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Morning Musume's 38th Single - Naichau Kamo 2/18 (Radio rip from Reina's FIVE STARS)
(Click here for download link) Credits to amped for download link.

Low Quality Naichau Kamo Artist picture

Eri's scarf (?) really stands out.

Lyrics from 2ch



けどそのぶん 辛すぎるの【田中亀井道重ジュンリン】



そう あなたと居たいけれど【田中亀井道重ジュンリン】
最後の夜がきたら 強気なフリしながら【新垣】

そう あなたと居たいけれど【高橋新垣久住光井】
最後の夜がきたら 強気なフリしながら【田中】

Translations (Incomplete) from 2ch
Come on, come on, come on, come on!

You made a smile in your reply
Now I know you're telling me a lie
So my love's leaving me
just before the second anniversary?

I'm asking myself: will I be alone again?
Can I pretend I know nothing and stay in your arms all night long?

Ah I know well that you're so sweet
so sweet it squeezes my heart
I prayed hard for our Cupid,
but our minds are already so far apart
Ah I'd be so much better off saying good-bye to you
but it's so hard to do
I've been searching for the right moment in our conversation
but I might start crying, crying, crying, come on, come on!


Eri's solo line was awesome.
"Kaiwa no naka de nando mo taimingu miteta kedo ♪"

The song is just epic.
Seems like all the solo lines belong to GoRokkies. Can't really hear the 7th and 8th Generation though.
The song kind of reminds me of Onna ni Sachi Are and Kanashimi Twilight.

Well, Sayu got herself a solo line too. Not a shouting one, but one whereby she really gets to sing, lol. A great song IMO.

Looking forward to the PV.


Just received a message from steph, heh, she helped me get the copy of FRIDAY which featured Eri's "20"
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

"Kamo, kamo, kamo, kamo ♪"

Morning Musume Resonant Live [2008.10.13] Nagoya (Night)
First MC
- Aika's turn. And its about LinLin
- What else do you think? Yes, LinLin left out the -san again and called mitsui, mitsui.
- Just the day before this concert LinLin was chatting with Sayu and when they talked about Aika LinLin just called Aika "mitsui". lol.
- Reina says its okay cos' LinLin called her Tanaka before in the mail. Lol.
- Aika don't really blame LinLin (:
- Aichan rounds up and advises LinLin to be careful the next time she mails someone.
Yup, LinLin should start getting used to adding the -san afterall its gonna be her 2nd year in Japan real soon.

Rokkies MC
I don't even understand the question so I can't make any comments for the MC
- But apparently Reina was giving a hint using gesture again and I heard a lot of thud thud thud sounds coming out from the rec. lol.
- Sayu started screaming "Johnson" as an answer
- Reina "Iida-san?" lol.
- A really difficult qns o: They took so so so so long to get the correct asnwer.
- Sayu got the answer. Yes, shes indeed the nagoya queen

7th and 8th Generation MC
- Can you stand sour food? Do you like sour food?
- JunJun says she love sour things.
- Aika says JunJun don't really have that image of "I love sour things"
- JunJun wanted to bring up the fact that LinLin pours a lot of vinegar but Aika cut in cos' Koharu was keeping quiet all the while (But I think we all know that the amount of vinegar LinLin pours into her food is crazy)
- JunJun vs Koharu : JunJun claims that she can stand sour things better then koharu :B (Lol, the fact that they argue about every single thing tickles me)
- JunJun declared that she can DRINK vinegar. (lol)
- Koharu asks weren't junjun's favourites all spicy food?
- JunJun "I love spicy food. But I love sour things more."
- JunJun says that whenever she goes for ramen she'll ask for vinegar and she'll pour all the vinegar in.
- Koharu doubts JunJun (: Cos' she has never seen JunJun doing that.
- JunJun insists that its true.
- Koharu continues to doubt JunJun while JunJun continues to say its true =.=
- Aika shuts both of them up :B
Koharu and JunJun are no match for LinLin when we talk about vinegar x:

Gokkies MC
- Its Aichan's turn! The topic is about Aichan~
- Gakisan talks about how much they went through everything together : The happy moments, the sad times and such.
- A fan screams "I love Aichan"
- Gakisan "We love her don't we?"
- Gakisan says that Aichan goes telling other members "Dou ni mo Tomaranai" (Don't stop no matter what)
- Aichan says "Dou ni mo Tomaranai" to gakisan :B (I think it was suppose to be a sort of motivation?)
- Gakisan says that the leader makes thing fun
I love the way Gakisan describe Aichan. It would have been much better if I've done them in dialogues >.

Last MC

- Eri knows that her voice sounds weird in this concert. And she finds it sexy. (She sounds like shes having a sore throat to me)
- "Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ~" LinLin ~
- JunJun "I love bananas, I love spicy food. Also, I love sour things. But, I love all of you here more. I wonder if you all love me too..." (I'll leave that to you all to answer it)
- Sayu "Oyasayumi!"


Morning Musume Resonant Live [2008.11.08]
Reina : I talked a lot earlier on during the last MC didn't I? Tanaka Reina, born on Heisei 1st year, 11/11. Its all "1"s. I wonder how it feels like. When I was 11 years old it was all "1"s for my birthday. Also, when I was 9 I wonder how it'll be like when I grow up. And now, I'm 19 already. This 19th year of mine may just fly pass quickly but I'm sure it'll be another great year.
Fans : OOOH
Reina : Not "OOOH". I still don't know what will happen yet but things only happen once in a lifetime. But anyway, I'd like to work hard for the time being. Please continue watching over morning musume and Tanaka Reina! Its not just talk, but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I'm really happy today. Thank you everyone! Byebye!
Fans : (Reina call ~)
I rephrased her comment quite a lot (I just wanted to cut short her comment x: ). And the "sasa" sound coming out from her mic is irritating x:

Resonant Live (2008.11.02)

MC 1
Eri : It was something I dream about not long ago.
Aichan : OhHh!
Eri : I was in the dressing room preparing for a concert. And as usual just as the concert was about to start I've yet to finish my preparations for the concert. There wasn't any clock hanging around so i asked Sayu who was next to me "What's the time now?" but she ignored me even though she heard it. So I repeated my question "Ne...What's the time now? What's the time now?". And Sayu responded with a very scary expression and scolded "YOU'RE VERY IRRITATING!"
Fans : (lol)
Sayu : Perhaps that's what I really want to tell Eri (lol)

Rokkies MC
Reina : Are you familiar with things in Tokyo?
Sayu : I am for sure...I've been here for already 6 years or so.
Reina : Yeah ~
Sayu : Eri how long have you been in Tokyo?
Reina : Yeah, how long?
Eri : Me?
Fans : (lol) - [Eri is born in Tokyo, lol]
Eri : ...19
Reina : Shes a veteran!
Sayu : A veteran!
[They talk a little more before moving on to the main point]
Reina : All right. So this is the question. Tokyo's catchcapi...
Fans : EHHHH? [Reina screwed up :B Fans reactions were great]
Reina : (corrects herself) What is Tokyo's catch copy?
Eri : Tokyo has no catch copy!
Reina : There is!
Eri : There is?
Sayu : Ah! I know! "Welcome to Japan"?
Fans & Reina : (lol)
Reina : Thats not the answer. I'll use "simplicity" to describe the catch copy. You'll react in "HAHA" when you hear it.
Fans : (lol)
Eri : I know I know! Since there's a lot of people in Tokyo...when you pass by one another we'll give a high-five?
Fans : (lol)
Reina : I'll give one more hint. There's 5 characters.
Eri : 5 characters..?
Sayu : Kanji?
Reina : Its kind of like __ __ __ [She was kind of giving them the "tune"]
Sayu : Arigatou Nihon? (Thank you Japan)
Fans : Ohhhh ~
Sayu : ??? Nihon? (??? Japan)
Reina : Nope
Sayu : Sumimasen Nihon? (Sorry Japan) [Sayu threw in random answers :B]
Fans : (lol)
Reina : Is the "Japan" really necessary? With this hint you'll be able to answer it for sure.
Eri : That means the answer is something something Tokyo?
Reina : Yup.
Sayu : I got it!
Sayu : Arigatou Tokyo? (Thank you Tokyo)
Fans : (lol)
Reina : No! I'll give one more hint. You must try and get it after this hint alright? Look closely. (Did something) [Reina made a gesture to give the other two Rokkies the hint. And after the gesture the fans kind of got the answer. The gesture is probably "Welcome in" gesture or maybe a bow]
Eri : (directed to Sayu) Did you get it?
Fans : (lol)
Sayu : I don't get it?
Eri : Can you do it again?
Reina : (Does some gesture again, but this time round, she added in "Hey!")
Sayu : Ah! I think I got it? "Hey, come here!"? (Hey, rasshai!)
Fans : Ahh! [A hint that she was close to the answer]
Reina : You're close!
Sayu : Eh?
Eri : I think I got has the word Tokyo in it right?
Reina : Yup.
Sayu : Nono! Don't let Eri get it right!
Reina : Sayu added unnecessary words in just now in her answer.
Sayu : (cuts in) "Come here!"?
Eri : I got it! "Welcome to Tokyo!". (Irasshai Tokyo)
Reina : Just one word off!
Sayu : Isshai Tokyo? [Lol, its not suppose to make sense. Sayu was guessing randomly]
Reina : No! You're totally off!
Eri : (trying to rearrange the words)
Sayu : ira.. (gives up) I don't know!
Eri : "Come to Tokyo!"? (Rasshai Tokyo)
Reina : You got it!
Fans : (cheer)
Reina : Sayu was close. She shouldn't have added in the "Hey"
Sayu : So that was what you mean?
[Rokkies cont. discussion about the catch copy]
In conclusion, Tokyo's catch copy : Rasshai Tokyo and Eri got the answer right.

