Eri's tour diary (2010.01.03)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The morning I entered the dressing room...
Good morning.
Please continue to support me this year!
Its very morning* now.
I'm sleepy...

After the concerts ended...
We've successfully completed the concerts ~
To those who came for the first concert, to those who came for the second concert, and! To those who came for the third concert, thank you!
We'll still have a lot of concerts to go so please do come and play with us.

*I believe its Eri's version of "very early."
As usual, Eri wrote it in the Eririn language and came up with this scene-by-scene idea. Her diary was only sent out to subscribers today even though dated January 3rd. Weird. Bet it took them a longer time to process a different language!