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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kame ★6
July 16th, 2009

How do you guys find my way of interrupting the reading out of the e'mail address today?
I find it good but honestly, I think that old joke is becoming a little too much.
But if someone recognises it I won't have to stop doing it. I think the reading out of e'mail address is very important and I have the urge to join in.
If its so, it'll be fantastic. Applause. Well, indeed if I interrupt, it'll be difficult to catch the e'mail address, but I just wanted to join in too.
Hosting a radio show together with Gaki-san is so enjoyable that we have been talking a little too much, exceeding the time limit given to us.
Also, something that I've realised recently, I'm feeling very sleepy recently.
Sleepiness is a really strong enemy of mine. I'll fight it. With that, everyone, please continue listening to our radio show. It'll make us really grateful towards you guys.