Last MC
Eri : I really feel that everyone here...your lower half of the awesome. Not as if I lose out to you guys.. but during the live performance, you guys were seriously jumping a lot!
Fans : (cheer)
Eri : Thank you for that! It made me really happy and it motivated me to do my best.

Shanghai Interview (2008.06.27)

Can the leader reveal a little part of the concert that is held tomorrow night?
Ai : We prepared a lot of styles of costumes but still, please pay attention to our performance.

As the leader of Morning Musume , what is the role that you must play?
Ai : Usually I don't order them to do something, neither do i get angry towards them but during important times such as the rehearsal before the concerts, I'll lead them along.

Its the first time for Morning Musume to come to shanghai for a concert, is there any special significance? What do you look forward to?
Ai : Yes, there is a special significance. I hope our china friends who don't know us will know us through this concert. I'm looking forward to China's delicacy also (looking forward to) meeting Shanghai friends
Kusumi : This is my first time to be in Shanghai. I look forward to meeting the Shanghai friends who have been supporting us.
Aika : To be invited to Shanghai world expo is a very glorious thing. To be able to perform on the Shanghai World Expo stage makes me very happy, I hope I can remember the smiling faces of the friends who will be at the concert.
Tanaka : Want to know what sort of performance we'll present? Remember to come to our concert tomorrow night.
Niigaki : I'm already very excited now!!
Kamei : I hope to be able to show our Shanghai friends Morning Musume's charm.
Michishige : I'm very happy, hope that we can give our shanghai friends a very exciting concert, and let them understand us better.
Linlin : When i joined Morning Musume one year ago, I wished to be able to perform in China , and this wish came true just in one year, I'm really very happy, I must present everyone whatever I've learning in Morning Musume.
Junjun : To be able to come back to our home (They mean country) is a really happy news. I'm really excited and we must give everyone see our best performance.

Morning Musume is a group consisting of many people and usually there are a lot of activities/events going on. But when there is no event going on, what do you all usually do?
Ai : I'll go to watch some performances, buy things, and shopping.
Kusumi : Other then group activities, every one of us have our individual events too.
Aika : Radio shows, and magazine shootings.
Tanaka : During off days, I'll go to karaoke, go for lunches/dinners/breakfasts, watch movies, and if I'm at home I'll just relax.
Niigaki : Buy things, eat lunch/dinner/breakfast with friends.
Kamei : Radio shows and photobook shootings.
Michishige : Usually we're 9 people together, so when I'm alone I'll feel a little lonely and wish to see the rest of the members, but i cherish the time when I'm alone to do my own things.
Linlin : When I'm alone, I will chat with my family and friends (from China) through the net, I'll make my own meals, then I'll practice my dances and Japanese.
Junjun : We'll go shopping, eating, and chat on the phone.

Morning Musume had changed so many members, which is the senior that you admire most? Why?
Ai : Goto Maki-san, her dance is really good, and when i just joined Morning Musume, she helped me alot.
Kusumi : Abe Natsumi- san, no matter whatever that happens, she is still cute.
Aika : Kamei. Her singing is good, her dancing is good, she catches my attention and she has good taste.
Tanaka : Goto Maki-san, whenever Goto Maki-san is around, the atmosphere would turn good.
Niigaki : Everyone is great, i respect Abe Natsumi-san, she has a very cute smile and she has good skill in presenting her potential.
Kamei : Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, she cares about everyone, and when she does things in a very cool way.
Michishige : Yoshizawa Hitomi-san. Although she graduated, she continues to care about me, shes a very kind person.
Linlin : Takahashi. She's mature, she's stable, she works very hard, and she is extremely good in singing and dancing.
Junjun : Goto Maki, I like her cool side, and she's very attractive.

Comparing yourselves to your seniors, what is your better qualities? What is the qualities that you can't win over them?
Ai : comparing to 10 years ago, the dancing and singing standard now is higher and i think the dancing standard had raised a lot (Of cos' look at morning coffee's dance =.=). About qualities that we're weaker, probably during MC segments, we can't express ourselves better then our seniors.
Kusumi : our voices can reach a very high pitch. People often say our voices are nice. Coming to our weaker points, there's a lot.....
Aika : We're able to speak in dialects, we think at dialects are important. Our weaker points is probably that we're not as sexy as them.
Tanaka : We won't lose to our seniors. I don't think we have anything weaker then them. , but if comparing to Goto Maki-san and Ishikawa Rika-san, their performance is worth us learning from.
Niigaki : Strong points? Weaker points? How should i put in, when seniors watch our performances we'll work really hard, and of course, we'll continue to work hard!
Kamei : Our stronger point is our smiles on stages, and our weaker points is that we lack of knowledge...
Michishige : Cuteness and beauty. We want to maintain the cuteness and beauty,.
Linlin : English and our height, but we'll continue to work hard.
Junjun : I think there's no best, but only better. we have many weak points which we must learn from our seniors (to improve them)

Have you though of your future after leaving/graduating from Morning Musume? What will it be like?
Ai : I'd like to challenge all the difficult obstacles and continuously improve myself.
Kusumi : Hope to continue expending myself, and get more people's attention
Aika : I think that my dancing and singing isn't strong enough, I hope I can improve my sense of rhythm.
Tanaka : To be able to sing out all the lyrics during concerts, but also, do pay attention to our facial expressions [again, i think there's something wrong here]
Niigaki : We're a combination of different artistes, but we still have things to be improved. Even if its dancing or singing, we must challenge new things *
Kamei : I'd like to improve my singing since people says the singing Eri is fabulous however, I'd like to present myself as a better dancer
Michishige : To be able to go more into the realm of songs* And also to improve my dancing to give people a better feel.
Linlin : Hope to be able to be like my seniors.
Junjun : I hope to have bigger opportunities than now. If possible, I'd like to become a big star (lol) Just joking.

Who is your favourite China/Chinese artist?
Ai : Zhang Zi Yi.
Kusumi, Aika, Tanaka, Eri : Sorry but we do not really understand china/Chinese artistes.
Niigaki : don't really understand Chinese/china stars, probably Linlin and Junjun.
Michishige : ROLA (Its some models who are in Japan), very cute girls, they have caught my attention recently.
Linlin : 韩庚,因为他也是一个人在韩国打拼的
Junjun : Jay Chou, he has the talent.

