Kindai V.A (August 2009) - Kamei Eri Interview

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Eri had met up with 4 of her close friends when she was in elementary school recently. They haven't seen one another for some time ever since Eri debuted so meeting up with them once again made Eri really happy. Not long ago, her friend celebrated her 21st birthday and Eri got them a matching kachuusha (A cloth worn around the hair) 2 of the kachuusha are black in colour, another one is dark pink in colour and the other one is light pink in colour. Eri liked the dark pink kachuusha but since one of her friends had her eyes on it too, she didn't voice it out. However, her considerate friends probably knew Eri wanted the dark pink kachuusha, when they were choosing their kachuusha, the chose everything but the dark pink kachuusha. Since the dark pink kachuusha was the remaining one, Eri took it. After so long, even though they have all changed in terms of appearance, their personalities still remained as before.

When asked how she was when she was younger, Eri replied that she was one who cries easily, shy and quiet but as she moved on to grade 5 and 6, she slowly changed. It was probably due to people around her who had been encouraging her to speak more that changed her.

Whenever Eri takes a bath, she'll first tie up all her hair. So must that most part of her face will be exposed. The other day, when her mother saw the Eri with her hair tied up, she teased Eri "You're ageing eh?" but right after that she added on that Eri looks like an adult.

Now that Eri has turned 20, she'll like to be more matured but its easy to say, difficult to carry out. As she looked at her friends who have turned 21, they are all able to take care of themselves while Eri can't. Eri is not able to do some things that her friends can since she relied heavily on her mother ever since she joined Morning Musume when she was still in junior high school. She'll like to behave more sensibly from now on.

One of the shocks Eri got from her juniors was that she was told there's a generation gap between them.

As voicing in Jewel Pet is a solo job, other members will not be together with Eri whenever she records a Jewel Pet episode. But that's not the only challenge. To express one's feelings and thoughts only through her voice was something new to her. Even though so, Eri is always excited over the end product and looks forward to watching Jewel Pet. In preparation for her first voice acting assignment, Eri had watched Kirari-chan's DVDs and was amazed by how Koharu was able to make her voice match with the graphics at a perfect timing. Although Koharu maybe younger than her, she's definitely Eri's senior in terms of being a voice actress. Playing the role of Rinko isn't challenging to Eri, instead, its fun. She has been told that she doesn't really need to strain/fake her voice during the recording sessions. She just needed to be herself since Rinko's personality is similar to hers.

Eri pointed out some highlights of Jewel Pet for the fans to look out for, for example, the similarity between Rinko and Eri, the funny expressions Rinko makes and more. Basically, just watch everything.

Lastly, Eri's thoughts about Morning Musume's 40th single, Nanchatte Renai. She personally finds the song cool even though it has a sad ending and is something the fans can look forward to.

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