around.

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Set list
1. Nanchatte Renai
2. Love Machine
3. Shouganai Yume Oibito

[07/19] H!P 2009 Summer - Momoko's mail

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The picture is from Momo's mail.
She talked about all the 3 seniors in her mail and what was so surprising about her mail was...

"Aichan-san smacks my butt often.
So I'm going to try take revenge when I get a chance to.

Aichan-san...please wait for it~~~"


Konya mo Usachan Peace #142 (090722)

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #142 (090722)
Its July 22, so Happy Usachan Peace Day~

During the plane ride to LA, Sayu had 2 meals on the plane. The 2nd meal was french toast so they had maple syrup to go along with it. Since they were on a plane it was pretty cramped and Sayu was extra careful when pouring out the syrup. However, when she opened the packet/container, the syrup flew out and stained the white T-shirt she was wearing, her blanket and her bag. Luckily for her, Aika was sitting next to her and is the type who will show concern for other members. She ended up changing out of the shirt and into a sweatshirt in the plane (She did change back to the shirt before touching down)

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu had once tried a 500yen chocolate (Per piece, not per pack) which she thought its rather expensive but anyway, the first time she tried it was when it was given to her as a reward. When she went shopping for chocolates before Valentines' day, she found the chocolate and got herself a piece. Unlike the usual ones Sayu eats, its bitter (Probably dark chocolate) She perfers the normal ones she eats to the 500yen chocolate.

Sayu was surprised by how expensive mangos are, costing 3000yen each when she had only estimated for it to be 500yen. Even though Sayu isn't really crazy for mangos, she bought the mango. She later shared the mango with her sister who loves mangos.

A listener sent in to Sayu telling her he likes Sayu's poor choice of words character which made her really happy. Sayu often seeks help from the Konusapi staffs when hosting the show whenever she encounters something that she doesn't know the name of it, or forgot the word to use for it. Having read this mail, instead of just thinking that the listeners feel that Sayu should improve her vocabulary, she knows that there are people who don't mind this habit of hers. That boosted her confidence and she thanked the listener for the encouraging mail.

During their LA trip, Sayu had a hard time fighting the jetlag. She couldn't sleep at night and felt sleepy when its daytime (LA daytime, Japan nighttime) After adapting to LA, when they returned to Japan, the same thing happened to her. She couldn't sleep at night and felt sleepy when its daytime ^^;

The difference between the LA concert and their Japan concerts was that they had to speak in English which caused Sayu to be very nervous. Its was very enjoyable though. What touched her the most was how they communicated with the fans through their songs since they didn't have a translator with them during the concert itself. Also, when she saw fans from other countries attending the event too, as well as the usual Japanese wotas who Sayu could recognise, turned up for the event even though it was held in LA, she was deeply moved by their actions. Sayu looks forward to holding concerts/events in other countries.

Sayu reads Mikitty's blog regularly and envies her whenever she sees her posting up picture of her wedding items and about her Hawaii trip. Since Sayu loves children, she is one who have plans of marrying.

The other time during Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play when Sayu messed up her timing, going onto the stage when it wasn't her turn and ended up having to leave the stage quickly after causing an awkward atmosphere, she panicked at the backstage after that. Since that happened right during the very first setting, when it was time for Sayu to step out and say "Nice to meet you!" she knew it was no longer "Nice to meet you!" cos' she had already met the audience and the 2 cast members on stage earlier on when she had barged in at the wrong timing.

Zoku Biyuuden - ONLY YOU ♪

A new corner~ Sayu will have to read whatever that was given to her in a sexy manner in this corner. This week's phrase...

Sayu : Machu Picchu~

Promotions for Sayu's DVD & Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