Nine Smile (2009.12.06)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Today was the final day for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~.
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Smile MC segment (Afternoon)
Before the concert, Aika was doing stretches with Eri. As they were stretching, Eri told Aika about her socks having holes in them. Not only was there a hole at the big toe, there was also a hole at the heels. After counting, they realised that the pair of socks had five holes.

Consultation corner (Afternoon)
The situation the girls had to act in today was when a visitor in the zoo calls out her name but after she turns around, she realises that the visitor was calling an animal who shares the same name. Eri method of handling such situations...(Using Linlin's name)
Linlin : Linlin!
Eri : (Turns around) (Mumbling softly to herself) Oh my god, she was calling the panda, not me. Under such circumstances, I have no choice but to play the role of the breeder.
Eri : (Normal voice) Yes! This is panda Linlin from China, Sichuan! Please take only a photo ~ And over there, we have a hippopotamus!
Eri : Do something like that.
Wotas : (Applause)
Linlin : Kamei-san is awesome.

For Koharu's graduation speech (Evening), Eri told Koharu that she enjoyed working together with her. Koharu said that she found Eri scary at first but back then, when Koharu was still unable to dance well, Eri helped her out. Example, she wasn't able to do the dance for How Do You Know This Japan and Eri patiently taught her the moves.

The concert tour is finally over. Eri deserves a good rest.