Ichigo Ichie #035 (2009.12.03)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

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This episode was recorded during a fan club public recording. Naturally, Aichan was nervous. Starting off with the opening talk. After reading out a mail from a FC member who joined the FC not long ago, Aichan asked the audience how long they have been in the FC. Majority of the audience have been in the FC for more than 5 years. There was a member among the audience who has been a FC member since 2001.

Aichan's recommendation was "Koisuru Hello Kitty," a play Mano Erina participated in. As usual, Aichan cried. However, because she knew that if the lights were turned on, everyone would be able to see her sobbing and it would be embarrassing for her, she held back her tears...and failed terribly. Seeing Aichan sniffing non-stop, Aika passed Aichan a piece of tissue paper which could also be considered an I-know-you-are-crying sign.

Listener's recommendation was "Pari▪Opera Za no Subete." The movie shows footages of the preparations made by a ballet dancer to perform and stuff. Aichan talked about how special ballet is. A dance that uses no words, just body and music to express itself and touch people. She would like watch the movie if she gets the time to. Up till now, Aichan still does ballet whenever she has the time to. Not too often though. Even her ballet teacher told her it had been sometime since her last visit when she turned up for practice the last time. Her 2nd last practice was more than a year ago.

An assistant was chosen to assist Aichan for the mails after the recommendation segment. The assistant was only told that she has been chosen as the assistant three seconds before she had to go onto the stage. Both Aichan and her assistant were equally nervous. Maybe not. Aichan was probably more nervous since the assistant was still calm enough to correct Aichan when Aichan said "I'll try your best to be your assistant" to her assistant, lol.

During the Nine Smile concert on November 15, Aichan fell down during SONGS performance. It was a not exactly bad but still bad fall as Aichan for a moment there was unable to stand up quickly. With the help of Eri, she managed to stand up and sang her lines. She caused all the members to be worried about her especially Reina. Reina kept turning back to check if Aichan was all right during the performance. It wasn't that bad though, according to Aichan. Aichan initially thought no one saw it except the members because of the dim lightings but many fans caught that moment.

There was a request for Aichan to do her Takarazuka impersonation. She couldn't remember what impersonation she did at first until the audience told her. You can listen to her impersonation at 14:30.
Aichan : No, no no!

Although Q.E.D was aired earlier this year, Aichan didn't feel as though it was aired this year. After chatting with the rest of the members, she realised that 2009 has been a rather eventful year.

Since Aichan was the one responsible to announce Koharu's graduation to the fans during the first Nine Smile concert, she was very nervous. She felt as though she was even more nervous than Koharu herself. Her main concern was of course, making sure that she didn't stumble on her words while reading out the comment from Tsunku. She managed to make the announcement successfully without any mistakes but with a strong Fukui accent.

The graduation of the Elder Club members were brought up, reminding Aichan of the fact that this year has really been full of events. During the EC graduation, Aichan had to read out the long letter. The assistant went back to her seat after this mail.

One of the karaoke songs Aichan sings frequently is Yagami Junko's Mizuiro no Ame. She sings Morning Musume songs too, especially Shabondama. Back then when Konkon was still in Morning Musume, Aichan and Konkon went to Karaokes together often. Since Konkon liked Koi-ING, both of them sang it together quite a number of times.

This week's English phrase is "Do you get cold easily?"

A survey form for Morning Musume's best songs in 2009 was held before the recording. Aichan noticed that there has been quite a number of such surveys during Morning Musume events recently (The coupling event and Kimagure Princess release event both did surveys on what songs the fans like). One of Aichan's favourite new songs is Sayu's first solo song, It's you. She likes SONGS, Yowamushi and Aki Urara too.

The results were as follow :
3. Naichau Kamo
2. Shouganai Yume Oibito & Nanchatte Renai (It was a tie)
1. Kimagure Princess

Morning Musume does use the air cleaner-and-humidifier Morning Musume won on Tokyo Friend Park II. Their managers have been placing them in their dressing rooms. Its really important to have a humidifier now during this season. Aichan has this small humidifier that doesn't require electricity. Just pour water in and it'll work. She recommended the product. According to Aichan, she has three humidifier and two of the small humidifier at home.

Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to play Final Fantasy XIII now