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Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Reina : In this corner, together with Junjun, we'll announce something platinum that we think its awesome.
Junjun : This time round, I've brought a picture along! Here you go!
Reina : Woah! What are these?
Junjun : These are the books I used when I was back in my hometown studying English.
Reina : Wow, there are 6 books in total?
Junjun : Yes, in grade 3 of senior high school.
Reina : Isn't your school strange?
Junjun : Huh? Why?
Reina : Isn't it amazing? You mean you guys study all 6 books within a year?
Junjun : No. 6 books within 3 years.
Reina : Oh, you meant all 3 years in senior high school?
Junjun : Yes, yes.
Reina : All the time I thought the schools use only a book per year.
Junjun : No, no. 2 books per year.
Reina : 2 books per year for all 3 years?
Junjun : Yes, and its thickness is this thick.
Reina : That's thick!
Junjun : Right?
Reina : But what's so platinum about it?
Junjun : Ever since I started studying Japanese, I gradually started to forget my English words. Back then, although I'm not that good in English, but I was good in it. So now I thought I should revise it hence I requested for my mama to send it here.
Reina : Wow. That means you're now studying both Japanese and English?
Junjun : Yes.
Reina : That's awesome.
Junjun : Isn't it? What about you, Tanaka-san? Can you handle English?
Reina : Don't tell me you used this picture on purpose just to ask this question.
Junjun : No. (Cute voice) My initial motive was that if you can't handle English, I'll go to Tanaka-san's house--
Reina : (Show the I'm-not-going-to-let-you-come expression)
Junjun : --I thought this way we can study together.
Reina : Its okay, its okay.
Junjun : I won't charge you~
Reina : ^^;
Junjun : I won't charge you!
Reina : Its not about money. I'm indeed interested in English, but I don't want you to come.
Fans : Eh?
Reina : Because...
Junjun : Because...because
: Hey wait. Can I say something first? The tone you're using as you speak is irritating. Recently she has been coming to me in the dressing room going (Cute voice) "Ne, Tanaka-san and Junjun.." I thought she's in love with me or something.
Junjun : I do love you.
Reina : There goes the chime.
Junjun : I love this sound too.
: Woah. Are you going for that type of character?
Junjun : (Returns to her original voice) No.
Reina : Ah, that's better. I prefer this Junjun to the other one. Okay, with that, this was the Platinum Photo corner!

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Eri : I have a question to ask Linlin.
Linlin : Go ahead.
Eri : Someone from the Shanghai TV station came over the other day didn't he?
Sayu : That's right.
Eri : The day before that, I went out with a friend and I bought some rice crackers from Asakusa.
Linlin : Woah.
Eri : Its tasty right, Asakusa's rice crackers.
Sayu : Yes.
Eri : So I really wanted to gave some of it to the Shanghai staffs. I wanted them to try it but I was unable to communicate with them in Chinese so please teach me how I can get them to eat it.
Linlin : Okay, I got it. At such times, use "请吃" qing chi, qing chi. It means "Please eat."
Sayu Eri : Okay.
Linlin : Lets all try saying it. Qing chi
Sayu Eri & Fans : Qing chi
Linlin : Repeat after me, qing chi
SayuEri & Fans : Qing chi
Linlin : Good. You guys have remembered it right?
Fans : Yes.
Linlin : So lets try applying it now alright?
Eri : Yes.
Linlin : Ready...action!
Sayu : This is reporters Michishige Sayumi and..
Linlin : Linlin!
Sayu : Today, we have came to Ueno Zoo. This is the breeding staff, Kamei-san. Please take care of us!
Eri : Okay..uh..erm..wh..when..it..its..summer..the..the...big ices in the polar..polar bears' pools will float up...
Sayu : Erm, erm, Kamei-san, that talk is only suppose to be held after the commercial break so don't be so nervous yet.
Eri : Sorry.
Sayu : So, please tell us the hottest news in Ueno zoo.
Eri : We have a female gorilla which is pregnant and will be giving birth this Autumn.
Sayu & Linlin : Congratulations!
Eri : Thank you!
Linlin : With that, can you leave a message to all the little children watching the show?
Eri : Okay. Erm...uh...when its summ...summer...the pola...polar bears'
Sayu : Erm, Kamei-san, its not about that.
Eri : Huh?
Linlin : We are now talking about the gorilla's child.
Sayu : I do see animals' babies often as I host a show and they are always so cute, aren't they?
Eri : Yes! qing chi! (Please eat the baby gorilla up :D)
Sayu : No you can't eat it!
Linlin : Yes, good job!
Fans : Ehhhhhh?
Sayu : Huh? Why why?
Linlin : What happened?
Eri : Why?!
Linlin : I think we did pretty well!
Eri : Yeah, it was great.
Sayu : Then why did they go "Ehhhh?"
Eri : I wonder why...its probably because the fans are very united. Together as one.
Linlin : I think they all love "Ehhhh?"*
Eri : You know it huh, Linlin.
Linlin : Yes. In this corner, we have been studying a lot of Chinese phrases together, and now, everyone's Chinese is perfect right?
Sayu : Yes, perfect!
Eri : Really? That's good. Thank you for today, Linlin!
Sayu : Thank you!
Linlin : You're welcome!
Sayu : So in this corner, Sayu and Eri have became smarter and we'll like to move on to the next corner.
Fans : Ehhhh? (At the smarter part)
Sayu : Why are you guys going "Ehhhh?" It should be "Oooo" isn't it?**
Fans : Ooooo~
SayuEri : Thank you!

*Eri had mentioned on several occassions that she loves it when the fans go "Ehhhhh" at her. Somewhere in the mid of P9D concert tour, she again, expressed her love for "Ehhhh"s and purposely came up with MCs that will result in an "Ehhhh" reaction, hence the fans started "Ehhhh"-ing frequently, whether its time to "Ehhhh" or not.

**In one of Sayu's solo MCs in P9D concert tour, when the crowd Ehhh'd her, she told them that's Eri thing, not hers. However, before her MC ended, the fans Ehhhh'd her again and she asked the fans what comes after "E", hence they all went "Oooo~" and it became a Sayu thing. (In Japanese hiragana/katakana table, O comes after E)

No screencaps because I'm lazy. But it should be good enough to guide you through both the MCs. As for Reina's first solo MC, you can find the translation for it here. Its not a transcript though.
Oh yes, do pay attention to Eri's thighs during her MC with Sayu and Linlin :P