InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #041 (2010.01.11)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As this is a public recording, everyone in the building can hear every single word Gaki-san and Eri say. They decided to be careful of the conversations they hold. As expected, Eri is nervous and isn't like the usual Eri who goes "Gaki-ha~n." She's more alert and energetic during the public recording. Eri claims that its because she is a lady after all so she can't do that.

Before Gaki-san proceeds to reading out of the e-mail address, she stumbles on her words a little and said "Mochiron" (Certainly) as "Mochiran."

Eri: Gaki-san...stumbled on her words.
Audience: (lol)
Eri: Gaki-san just stumbled on her words.
Audience: (lol)
Eri: She stumbled ~
Gaki-san: Sorry for that.

Announcement of the Morning Musume's upcoming single to be played. Eri teases the audience by saying "You know what? Gaki-Kame are..." and waits for the audience to go "Oh?" as though they are expecting something great before finishing her sentence with a "...singing the second part of the song." Before the show, a staff checked if they are just going to play the first part of the song but both of them disagreed. They wanted their parts to be heard so much to the extent that they wanted to tell the staff to just play the second part of the song if they are unable to play the full song. Gaki-san jokingly said "The songs always fade out after Aichan sings." If you haven't notice, normally, only the first part of the songs are played on radio shows and performed on TV shows.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
During the recording, Gaki-san and Eri stood up when they heard themselves singing to appeal to their fans and to excite the audience.

Like last week, Gaki-san and Eri will be reading out some of the answers the audience wrote in their survey forms. The audience were asked what they would like to scream out loud in this building and why. Gaki-san and Eri will scream their lines on their behalf.

As mentioned several times on FIVE STARS Monday, Eri doesn't eat carrots. Sayu usually helps herself to the carrots in Eri's bento. Eri says that its because "that girl is a rabbit" and of course, received good reaction from the crowd as well as a compliment from Gaki-san. Anyway, Eri has no plans on trying to eat carrots because that rabbit (Sayu) will eat them for her.

Eri asks if Gaki-san is filial to her parents but before Gaki-san answers, she concluded that Gaki-san does. Gaki-san doubts that Eri is aware of the things Gaki-san does. Probably playing along with it, Eri added that she concluded that Gaki-san is filial to her parents from Gaki-san's looks. Gaki-san then asks if Eri is filial to her mother but before Eri answers, she said that Eri doesn't seem to be filial to her mother from her looks.

A listener wants to scream "Kimchi fried rice!" because he craves for it often in this season. Meanwhile, both Gaki-san and Eri crave for ramen in this season. Both of them shouted "Kimchi fried rice" once more because Eri didn't scream it with feelings during her first try.

Another listener wants to scream that his daughter learned to stand up the day before the recording. Again, Eri's surprised that there's another father in the crowd. For some reason, the 2 girls are really happy for the father. Eri says that they should let Gaki-san shout lines like "Kimchi fried rice" and let her shout lines like "My daughter learned to stand up yesterday!" Gaki-san tells Eri to indirectly insulting the "Kimchi fried rice" phrase.

Eri: What should I do?
Audience: (lol)
Eri: five-nk@interfm kimchi fried rice.
Audience: (lol)

They have something to scream too.
Gaki-Kame: Gaki-kame is going to take the first part! (Referring to Morning Musume's songs)
I'll love to see that too.

A different question! They will be reading out what some of the audience wants to challenge themselves to in 2010.

Eri reads out the first selected answer...which is to win a lottery. Money is a sensitive topic in FIVE STARS Monday now. Eri's first reaction to it is "Please split the winnings with me if you win." Eri bought lotteries before and won a small consolation prize once. Gaki-san tells the listener to not tell anyone if he wins it.

A listener wants to make his wife smile lots in 2010. The 2 girls find it really sweet but they jokingly hint at something as they talked about the guy being in the audience. Gaki-san stops the joke and tells the guy that his wife is more important than them.

Another listener wants to be able to flip the kendama ball to the stick in the middle successfully ten times in a row. He asked if Eri-chan can do that. Gaki-san repeats the listener's question word for word, including "Eri-chan." As expected, Eri was disgusted when Gaki-san called her Eri-chan. Eri can't do it. She can do it at least once though.

Gaki-san wants to go to DisneySea. That place gets her heart throbbing. Since its the Christmas season (Show was recorded on December 23rd), the more Gaki-san wants to be there. However, its pretty crowded there nowadays and is filled with couples. Gaki-san invites Eri to DisneySea with her which Eri accepts but said that she'll go there only after 6pm. Gaki-san wants to be there in the morning so that they can stay there longer. Eri agreed to go in the morning since Gaki-san is her senior.

For Gaki-san, she wants to get a short hairdo which she did. She has been talking about it since months ago but because of her long hair, a small part of her doesn't want to go short. As for Eri, she wants to stay with her current hairstyle which is neither long or short. Gaki-san tells Eri that she looks cute with her current hairstyle.

Eri is aware that she has a habit of saying "Ja..." (In that case...)

C-ute - Ikiyouze!

Eri: Hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen
Audience: (lol)
Eri: Hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen
Audience: (lol)

Eri is feeling troubled lately because she isn't able to come up with new jokes.

Gaki-san and Eri often wonder how many regular listeners they have and this public recording has certainly gave them a good answer. Gaki-san tells Eri to stay this way even during the normal recordings.

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Gaki-Kame: Bahahai!
Eri: Kamite Hake de~su!