GAKI▪KAME #075 (2008.09.06)

G : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume!
K: I'm Kamei Eri whose theme for this autumn is 十全十美!
G : So what's 十全十美
K: It means perfect, without any defect
G : Oh..that's far from Kamei
K: This is my theme! Recently i feel that i'm that way (十全十美)
G : What? You mean you're saying you don't lack of anything?
K: Yeah, recently i feel that way.
G : What? What made you feel that way?
K: Ever since we started doing GAKIKAME, I've changed (grown up)
G : You gotta be kidding.
K: I'm not kidding!
[Cont. 'arguing' over the matter]
K: Well, anyway, I'm going to try to become a beauty this Autumn!
G : Ah, try your best.
K: I will!

GAKI*KAME desu ~
K : Gakisan, we're now in September
G : Hehh! Yeah..
K : i wanted to ask you this..I want to challenge myself to become an adult this Autumn..
G : Well..we should. Cos' its already September now..just around one month later I'll be 20! Kamei too!
K : Yeah me too..I'm going to become 20 too this year..
G : What will you do? Whats your image of an woman (adult)? What type of woman?
K : Hm..yeah..ehh? An adult? An adult..perhaps..
G : Say something about an adult. Something that'll make us feel warm. Everyone wants to hear it right? 3, 2, 1. Miss Kamei?
KK "Don't give me overtime (work)!"*
G : *laughs*
K : Feel warm now?
G : That was funny!
K : Really?
[Cont. their working overtime talk]

G : "My father is the type of people who is always losing his spectacles and searching for it..." (Gakisan was reading from the letter)
K : "spectacles, spectacles" (Kamei was imitating how the man will be looking for his spectacles, lol.)
G : *laughs* "Just the other day, my father said "I can't find my spectacles! Start looking for it for me!" and i started looking all over the place for it.
[Okay, basically, the letter was just about the father losing his spectacles very often so he got himself two pairs of spectacles. He thought he lost one pair so his family started searching again. But actually, the father was wearing two pair of spectacles!]
K : Why? Why did he have 2 pairs of spectacles on? (Kamei didn't get it)
G : *still laughing*
K : Wait! But why?
G : It means that the father is very forgetful!
K : Thats why he got two pair of spectacles on?
G : Yeah.
[Kamei starts wondering how one can have two pairs of spectacles on at the same time]
G : Ahh..pain.. *laughing* my stomach *laughing* (Gakisan laughing a lil too much (: )
K :'re laughing too much!
[Gakisan composes herself and continued reading the letter]
G : "Gakisan and Kame-chan, do you all have any interesting stories about your dads?" *laughs a little*
G : So, what about your dad?
K : When my dad is drunk he is really weird.
G : You gotta be kidding!
K : He'll be do high knee running in front of our house (High knee running -> One brings one'd knees up high while running)
K : Its not a usual habit of his, just that at that time, he really lifted his knees up high.. $@$@ (Eri is speaking too fast for me. but she said something like arm chop?) and started running.
G : High Knee?
K : While he does that and people pass by our house.
G : Are you kidding?
K : i felt so embarrassed.
G : Hilarious..ever since the orang-utan story (Sorry for the poor phrasing)
K : While doing the chops as he run outside the house there are some dangerous items lying over the place. I thought "its bad!" Then my dad seems to know, and decided to go back into the house.. $#%$ (Gakisan's voice > Eri's voice)
K : then he started singing a song which I've never heard before. My dad is like that though.
G : Your papa is interesting
K : I don't think gakisan's papa is like that..
G : Actually my papa does something strange too.
K : Aa..
G : There's somewhere that sells something called Johnny. Its a little like magic. In order for the doll (Johnny?) to move you have to move the transparent thread. He tried playing with it. When my papa saw how it works he thought of buying it to show it to us. We all thought it was rather stupid, so we asked him to move the doll, but he wasn't able to move it and he felt sad..
K : Your papa is cute!
G : He's not cute! Normally people wouldn't even buy that "Johnny"!
K : Your papa is pure ~
G : And my papa wanted to try playing with it!
K : Ah.. he like Johnny..
G : Like a Jonny lover! *laughs* Everyone's papa are funny. But isn't it good this way, our families are in harmony. We laughed quite a lot didn't we?
K : yeah..
G : A really great opening for today. Looks like today's recording will be great

Morning Musume - Resonant Blue

G : GAKIKAME will take on personality tests next ~
G : "As you're travelling in space and you discovered a new planet, what kind of planet is that?" (Reading the personality test sent in for them)
1. A planet with lots of trees and shrubs.
2. A planet with lots of sea (ah, lots of water then.)
3. A planet with cities.

K : Ehh? I'm bad with all the 3 options (Poor phrasing skill >.<) G : Even the tree and shrubs one too? Why? It'll be green, isn't that good?
K : If theres a lot of trees and shrubs, there'll be a lot of that wouldn't it?
G : Insects? Ah..certainly..
K : And as for sea there'll be a lot of fishes..I'm bad with fishes..(Kamei's weakness : Fishes as shown on )
G : what are you going to do? What about the one with cities?
K : Cities..So it'll be human right?
G : Yeah, it'll be the same as here (Earth)
K : Alright, then option 3!
: 3?
K : It'll be alright!
G : You sure? Alright lets see. Have everyone chose their choices? This test tests about how much your friends rely on you.
K : They can even test on that?
G : Yeah
K : Wow..
G : Ah by the way i chose trees and shrubs (Option 1)

1. The type whose friends rely tremendously on you.
2. The type that gets easily misunderstood by his/her friends. You will have to put in more effort to convey your feelings to people.
3. Your best friends rely on you but there are also some of your friends who don't rely on you.

K : Ah..i see..about the same.. (?)
G : Yeah. Its like which and which.
K : Yeah.
[Gakisan explains about Option 3]
G : For the sake of everyone to trust you..
K : Ah its alright. Its about the quality, not the amount. (Lol, nice one, eri.)
G : Ah.. you just said something good there.
K : I've saying a lot of good things now a days (Eri don't know what's call humbleness xD )

Glay - I LOVE YOU wo sagashiteru

GAKIKAME consultation corner
First letter
G : "I'm currently in the 3rd year of high school, recently my friends told me things like "stop being so pokepoke", "You should listen to people when they talk" it made me a little angry. But i'm those type who really worry about it but i don't know how to change those habits. Is there a way to stop being pokepoke? There isn't, right Kamei-san?"
K : Yeah, there isn't any way.
G : Don't say there's no way! This is a consultation corner! There isn't any way?
K : Gakisan was the one who gave me the name pokepoke. But pokepoke is different from bokeboke right?
G : Yeah, its different from bokeboke.
K : Its a innate thing. Bokeboke will be boke. You know what i mean? The comedy duo, Boke Tsukkomi. But pokepoke is about the atmosphere. Its something that can't be helped.

Morning Musume - Do the Hustle.

G : How is GAKIKAME so far?
K : Today is great!
G : Really funny today.
K : now my turn. (to read the letter)
Letter : Asking about whether the other MM members hold the personalities of their bloodtypes
G : Aichan, Sayu and Koharu have A blood types. And they really have A blood types' personalities. Tanakacchi has O blood type, but isn't she a little like B?
K : I know what you mean. But she has a bit of O blood types' personalities too.
G : Yeah. Mitsui has A blood type..? Ah no, she has O blood type, but she has more of A blood types' personalities.
K : Yeah, shes very punctual and shes fastidious.
G : LinLin has B blood type. And shes really "my pace" . JunJun has O blood type..
K : Accurate! (referring to JunJun's blood type personality)
G : Its quite accurate for almost everyone..
K : Surprisingly blood type (personality) are accurate..
G : Think about it..AB blood type, that's Kamei. From what you say it'll be like everyone with AB blood type are pokepoke. A big mistake to say that isn't it?
K : Yeah..
G : Although it is impossible for human to only have 4 type (A, B, AB, O) of personalities, but somewhere there'll be a little relationship to their bloodtypes.
K : Yeah. But if i don't talk people will think I have A blood type, from my looks.
G : Thats only if you don't speak. Yeah, but one can't know much of a person if he/she don't talk.
K : Please remember the time when i joined MM (Eri was shy and quiet. She was trying to defend herself about Gakisan's "thats only if you don't speak."
G : Ah.. that was really very long ago..Why were you like that last time..? Since when did you become like this? Return to last time! (Her shy and quiet character?)
K: I don't know why..all of it just came out suddenly.
[Cont. the talk for a little while more and moves on to Resonant Live promotions]

G : Morning musume no Niigaki risa to
K : Kamei Eri deshita!
GAKIKAME : See you next week! Good night~

GAKI▪KAME #067 (2008.07.12)

Idiom : 率先垂範 (Sossen Suuhai) - Ancestor Worship.

