InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #036 (2009.12.07)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A listener who was curious about which dish Gaki-san and Eri would choose when given Mapo Tofu, Mapo Eggplant and Mapo cellophone noodles sent in a mail asking them about it with a little exaggeration of not being able to sleep because of his curiosity. Eri claimed that she had been curious about it too that she wasn't able to sleep and was tempted to send Gaki-san a mail asking her that in the middle of the night. Gaki-san of course doubted Eri considering that Eri doesn't even reply to mails often. Gaki-san was torn between Mapo Tofu and Mapo cellophone noodles at first but chose Mapo Tofu. Mapo Eggplant was out of the question since Gaki-san doesn't like eggplants as mentioned in past FIVE STARS Monday episodes. When Gaki-san said she doesn't like eggplants,

Kame : Eh? What a child!
Gaki : Eh? I don't want to be called a child by Kame who dislikes carrot ~

Eri felt that when eggplants are cooked in Sichuan style, the mapo smell is stronger than the eggplants' smell so it shouldn't be that bad but to Gaki-san, she still can't take it and doesn't understand the whole point of an eggplant which she later apologised to eggplants (Yes, eggplants) for saying that. Eri is okay with all three dishes. However, because Eri isn't too good at eating spicy food and the Mapo Tofu sold in Chinese cuisine restaurants tends to be spicier, it isn't the kind of dish for her. If the three dishes were cooked at home (In other words, able to lower the spiciness), Eri would choose Mapo Tofu.

Gaki :
Kame : Asuka-san, Eri is sleepy (Asuka-san is the radio name of the listener who sent in the first mail)
Gaki :
Kame : Eri is sleepy.
Gaki : Hey, we're in middle of the recording. Lets do other work well.
Kame : I wonder what's wrong with me today.
Gaki : She has been saying that she is sleepy ever since just now.
Kame : I wonder why.
Gaki : When we were greeting during the opening and went "Yay ~," her "Yay ~" was done while stretching.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito
We're in the last month of 2009 so they played SYO, which was released in 2009.

Some time ago, when Eri was on a radio show called "NEVERMIND!!" with Aichan, both of them did impersonations of a station attendant. A listener requested for Eri to do the same on FIVE STARS Monday. Gaki-san tried to impersonate a station attendant but she didn't know that the tone she used was of an elevator girl. Eri corrected her and did her impersonation of a station attendant (~06.36). Apparently the staffs outside were laughing really hard after listening to Eri's impersonation. When Gaki-san asked Eri about how Aichan's impersonation was,

Kame : I don't remember. I don't have any impression of her impersonation.
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : She wasn't even willing to do it at that time.
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : She was like "Its embarrassing. Lets get over and done with this as soon as possible."
Gaki : Yes, she's like that.
Kame : I was supposed to do my impersonation after her so I was nervous. Aichan's impersonation was hopeless.

Eri asked Gaki-san to do the impersonation too which she that elevator girl tone again.

Gaki-san noticed that Eri had became more responsible than before and listeners have the image of Eri fooling around when she's with Gaki-san but responsible when with her juniors. Eri called Gaki-san Sub-chan again.

A listener asked the two girls if there is any duo in Morning Musume that they think that will not be able to host a good talk together. The first duo that came into their minds was Junjun and Linlin. Not that they can't get along well, but no one will understand their talks since they will start arguing and soon start speaking in Chinese. Gaki-san suggested Aichan and Reina while Eri suggested Reina and Koharu. After reasoning it out among themselves, they agreed on Reina and Koharu since both Reina always wants to talk about herself while Koharu tends to interrupt people's talks saying that they are wrong. Whenever that happens, Reina get pissed off and shut Koharu up before continuing with her talk. For some reason, Eri called Reina Tanakacchi. Meanwhile for Aichan, she is more of a listener so she will probably agree with what Reina says instead of interrupting.

Another listener sent in a mail about having a friend who has Kamei blood type. FYI, during this event, as the girls were grouped according to their blood types and Eri is the only girl in Morning Musume that has AB blood type, they renamed AB blood type and Kamei blood type. Kamei blood type is the least common blood type among A, B and O. Surprisingly, the manager who came with them for this recording also has Kamei blood type. Gaki-san finds the manager funny. Just the other day, when she took a taxi with that manager, the manager was talking to herself. Gaki-san knew that the manager wasn't talking to her although Gaki-san wasn't used to the manager's unique personality so she just kept quiet and used her mobile phone. Halfway through their trip, the manager suddenly went "HA ~" and pointed at something. Gaki-san looked up to check what was wrong and the manager told her "Over there. Its a soccer stadium!" It was obviously unrelated to Gaki-san and she found that incident really funny. Eri doesn't know much people with Kamei blood type. The manager is probably Eri's first friend with Kamei blood type. So far, all the friends with Kamei blood type that Gaki-san knows of, they have been great friends and tend to be funny.

Tanpopo - Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru
Since its Winter already, they chose this song.

Gaki :
Kame : (mumbling)
Gaki :
Kame : (mumbling)

Mini Moni - Pen Pen Kyoudai

As Gaki-san was introducing the FIVE STARS segment, Eri was imitating Gaki-san and her hand gestures.

Image Hosted by
For this week's FIVE STARS corner, Eri was talking about neck pillows. From her description of her pillow, its probably the one she had on her neck in the above picture. According to Eri, Gaki-san has a similar one. Eri always brings it with her whenever she has to travel to another prefecture for work purposes. Recently, Morning Musume had a release event in Osaka. Eri initially thought of bringing it along with her but she forgot to do so. She only realised it on the bullet train. Gaki-san on the other hand had hers already on her neck and relaxing. Eri named her neck pillow Pink-chan. Because Eri didn't have her Pink-chan with her, she didn't sleep on the train. Gaki-san remembers that trip. She was sitting behind Eri while Eri was sitting with Koharu and a manager. Eri started playing music out of blue and singing random lyrics, earning her lots of "HUSH!" from other members. After being shushed by other members, Eri apologised but continued singing. With that, Eri gave five stars to her half-donut shaped pillow (She doesn't know the term for the pillow) aka Pink-chan.

Gaki-san's selection : Wham! - Last Christmas
She chose it since its going to be Christmas soon.

Promotions for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

Announcement of FIVE STARS Monday's first public recording. Click here for the details.

Gaki :
Kame : (Softly) Soy bean nabe I guess?
Gaki :
Kame : (mumbling)

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GakiKame : Bahahai
Kame : You understand?

FYI, Eri has been saying "You understand?" ever since the second Kimagure Princess release event.