Hello! Project DVD Magazine Volume 19

Saturday, July 25, 2009

In this DVD, H!P members will get a short segment in pairs. They will be given 2 decks of cards where stuff are written on it. Each of them, in the pair, will pick a card from the deck and when both of them put their cards together, it'll form a topic that they are suppose to discuss about. There were some pairs that got some weird topics as they had pulled out adjectives and nouns that don't go well together.

I'm only going to translate some of the funny conversations of some pairs. The main highlights of the DVD, in my opinion, are Eri's segments. (Go ahead and say I'm biased all you want :P)

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Aichan : For me, I hate ghosts and scary stories. Whenever I go into a haunted house, it will wreck my mood. Its like...usually, they (the ghosts) will just jump out suddenly and that pisses me off.
Karin : (lol)
Aichan : When they go "BOO!", I'll be like "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" because I don't really like to be startled.

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Gaki-san : During our concert tours, there are towels being sold aren't there?
Kanon : Yes.
Gaki-san : For us, before the concerts, the staffs will give us each a neat bag of the concert goods but unexpectedly, we (Morning Musume) will be more interested in the pamphlets instead of the towels and stuff. There was once we overlooked the towel...(to staffs) but now that doesn't happen anymore! Now we had learned to look through every single of the goods. But anyway, at that time, while I was looking at the fans from the stage, I saw a fan with a towel hanging over his neck that says "Niigaki Risa" and that made me realised there was actually such an item. What about you, Kanon-chan? Do you have any experience of a "towel that you didn't know about"? (That was the topic the both of them picked)
Kanon : We had a concert called Shinjin Kouen and were too, given the concert goods. All the while during concerts, the towels sold are of muffler's size but there was once, it was of a bath towel size. I used it, but all the while, I was using it with it folded into half. Only until recently, I found out that it was that big.
Gaki-san : Folded into half? There is a full-body picture of you on the towel right?
Kanon : No.
Gaki-san : No?
Kanon : Only the concert name was printed on the towel.
Gaki-san : Oh, so you mean all the while, you used it with the concert name folded into half?
Kanon : Yes.
Gaki-san : You're pretty airhead-ed eh?
Kanon : ^^;

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Chinami : I have a dog at home.
Junjun : Ah, thats good.
Chinami : I'll bring it out for walks.
Junjun : Is the dog still alive?
Chinami : ...eh, yes, its living healthily.
Junjun : Really?
Chinami : Yes.
Junjun : Its pretty dangerous (For the dog)
Chinami : Its okay! Its okay!
Junjun : That dog have a strong life eh?
Chinami : ...Yes.
Junjun : Of course.
Chinami : Coming back, I'll bring it out for walks.
Junjun : Oh, walks, okay.
Chinami : During the walks, when we come across other dogs...erm...
Junjun : He (Chinami's dog) will become very energetic?
Chinami : Yes, but meeting the dogs is pretty scary.
Junjun : Whats so scary?
Chinami : The other dogs.
Junjun : While taking your dog for a walk and both of you come across other dogs, it'll be frightening?
Chinami : Yes.
Junjun : You mean you are the one who is scared of other dogs?
Chinami : Yes!
Junjun : That is what you wanted to say?
Chinami : Yes!
Junjun : Please explain properly!
Chinami : I did didn't I?
Junjun : You're a Japanese right?

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I wonder how does it feel to have those eyes fixed on you while you are trying your best to shuffle the cards.

Eri : I have been hoping to go to a country without bugs since a long time ago.
Mano : But without insects, strawberries can't be grown.
Eri : Why? Why?
Mano : Strawberries can't grow with honeybees.
Eri : Is it?
Mano : You didn't know? When...
Eri i : How old are you again?
Mano : 18, hehe.
Eri : You know a lot don't you?
Mano : ^^;
Eri : Tell me about it again. What about the honeybees?
Mano : There is some sort of house to grow strawberries isn't it?
Eri : Uh-huh
Mano : There will definitely be a bee hive there.
Eri : Definitely?
Mano : Yes. It seems like they can't grow without it.
Eri : So without insects, we won't get to eat strawberries?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : I see...
Mano : Also, earthworms help to make the soil fertile.
Eri : Is it?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Where did you learn that from? You were taught that in elementary school?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Eh? But I did attend elementary school too and did study hard!
Mano : (lol)