Opening Talk
- Gaki-san's story related to 4 character idioms. -
G: Today..
K: This is new fresh off the press I suppose.
G: Yes it is. From Pokemon Nikki, Pocket Morning Musume's site the question was, "whats your favorite 4 word idiom?"
K: Yea there was a question like that right.
G: Uh huh, so I called out to Kame who was just 2 floors above me asking her for a 4 word idiom. "I don't know any~" was what she said at first. But since the question was a favorite 4 word idiom, I thought Kame would have at least some idioms to share because we she's been reciting so many in GAKIKAME. And when I asked her what she picked as her answer she told me, "Hold on a second, all we have to do is look at GAKIKAME'S script and we'll know a few." So she wrote a 4 word idiom from the show's script, I asked her if she knew the meaning. She had no clue but she wrote in pocket morning saying that this 4 word idiom is very important to her! Isn't that horrible?!
K: It wasn't THAT bad....
G: Mou.. she copied word for word from the script, that’s worst then terrible.
K: Your horrible.. Why am I being bullied right from the start of the show now?
G: That’s why, you should answer the questions sincerely, so there's nothing to revile at the start of the show.
K: Yea but when Gaki-san saw my answers, you said "Oh I have tell this to the listeners!"
G: That’s right, I planned to report about this since there's GAKIKAME tonight. So all you listeners who read that Pocket Morning issue, you should know that that is not Kame's genuine answer.
K: Yea, thats Eri for you.


K: Gaki-san, what do you think 2008's summer fashion theme is?
G: Ewww you sound like that comedian guy. (Gaki-san is mentioning comedian Lou Oshiba)
K: Summerr, Summerrr Fashion.
G: Your annoying!
K: Please tell me what’s the main points of this year's summer fashion.
G: Hmm.. this year, oh I have this yellow and shiny looking T-shirt.
K: Yes I saw that before.
G: That's my favorite shirt at the moment.
K: Also Gaki-san recently your fingernails are really outstanding.
G: Really, I'd just feel uncomfortable if there's nothing my nail.
K: I understand your feelings.
G: Are you telling the truth? But today your nails are done cute.
K: Yes today, I did this all by myself. And everyone praises me about it.
G: For me I just had every finger with different accessories and a transparent sparkly base color.
K: I'm sure your fans would really look forward to your nail arts.
G: Really?
K: Yup.
G: What about yours?
K: Me? My summerr fashion?
G: Yes.
K: Hmm.. for now, I would go home and look for comfortable jerseys to wear.
G: jerseys?!
K: Those... Well it doesn't have to be jersey's per say, but those, lose baggy clothes.
G: Speaking of which, today Kame's outfit is JERSEY. She came to the GAKIKAME studio dressed in a jersey. And for some reason, there's a rabbit print and it looks very silly on her! It's like totally showing Kame's aho-ness with the outfit.
K: This is really cute you know.
G: But it is cute though.

First letter
Recently the news of Makoto's return and Konno's come back has made the listener ecstatic. 5 generation has reunited once again. Listener asks what it was like to talk to Makoto after so long and to tell him/her about any interesting happenings with Makoto.

G: I really felt very happy that she's finally back, but she hasn't changed one bit since she left!
K: Not one bit!
G: Makocchin is still Makocchin! And so.. Tonight we have Ogawa Makoto-chan invited to the studio with us!
K: Yay!
M: Yay! Besides that, I kept wondering when I'll be able to talk!
G: Very sorry about that. But this is how we do the show. Anyways, tonight.. this is the 5th generation here!
M: That's right! 5th generation!
K: What's this?
M: Can I just say something right now?
G: Go ahead.
M: For Gaki-san's case, when I got back,
K: I'm scared, I'm scared...
M: I noticed she has become really matured over time. And Kame aren't you too half-hearted!
G: All the guest so far were all Kame's juniors so they didn't dare to say it straight to her face. But tonight just say what you want to say.
M: Seriously! I got a shock. Kame your way too half-hearted!
K: Why do you say that!
G: Once your told this my Makoto, thats it!
K: I know!!
M: Somehow she's powered up now. In the past she wasn't this bad but now... Seriously are you alright? Kamei-san are you alright??
K: I'm fine!
M: How old are you now?
K: Me? I'm 20 this year.
M: Honestly? Don't lie to me. Are you ok?
K: No! That's beside the point! Makocchan, your supposed to bring me out for dinner. You promised the last time.
M: Why are you mentioning this all of a sudden?
G: Huh? Are you sure you made such a promise?
M: Did I? Are you sure? I don't remember such a promise.
G: You see, she doesn't remember. Today just speak everything in your mind.
M: No problem! I will!
G: Ok so tonight, we a segment coming right up so stay tuned for that ok? And also, it's Goki power to the max so Kame, you should try to catch up with us.
K: Hai.
G: This is not a time to be drinking your water. So here's the first song Morning Musume's Resonant Blue.

Morning Musume - Resonant Blue

Personality Test
You went for a camping trip, where do you set up your tent at?
A - At a forest fairly nearby from your destination.

M/K: ahhhhh....

B - Beside the river of your destination.

M/K: Ahhhhh....
M: Quit mimicking what I say.
G: May I continue?
M: Sure sure go ahead.

C - A camp site a little bit further ahead from your destination.

M/K : OhhhhhHHhh...

D - In in the middle between the forest and the river.

M/K: AhhhhhHh..
G: Now... stop saying "ahh" and start thinking about your answers.
K: Makocchan is playing a fool!
M: No I'm not! Kame just keeps imitating what I say and it's affecting my concentration.
K: Don't tell me. You don't remember anything.
M: I don't remember and it's all because of you!
K: Me too...
G: You guys are horrible. Can you two pay attention and do this properly?!
M: What was the first one again...
K: You see... Gaki-san said to pay attention...
M: I'm ignoring you now Kame.
G: So you mean you two weren't listening to me at all just now?
M: I was. But everything I heard just went pass my ear.
K: Yea it just couldn't be received.
M: Just like this person can't be received.
G: Don't ignore the words there...
K: Receive it~
G: So which part do you forget then?
M: It's about where to have the camping site at right?
G: A tent, you can't have a camping site alone understand? Please be careful.
M: Tent.. doesn't it have set up near the destination?
-Gaki repeats answers-
Makoto answer: C
K: I want to have the tent closest to the entrance.
G: There's no such thing as an entrance. Can't you listen properly?
K: What should I do??
G: Camping is done in a forest, when you say the entrance, what do you mean by an entrance?
K: I don't know.
G: For the record my answer is B
-Eri mumbles the options she have-
M: She doesn't seem to understand does she?
G: Hurry up or we won't be able to see your results.
K: Ok ok... erm..
G: Do your best..
M: It's not that hard you know. Why can't you understand it Kamei-san?
Eri's answer: A

Results [To find out how naive one is]
A (Eri) - Naive level 40%. Not easily fooled, unless other party turns out to be her ideal type of person. She will freeze in her thoughts and become extremely gullible to anything. Be careful!
B (Gaki-san) - Naive level 80% and above. Very easily gets cheated by others thus should be very careful when trusting people.
C (Makoto) - Naive level 20% and below. Very tough to be fooled. Possibility of observing her surroundings and judging others before trusting them is high. People who try to cheat her probably would get nervous about it. Stay this way!
D - Naive level 60%. Fairly easily fooled. Avoids suspicious looking people but if someone looks kind enough to you, you would end up following that person. Try to be a little more careful.

