InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #021 (090824)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whenever Eri takes a photo, they are mostly taken from her right side not because she likes the right side of her face more, but because of the parting of her fringe. As she parts her hair 7:3, the side with more fringe makes a better picture. Also, the curve of Eri's fringe that is parted to the right is something Eri will like people to look out for.

Gaki : I'm going to move on to the e'mail address. You understand after last week's experience right? How it difficult it is to recite it when someone is interrupting.
Kame : Yes. I will stop it.
Gaki : So now, I'm going to read out the e'mail address.
Kame : (At the same time) jp.interfm@nk-five
Gaki :
Kame : (At the same time) jp.interfm@nk-five

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Gaki-san and Eri have been hanging out often recently. And every time they do, they will go drinking. After several drinking sessions with Eri, Gaki-san noticed a habit of Eri. Normally, people will just "Cheers!" once before they drink but for Eri's case, she "Cheers!" every single time she drinks the alcohol. No idea if Eri was drunk, but according to Gaki-san, Eri's face was completely red and Eri went "Hey Gaki-san, heh heh, heh heh." Disgusted by Eri, Gaki-san replied "Please Kame, that's gross." As for the type of alcohol they prefer, Eri prefers sweet ones and Umeshu. Meanwhile, Gaki-san recommended some sort of alcohol where you can drop a sour plum into it and drink it.

Not long ago, Gaki-san and Eri were discussing about having too many shopping cards that are meant to collect points. To solve their problems, they bought a card holder to keep those cards. The card holder displays the cards neatly and one look at it, one will know what are the cards she/he has. Perfect item for those who always forget that they already have the card.

A listener sent in a mail about the difference in the way the people living in Kantou and the people living in Kansai eats shaved ice. His question was "Do both of you sleep facing down or facing up? Or does Kame have a funny way of sleeping?" The randomness of the mail was funny xD Both Gaki-san and Eri will pour syrup over their shaved ice like the way Kansai people does. As for sleeping postures, Gaki-san sleeps sideways while Eri will curl up as she sleeps in a not-so-comfortable-for-normal-people manner.

Tanpopo# - Akai Sweet Pea ♪

Gaki :
Kame : Mumbles mumbles...
Gaki :
Kame : (Low voice) Gaki-san, behind you...
Gaki : Stop that! Its scary!
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : I had my headphones on so that sounded really real!
Kame : Hahahahaa!
Gaki : You have just listened "Akai Sweet Pea" by Aho-Kame-san, Kamei Eri, Tanpopo#

Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo

Like Eri has mentioned during Hello! Chanpuru, she got herself a cooling pillow. Because the pillow is very soft, it makes it easy for Eri to fall asleep on it. Also, it feels very good when you rest your head or neck on the cooling pillow. However, its a very thin one, so Eri has to place it on her original pillow to make her pillow a little higher. With that, Eri gave 5 stars to the pillow!

(Gaki-han's selection) Britney Spears - Toxic ♪

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki :
Kame : (Trembling voice) Gaki-san...
Gaki :
Kame : There's something there, there's something there!

GAKIKAME : Ba~hahai~
Kame : Do you hear me? There's something there!
Gaki : There's nothing!

Eri was in an extremely high tension in this episode ^^;