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Eri : There is something I'm always wondering about. Nothing about you though, just something that I was discussing about with Gaki-san. The earth is round isn't it?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Then from here (The top of the earth) man starts digging in isn't it?
Mano : Uh-huh.
Eri : Erm like from the ground we're standing on, we dig into it isn't it?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Then as we penetrate into the ground, when we come out of the hole, do we come out from our heads first or our legs first? I'm really interested to know.
(For those who are confused already, Eri thinks that man can dig through the earth's core, forming a hollow diameter. If you still don't get it, get yourself a fishball, use a stick and poke through it then remove the stick. Its the same theory.)
Mano : ... ... Erm, there is a core in the earth isn't it?
Eri : Core?! What core?
Mano : (lol) There is a core at the center of the earth.
Eri : This is embarrassing (For Eri, because Mano knows more than her)
Mano : I learned this during science lessons.
Eri : Eh? You were taught this during science lessons?
Mano : Yes.
Eri : Ehh...
Mano : It is said that we can't dig through the core.
Eri : (Nodding) Ah...
Mano : (lol)

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(Eri later learned about the core of the earth being hot and such)
Eri : I see. That means even if we keep digging in, because of the core, we can never dig through the earth?
Mano : I wonder how much we can dig in to.
Eri : Exactly. When Gaki-san asked me about it, I had no idea how to answer her. I was wondering if we dig through it and reach the other side of the earth from on our feet, will we drop off the surface of the earth or not...
Mano : (lol)
Eri : But the earth is big isn't it? Then...
Mano : And if the person was on the opposite side of the earth digging in, that means he will be digging up into the top of the earth.
Eri : Yes yes! So...I was...ah, I'm pretty dumb right?
Mano : (lol)
Eri : Like, what sort of talk is this? But I still want to know why. We will be digging down right?
Mano : Uh-huh
Eri : Then for the people who are at the other side...
Mano : will be digging upwards.
Eri : Yes! Isn't that strange?
- End of Eri & Mano's Chanpuru Earth talk -

I'm so glad Eri's partner was Mano ^^; Eri would have made the eggs cry if she went asking them such questions.

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Koharu : You have never seen a shooting star before?
Wada : Not even once.
Koharu : What about an UFO?
Wada : Nope.
Koharu : I've never seen an UFO too. But have you heard of people who have seen UFOs? I know of around 3 people who said they have seen UFOs.
Wada : Huh?
Koharu : I know of 3 people who said they have been kidnapped by UFOs before.
Wada : There is someone among the H!P eggs who said that too.
Koharu : Really?! Who is it?
Wada : Fukuda Kanon-chan.
Koharu : How was her experience like?
Wada : It sounded a little fake...
Koharu : Really?
Wada : Yes.
Koharu : From what I've heard, a light was put on them and they were pulled into the UFO.
Wada : Huh?
Koharu : But they came back after that. They said the aliens pierced a hole into their temple (The ones who got pulled into the UFO)
Wada : (lol)
Koharu : I mean it! Seriously! Everyone! In Morning Musume too, Kamei Eri-san, she said UFO was her past life. She seriously said that. I asked her why she feels that way, why she knows about it. "My relatives told me", she replied. She was told "You're an UFO."
Wada : (lol) That means her relatives are aliens?
Koharu : No no, apparently it was only Kamei-san who is one. Her relatives just told her out of blue that she is an alien, like "You're an alien."

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The staffs later managed to get an interview with Eri about this encounter.
Staff : Is it through that you were once kidnapped by aliens?
Eri : Yes, yes. Aliens right? Eh? Eh? (lol) I mean it. Instead of being kidnapped...I'm an alien.

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Eri : I'm an alien.
Eri : Seriously. People indeed, may react with a "Huh? Is this girl all right in the head?", but...(Camera moved up close) You're too close! (Camera moves away) but this is really a one-to-one thing. Really. After knowing that I'm an alien, instead of reacting that way, please, react with a "Indeed isn't it", I feel that the world can be changed if people open up to it. In fact, I think that there are aliens here too. Earthlings and aliens' appearance are completely the same. (Smug look) I have said whatever I intended to.

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Staff : You are an alien huh...
Eri : I am an alien.
Staff : I heard that aliens have a hole in their temples...
Eri : Here?
Staff : Can we have a look at it?
Eri : Hey...I think you guys won't be able to see it though...(Pulls back her hair to expose her temple) Here, over here. It seems like the hole is suppose to be here but I can't really see this part of my head by myself...but yes, aliens do have a hole there. I know that you may be thinking that a twenty-year-old shouldn't be talking about such things but this is true! Really! Believe me, all right? (Camera moves away from Eri)

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Eri : But can't you guys see it? You can see it right? Right? You, who is watching this, may be an alien too.
The most awesome way ever to end a DVD.