G: How was it? was it accurate?
M: Not really.
G: That's what I thought, cuz Makocchin is an easy target isn't she?
M: Ya! I know very well about myself. I get fooled quite a lot actually.
G: I know. Our answers should be the opposite shouldn't it?
M: Yea. Gaki-san is more high-strung then I am.
G: Yes I am.
K: Ehhhhh....
M: But maybe deep down it could be the different.
G: Yea maybe..
K: erm.. what about me?
G: What was yours again? Kame's was 40%.
K: Yes 40%, could you guys talk about mine a little more too?
G: Ok, your not easily cheated but if the other person is your ideal then..
G: Freeze.
K: Freeze...
G: Yes... so you understand?
M: Seriously what character has she is she now?
G: I don't know, maybe she posses various different characters within her!
M/K: lol
M: Is that true Kame? Lets look for a specific one then!
G: Well we've all got various results. But we'll be waiting for more personality testes to find out more about Kame's nature.
-Gaki recites address-


Listener and a group of friends (in mid-school) are going to dance Renai Revolution 21 at their school's sports fest. They each take a role of one of the members, this listener's role is Reina. They all got the dance moves fairly well but still can't show a cool yet cute side which MM easily shows on stage. Advice from GAKIKAME as to how they can perform like MM.

G: I'm so glad!
M: That's quite an intense song to perform
K: Oh ya it's intense.
G: Yea! But that fact that they pretty much perfected the dance moves is amazing don't you think?
M: I think it's amazing too.
K: Yea..
M: You can't remember the steps just by watching the videos right?
K: Can't remember, can't remember, can't remember..
M: Oi oi oi oi.. you've just been repeating what I've been saying all this while weren't you?
K: lol
M: Kamei-san? Kamei-san think properly before you speak.
G: Thats right.. Kame... Anyways this whole role taking thing, I did the same when I just joined Morning Musume.
M: Me too! What song did you learn from?
G: I practiced with Koi no Dance Site.
M: Ah.. I see
G: And Love Machine too
M: I did it with Love Machine too!
G: Yes we did!
K: Me too!
M: .... Oi..
K: -giggles- Whats wrong?
M: Oi
G: Kora!
M: What is that.
G: Erm, you didn't do that right.
K: No I didn't.
M: You didn't right. Thats right. You shouldn't lie ok.
G: Anyways, that "wow wow" part where everyone knows very well. I hope that they do that part with as much strength as possible right?
M: Thats right.
K: Also... Can I talk?
G: Yes you can Kame.
K: Not just in the hands but in the hips as well too right?
M: thats right.
G: Especially when it seems like you might get tired over that move but thats the part with the most umpth right?
M/K : -agrees-
M: And they should observe more and just grab the trademarks of each members don't you think? That's one way that they can get into character right?
G: Your right. Good point there.
-Eri claps-
G: So this writer, Tanakacchi does a lot of winking, so as long as you wink excessively you'll be fine.
M; Exactly, just wink whenever you can and well.. Tanaka-chan..
G: I wonder who'd got Kame's role.
K: Really! I wonder if their quarrel over my position.
G: No no..
M: I'm sure their not. But then Kame dances in a very prompt manner don’t she?
G: Yes she does.
K: What's that supposed to mean?
M: Normally she talks real slowly but..
G: Just the other day when we were doing our rehearsals we were performing "Shabondama" right?
K: yes.
G: and she had her hair tied up but..
K: don't continue please..
G: at the line "Naite Sumunara" where we have to shake our heads a lot she just pulled her rubber band off and she was really cool doing that!
M: I want to see!
K: You know, during that rehearsal there was the dance teacher there and I met her just today. And I asked her why she laughed during that rehearsal. She said that when I got into the performance and took off my rubber band she found it very funny and started laughing.
G: Which is why, when Kame starts to perform she turns serious and very cool. Something that I hope she'd be in her usual self too.
K: Nonononono... Maybe thats what everyone hopes for... but it probably will never happen.
M: So everyone hopes for you to be serious but you say it'll never happen? Ok, I understand now. So thats you turn the tables right?
K: Yup
G: ... I have no idea what you two are talking about now but..
M: We're not giving much good advices are we?
G: But since they've already have the dance moves right,
M: They should have confidence while doing it.
G: And practice more, they'll do get more and more better at it. Then please give send us back a letter to tell us how it all went too!
~address reciting~

G: Lastly we have Makoto's song selection.
M: Eh! Oh right.
G: Any songs that brings memories to you.
M: Eh.. what should I choose?
G: What to you want to listen to?
M: but, well since we have Gokki power right now
K: Wait a second!
G: That's right! Are you going to choose THAT song?
M: THAT song .. yea
K: You sure you want to go with THAT song?
M: I'm sure.. it's ok if you know what we're talk about you can join our conversation now. You know right?
K: I know I know.
G: I know I know.
M: Gaki-san you know don't you? When it comes to a Gokki song, you know don't you?
G: I know I know! We'll say it together after you say Morning Musume's.. ok?
M: Ok ready, set, wrong.. ready, set, wrong.. -laughs-
G: It's ok Makocchin.
M: Morning Musume's
Suki na Senpai!

Morning Musume - Suki na Senpai!

Ending Talk

G: You've been listening to GAKIKAME. Makocchin, how did you find the show?
M: It was really fun. it's different from other radio shows cuz I don't really get to talk so freely and this overly friendly right? Which is why I can talk without much restraints here.
G: Erm, Kame here really wants to read the next mail very badly, so wouldn’t you mind listening to her for awhile?
M: Sure.
-Eri fumbles with her words while reading letter-
K: There's too much 'te's in this letter.
-Eri fumbles yet again-
G: Kame-san
M: Kame-san?
K: there's alot of 'te' here. Can I continue?
M: Read it properly now ok?
-Eri continues-

Letter : This happened while listener was in class. A certain student, T-ko-san was sleeping in class and got called up to read a line from the textbook and was panicking. Luckily the girl beside T-ko told her the page number and line number. But everyone ends up laughing, “Why does everyone laugh?" T-ko shouted. "It is now Japanese lesson, English lessons was the previous lesson wasn't it? What's the use of reciting English in a Japanese lesson? And your pronunciations are all wrong too" said the teacher. This was what happened to a sleeping T-ko. Does Kamei-san and Gaki-san have any amusing memories in school?

G: Isn't this Kame's story?
K: Eh? Why?
G: Honestly.. This is about Kame don't you think?
M: She does seem like the sleeping kind, especially during class and stuff.
K: Nonononono...
M: She seems like she'd sleep talk too during class...
G: But for Kame when we have rehearsals which require us to stand for hours singing or something like that, just when you look over at her, she has that pokeeeeee look and her eyes are looking elsewhere, like she's dreaming about something.
M: You never change do you?
K: That's right.
G: Did you have amusing students in school, Makocchin?
M: Amusing student?
G: or a certain teacher with some funny trademark. I'm sure there it one.
M: Teacher? But when I was in school, among the students we did give each teacher a nickname.
K: Ohhhh yea I did that too.
M: I don't remember the name we gave, and what that teacher taught. His shoe was definitely white and spotless clean, and his clothes was also surely white and very clean and it's always jerseys but he the length of his clothes were really short. I forgot what we called him but that teacher was funny.
K: Why is it all so short?
M: I have no clue.
G: Teachers have their own originality don't they?
M: A lot of them!
K: -mumbles- xa vi er.
G/M: Xavier?!
M: What are you thinking about? Your working right now!
M: Kamei-san!
G: Yea... even though you keep zoning out on GAKIKAME...
M: Xavier?
K: No... I used to have a teacher who we nicknamed Xavier.. and I thought of mentioning that next but..
G: that's somewhat very disrespectful toward that teacher. And if you think about it there's only one reason why he's called Xavier...
M: Around this area right?
G: Yea that area.. we're on radio now so they won't know but it doesn't really matter though Makocchan..
M: It's ok.
G: Well all in all.. teachers, there's alot of them who have their own style of originality. But T-kosan? Please don't sleep in class
K: Yup yup yup.
M: That right.
K: Your eye's will turn puffy.
G: -laughs- I don't think she should be told off by you of all people. Well I hope T-kosan wouldn't sleep in class and pay attention to lessons from now on.

- H!P 2008 Summer concert, Cinderella and Makoto's TV appearances promotions. -
- Address reciting -

G: And so.. Makocchin, our guest for GAKIKAME tonight..
M: I hope you invite me over again thought! I had fun today!
G: Was it fun?
M: Yes.
GakiKame: I'm so relieved!
M: Kame you didn't do anything at all ok.
K: Yay~!
M: Yay! Yay!
G: Well Thanks for coming Makocchan, please do come again. Which concludes our show GAKIKAME, you were listening to, Morning Musume no Niigaki Risa and,
K: Kamei Eri and,
M: Ogawa Makoto Deshita!
G: See you again next week
All: Good Night!

Credits : Steph

GAKI▪KAME #029 (2007.10.20)

G : Good evening! I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume!
K : I'm Kamei Eri who wants to be the elder sister in Gakisan's heart!
G : (lol) My elder sister?
K : Yes, elder sister. The elder sister in your heart.
G : The elder sister in my heart? You are mixing up your facts.
K : Do you get what I mean? That means appearance doesn't matter anymore
G : Huh?
K : Its about mentality.
G : Your's?
K : Yes.
G : That means you'll try to be like an elder sister and become more reliable?
K : Yes.
G : Although you're saying all this..
K : Yes.
G : But I doubt that will happen.
K : Really?
G : You can't be an elder sister.
K : Elder sister? Then what do you prefer me to be?
G : Pokepokepoo.
K : Pokepokepoo? Hm..Pokepokepoo?
G : Recently some people have been mistaking it and thinking that I'm the pokepokepoo.
K : Yeah, because..
G : Its a big mistake.
K : have lots of moments which hints that you're the pokepokepoo.
G : When we're having concerts, the fans will write stuffs on papers and the "pokepokepoo"s that are written are directed to Kame.
K : Eh? Isn't it directed to you?
G : Isn't it funny?
K : Its directed to me?
G : Yes. Nice. It deserves some applause.
K : Yada yada!


K : Happy birthday to you ♪
G : Yay!
K : Happy birthday to you ♪
G : Thank you!
K : Happy birthday dear poke..Gakisan ♪
G : Wait, you just added in something strange. Are you okay?
K : Happy birthday to you ♪ Yay!
G : Thank you! Look..
K : That was perfect.
G : ..there's even flowers. What was this type of flowers called again? Rainbow..rainbow..rainbow rose.
K : Ara!
G : Beautiful..
K : Beautiful!
G : I received a bouquet of rainbow roses. Its really beautiful.
K : Its really rainbow color..every single one of them is..
G : Yes, its cute.
K : Whoever that chose these flowers must have a good sense of taste.
G : (lol) Why are you looking out of the booth and saying that?
K : (lol)
G : Can you stop doing that? But, gees, I turned 19.
K : 19.
G : Thats fast.
K : Its fast isn't it!
G : I joined (Morning Musume) when I was 12.
K : Wow..
G : And Kame joined when she was..15?
K : Somewhere there.
G : Somewhere near 14 or 15 right?
K : Yes.
G : We're of the same age..
K : You have to start maturing.
G : ..Eh? What sort of obaachan was that?
K : (lol) Gakisan is 19 now..awesome..
G : Yeah. Now that I'm close to being an adult, and its the last year of my 10s. I'll like to give my best shot since its the last year of my 10s.

G : "To the two perfect girls, konbanwai wai Y-shape balance! (pun) Kame-chan, I'll give you this gag."
K : I don't need it! I don't need that!
G : That's mean!
K : I don't need it. I don't need it.
G : It might be mean to say this, but compared to Kame's gags, its much more funny.
K : That, that, I don't need that.
G : (lol) Will you do this gag next time during concerts?
K : If I used this gag I'll really do a Y-shape balance.
G : Really? You can do Y-shape balance?
K : I can do them. I'll do it when its appropriate.
G : Really? You'll do it?
K : Yes.
G : I'll get you to do.
K : Go ahead, but don't regret. I bet after I do it people will find me funny.
G : We'll want to see it.
K : Un.
G : "Gakisan, happy birthday!" Thank you. "Please continue to pull Morning Musume together as a responsible person. Especially seeing the troubles you're having with to deal Kame-chan."
K : Hm.
G : Thank you. At the "Especially Kame-chan" part..
K : Yes.
G : ..Kame-chan is of the same age as me.
K : Yeah.
G : Just 3 months later.
K : Yes, I'll be of the same age as you 3 months later.
G : She'll turn 19.
K : Yes, I'll turn 19.
G : We'll be of the same age then. That means you're expected to have the same responsible level as me.
K : Oh. I think that'll be just be an argument. Ahahahahaha
G : (lol) You aren't thinking about it.
K : But I have an excuse. You're a Gokkie, a senpai isn't it? While I'm a Rokkie, a junior!
G : Ah..that's cunning. That's all you've got?
K : But there is isn't it.
G : What?
K : Eh? There is isn't it?
G : What?
K : What do you call that..rankings.
G : Well..but you're 19.
K : Yeah.
G : So you're the "Sabu-chan" (I think they're referring to Eri being the subsititute for the leader position? Not too sure about it)
K : "Sabu-chan", yes.
G : Well, I often have to wonder like "What is Kame thinking about now", "Is Junjun alright?". We need to be able to read and pick up what people are thinking about deep down. As the "Sabu-chan" you have to do that too.
K : Read and pick up?
G : Yes, read and pick up. Ah, Kame is being pokepoke again.
K : Wow..
G : Well, but Kame is being pokepoke all the time.
K : So with that, I will watch over Gakisan warmly.
G : Hey! Just be responsible and I'll be happy enough.
K : Ah..
G : I'll like to continue working hard even though I've turned 19.

Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are

G : GAKI*KAME will take on personality test next!
K : Wai wai Y-shape balance!
G : Ah, you used it.
K : I used it. The atmosphere just now was..that..
G : It was kind of freezing isn't it. When you use it it becomes cold.
K : Guess I said it at the wrong timing.
G : (lol), the wrong timing. Its not really about being able to do the Y-shape balance or not isn't it.
K : Its about the timing eh?
G : Yeah. The sender who sent in the personality test this time round is Shimakuma-san.
K : Yes.
G : Thank you.
K : Thank you.
G : "A perfect test for Eri-chan who always writes down her answers to decide."
K : Ah, there's such test?
G : I'll move on to the test Shimakuma-san sent alright?
K : Okay.
G : Everyone in front of their radios do try the personality test out. "Lured by a rare flower that was singing a song, a living thing was lured by it and dropped by. What animal do you think it was? Plus illustrate your answer."
K : An animal that went to the flower?
G : (repeats the test) So you don't have to draw the flower.
K : Eh?
G : And that don't even look like a flower! What on earth is that? It looks like some star fish.
K : (lol) It can't be.
G : Quick, draw your answer.
K : What should I choose..Eh? Its a flower right?
G : Un.
K : Raraan, raraan, raraan, strolling there..
G : Strolling..
K : ..and it stopped.
G : It stopped?
K : I got it. Yes, it stopped. Don't look at my drawing.
G : (lol) She's drawing now.
K : Okay, its done.
G : Okay.
K : Can we move on?
G : Yes.
K : Its an living thing right?
G : Yes.
K : Bambi.
G : Bambi? It stopped? I wonder where did it came from in the first place.
K : Un.
G : And the drawing isn't even a bambi. Why didn't you draw it out?
K : I can't draw a bambi!
G : She draw something like a flower..starfish and she wrote "Bambi" in katakana on top of it.
K : Bambi.
G : By the way, for me, its this, Omame-chan!
K : Its cute!
G : Omame-chan kinds of hold my character in it.
K : Yes. Yes.
G : So I drew it.
K : Its cute! It looks like it'll really stop by the flower. It looks like it'll ride on the bambi.
G : Yeah..but its not stop.
K : You need some imagination.
G : It says "A living thing was lured by it" and not stop by the flower.
K : You're right.
G : (lol) Were you listening?!
K : (lol) "Were you listening?!" (lol)
G : You weren't listening as usual isn't it. I'm going to move on.
K : Okay.
G : We'll find out one's softheartedness percentage from this personality test. Can I move on?
K : Yes.

A. People who drew an insect. Softheartedness 95% (Natural airhead, fool)
B. People who drew a dog. Softheartedness 70%
B. People who drew a bird. Softheartedness 40%
D. People who drew something that was not A, B or C. Softheartedness 20%

G : Unexpectedly, we have the same results for the first time.
K : Is it okay for a human to not be softhearted?
G : Hm..its not okay to be too softhearted or not softhearted, so somewhere in the middle will be good.
K : I see..
G : Are you listening?
K : You've the same result as me right?
G : First time isn't it?
K : First time isn't it.
G : First're quite suspicious of people?
K : Me?
G : Un. I don't really think you're those type who are highly suspicious of people though.
K : Hm..I kind of spy on people.
G : No way!
K : I mean it.
G : You're always like "Ah..Eri is..erm..mumbles mumbles".
K : Thats dangerous!
G : Its dangerous.
K : This type of personality test is interesting isn't it?
G : Yeah, interesting. The "Natural airhead, fool" is kind of like A-blood types isn't it?
K : What was it again? Insects right?
G : Insects.
K : I actually thought it can't possibly be an insect just now.
G : Its kind of impossible for Eri to ask her to draw. Seriously. An unbelievable piece of art will surface when she draws.
K : ..Eh? Whats with that..the way you said it (lol)
G : (lol) It'll be unpredictable. I want to show the listeners what you drew. What on earth is this?
K : Its a cat!
G : Why did you draw a cat?
K : Because I can't draw a bambi!
G : (lol) Isn't this mean?
K : But I find it kind of cute.

Namie Amuro - PINK KEY

Be Positive.
The sender called home the other day to check what's for dinner, apparently her sister told her its grilled fish so he didn't want to have dinner at home. But it turns out that it was actually his favourite kabayaki.(Kabayaki is a little similar to grilled fish)
G : Ah! Abe-san! Will you come over? Do you have a minute to spare? Abe-san. Abe-san came!
K : Abe-san!
G : Abe-san! We're recording a radioshow now. Abe-san!
K : Abe-san!
G : Abe-san joined us!
A : Yes, I came. You are reading consultation mails right?
G : Yes.
A : (lol)
G : Grilled fish..
K : ..consultation desu. (pun) [soudan (consultation), sounan desu (Yes)]
G : The sender called home during his club activities to check what's for dinner.
A : Un.
G : Then his sister told him that its grilled fish..
A : Un.
G : ..he didn't want to go home to have dinner since its grilled fish, but it turns out his family actually had his favourite kabayaki that day.
A : Ah..
G : He was upset and cried.
A : Un. And then?
G : (lol)
A : (lol)
K : Well, this corner is actually called "Be Positive".
A : Ah, positive?
K : Yes.
G : Abe-san you have sisters too don't you? So do you have any interesting stories of your young sister to share?
A : You're asking me to throw in an interesting story out of blue?
G : (lol) Do you have any? The sender asked if we have any.
A : Do I have any? Do you have any, Gakisan?
G : Yes, I do. Please listen to my story.
A : Talk about it then.
K : Talk about it.
G : Just yesterday my younger sister told my papa "Papa, buy me a camel for my birthday present"
A : Ehh?
K : (lol)
G : I don't know what made her say that. Just suddenly during the commercial break..
K : A living one?
G : Yes, a living one. She said she want a camel. The commercial showed a camel walking, and the moment she saw it she wanted it. Instead of saying things like "buy a dog", "buy a hamster", she said "buy a camel". When I heard it I thought "Wow, no one would of thought of saying that"
A : (lol) (claps)
K : (lol) Poor sister!
G : Even though I've never expected anyone to say it, but she said it.
A : Thats good..
G : Its good?!
A : Is there any camel around?
G : I don't think so.
K : There are in deserts.
A : There's camels in deserts isn't it?
G : Un.
A : Like in Tottori's dunes? Somewhere there.
G : (lol) somewhere there..Perhaps I'll accompany my sister there!
A : I've got to go!
G : Okay!
A : I'm going to look for camels! (gag)
G : Ah, thank you for coming!
A : Do your best!
G : Thank you!
K : Abe-san is..
G : Abe-san..apologies for taking up her time. Abe-san, thank you for coming! She was like "Waa".
K : Ah..we're warmed up now.
G : Warmed up! As expected from Abe-san.
K : Yeah. Abe-san flew off just now.
G : And as expected from Kame, she was going "Awawa awawa" too. [Awatenbou (flustered person), thats what the Awawa thing was about]
K : She's such a flustered person.
G : Yup. So going back to the camel story.
K : Man, Abe-san don't know what "Be Positive" is all about.
G : Yes, she don't know about it. She even said "And then?".
K : So here, is where I will take over.
G : Ou! Talk about it!
K : May I?
G : Go ahead!
K : ...What did I want to say..
G : (lol) you're horrible.
K : Erm..what was it again.
G : It was about kabayaki.
K : To talk about something that happened between our siblings right?
G : Yes, you have any stories to share?
K : Hm..must it be about food? Or anything will do?
G : Anything will do.
K : Anything will do?
G : Kame's younger sister is more responsible then Kame.
K : Yeah. She's big compared to me.
G : Height doesn't really matter. It has no relation to height (lol)
K : (lol) Not something for you to laugh at!
G : (lol) Everyone is laughing thinking that "It has no relation to heights, what an aho is she"
K : Kind of like, (?)
G : (lol)
K : Kind of like being watched over..
G : Just move on to your story! Quick!
K : Ah, sorry.
G : We don't really need to talk about that.
K : We can't read another mail already right?
G : Yeah, you can't read your's.
K : Ah, that's not a good thing.
G : (lol)
K : Erm..just recently,
G : Un.
K : There was some sort of purple potato tarts, its from Okinawa. My sister received it as a souvenir.
G : Un.
K : When I got home that day, I saw it and I thought I'll have one the day after. I was looking forward to it. There were around 4 of the tarts, but the next morning when I woke up there wasn't even a single one left. My sister ate them all up.
G : (lol) Why are you angry about that?
K : (lol)
G : It got eaten.
K : Its intense when we talk about food.
G : Intense..
K : I was looking forward to trying it.
G : But its alright, since your sister is so cute.
K : But she's taller then me.
G : Height doesn't matters. Its about age, mentality.

GAKI*KAME's Be Positive advice : To go home and eat kabayaki the next time the sender's mother makes them.

Athena & Robikerottsu - Shouri no BIG WIVE!!!

K : This mail is from storm bringer-san. "Good evening, Gakisan!"
G : Good evening!
K : "I've been enjoying myself listening to GAKI*KAME every time. And also, Eri-san, I've seen MAPLE"
G : Ou! Its released! MAPLE!
K : "A beautiful lady with mature expressions, standing by Canada's beautiful sceneries, its a perfect photobook."
G : Fu! Fu!
K : "It was different from the Kame-chan who is said to be stupid and cold in GAKI*KAME and Morning Musume. I fell in love with Kame-chan"
G : He put it really nicely.
K : He sure said it all. It came.
G : Yes. I've seen MAPLE too.
K : Ou, you've seen it?
G : Listen to me alright..
K : Haai (cute)
G : She's really cute in it.
K : Thank you.
G : There was one picture whereby she went to a location and she was sitting on the desk.
K : Yes yes yes.
G : I found it really cute, and she look like an adult. And also, the bikini shots were SEXY! It was perfect. She kicked away the pokepokepoo image and brought out an image of a lady.
K : Ou!
G : And then..
K : A good tendency.
G : Yes, good tendency. And with that thoughts, I closed the book.
K : Closed it.
G : The Kamei Eri who has returned from the location is here.
K : Yes.
G : And she went "Gakisan, good morning ~" She didn't change a single bit.
K : (lol)
G : If Kame can return to who she is (in MAPLE), it'll be good.
K : Gakisan missed that moment. Gakisan got sucked into the photobook too.
G : You put it very nicely didn't you?
K : Another person who got sucked in.
G : You sure know how to throw in good words for yourself.
K : Yes. At that time when I went to Canada was during 10nentai's concert.
G : (lol) Thats why you weren't able to turn up in the end right?
K : Yeah.
G : And yet at that time you were saying "I was watching over you just that you couldn't see me because I'm an angel" (Refer to GAKI*KAME #21)
K : (lol)
G : You didn't tell us you were going for the MAPLE photoshoot.
K : Yeah.
G : And thats why you started saying "I'm Miss Maple" the other time right?
K : Yeah, I said that, I thought I should drop a couple of hints (about the photobook)

Promotions for Bonkyu Bonkyu Bomb 2007 Concert tour.

G : We ate Yakiniku didn't we?
K : Yeah.
G : Kame was really awesome.
K : What?
G : Even though she was only drinking Oolong tea, her tension was..
K : (lol)
G : She even ate up my Lemon sherbet.
K : Yeah, I was too high tensioned.
G : It made me wonder why was I sitting next to her. She was like "GAKISAN!" when coming towards me.
K : Yeah. It was fun.
G : Yeah, sure it was. We were in really high spirits that day.

Promotions for All Singles Complete Album, “Shouri no BIG WIVE!!!”, “Mikan”.

Oyasumi nasai!

GAKI▪KAME #035 (2007.12.01)

Eri's four word idiom
首尾一貫 shubiikkan - consistent

Opening Talk
K : Gakisan, the concert tour is going to end after tonight. Have you found anything that you can boast about from this concert tour?
G : Well..Something that we can boast about was that the fans were the best. And another thing will be...although I'm the second from the top (in terms of age)..
K : ...Second
G : ..but I'm still able to continue dancing (after sometime).
K : Oh..This might be something one will hesitate to admit..but recently, my waist hurts after dancing for sometime..
G : Really?!
K : Even though I'm still in my 10s..I actually understood the difference between first half and second half.
G : Isn't that bad?! Even though you're going around calling people granny granny..but you yourself..
G : I don't have such problems though.
K : Please stop lying..
G : In fact I can jump for a lot ~
K : On the trampoline?
G : I'm not sure if I should say this, but, Kusumi Koharu? As I was dancing and I looked at the rest of the members Koharu was showing a this-is-the-end-of-the-world face.
K : Yes!
G : She was like "Man..this is tough.."
G : Seeing that only makes me more motivated to continue dancing. But still, I don't face the problems like having waist pains like Kame does.
K : The waist pains are..(thinking for an excuse)
G : What? You're gonna withdraw?
K : Is it okay for me to take back my words?
G : What?
K : Is it okay for me to take back the things I said earlier on?
G : Why do you wanna do that? That means what you lied?
K : Thats because today is "shubiikkan", so I should be throwing in good things instead.

G : "The ever beautiful Gakisan," Ah..I'm glad to hear that!
K : You sure are aren't you?
G : "And the ever PPP Kame-chan!" (lol)
K : Whats that suppose to mean?! PPP?
G : Its a short form for PokePokePoo
K : Ah? It means that?
G : When I read this I found it rather good for a name.
K : Its not good at all! If you read it it'll sound like "pipipi"
G : "pipipi" (lol)
K : Its the initials of PokePokePoo right?
G : Now adays I'll usually call you pokepokepoo..but from now on it'll be PPP! (lol)
K : Ever since Gakisan started calling me pokepokepoo the manager started to call me "oi poke!"
G : (lol)
K : I was wondering how I should react to that! But still.. I just responded with a "yes?"
G : ..."PPP kame-chan, good evening!"
K : Good evening...ppp!
The sender asked about what GAKIKAME used to play with when they were younger.
G : What did you do when you were an elementary student?
K : Unicycling.
G : Ehhh! Thats unexpected..
K : Unicycles!
G : You can ride a unicycle?
K : It was my hobby. It was an unicycle with yellow and green fluorescence. Back then the boys will play with those hyper brother played that too while I'll go cycling on an unicycle with my friends. I'm really "awesome" with unicycles
G : Eh? Why?
K : I'm a pro.
G : You gotta be lying..
K : I mean it!
G : Why?
K : Please don't call me PPP.
G : You must be kidding...but're just saying it. Earlier on I was telling Kame what I ate. It was the lotus hamburger my mama made and it was very delicious.
K : Oh..that was lotus?
G : You weren't listening to me just now eh? I passed her my phone, she went showing it to the staffs without me noticing and told them "I made this you know!". She's a big fat liar!
K : Yeah ~
G : Its not about whether you yeah or not..
K : I'm like the very red reindeer.
G : You're really red today aren't you? (seems like Eri was wearing something red)
K : Yup..
G : And as for me when I was in elementary I played basketball. I was in the basketball team. When the training ends it was already 5pm or 7pm. I was practicing really hard.
K : After school?
G : I'll go home after school then go for the basketball trainings.
K : Wow! Were your jerseys green in color?
G : Unfortunately its not. Surprisingly when we were young we didn't really behave femininely and stayed at fact we do quite a number of sports like unicycling..

Morning Musume - Mikan

Personality test
(Guest : Shimizu Saki)
G : Welcome to GAKIKAME, Shimizu-chan! Please do an introduction of yourself!
S : Good evening! I'm Shimizu Saki from Berryz Koubou! Please take care of me!
K : Oh! Captain!

Question : You dropped a stone into a well. How deep was the well?
1. One meter
2. Three meters
3. More then ten meters

G : Kame usually takes a long time to decide..
K : So can think about it..and..
S : (lol)
G : (lol) She's our guest you know? Meanwhile can you please focus on your personality test?
K : Ah..I see I see..
G : Please be logical!
S : (lol)
K : Ah..logical. Oh yah. Cos' it's "shubiikkan" today.
S : (lol) It was a stone that fell in right?
G : Yup. It dropped in with a "pon" (Its just the sound)
S : Hm..
K : It fell with a "pochaaaan"..
S : Something like "poton" right? .. personality test
K : It might have been a "karin" too! (She's still deciding what was the sound)
G : That's enough!
K : Ahhh! I've decided!
S : I've made my choice too!
G : So what's your choice, Shimizu-chan?
S : I chose option 3, more then ten meters
G : Okay..and for Kame?
K : Option 1!
G : Ohh! I chose option 2!

Result : The depth of the well is the depth of your greediness
1. No sense of greed
2. Your greediness level is just average.
3. You're extremely greedy

S : (lol)
G : How is the result? You're kind of greedy?
S : Me? I don't really think that I'm that greedy..
K : Hm..yeah..
S : But a well will definitely have a depth of more then 10 meters right?
K : I think she put her heart and soul into the test...Didn't that sound sister-liked?
S : (lol)
G : Wait a's not about whether its sister-liked or not..what you've said was too difficult to understand.
S : (lol)
K : (changes the topic) Saki-chan are you at least 1metre tall?
S : Of course I am! I'm even taller then 150cm!
G : It wouldn't be good if she was shorter then 1metre!
K : I see..
G : How old are you now?
S : I'm in my first year of high school.
G : Shes only in her first year of high school anyway...But we weren't even suppose to be talking about her height, we were talking about the depth!
S : (lol)
K : Okay..
G : Its kind of accurate today for Kame isn't it? It says that you aren't really greedy! do you feel? (Gakisan stammered)
K : (picking on Gakisan's mistake)
G : (lol)'re horrible.
G : She's not the tye who deliberately wants to do something bad to people, but she's the type is easy going with anything. In other words instead of "No sense of greed", she does things at her own pace.
K : I'm the type who changes their mindsets very fast.
G : You just don't think too much. Thats all.
S : I think Kamei-san has a very refreshing feel to her, right?
K : know me well..
G : What was the first impression Kame gave you when you saw her?
S : She looked really quiet..but after we talked several times I got to know that she's really cheerful and she's funny.
K : Ahh..that is..
G : (cuts in)..Wait! She's not really that funny right?
S : (lol) Eh?
G : You can't answer that now right? But I bet you're thinking "Kamei-san isn't really that funny" deep in your heart.
K : Saki-chan looked like she had something to say just now! I can see that from her eyes and her mouth! She looked like she wanted say yes!
G : Ah but anyway, there was once when we had Tsugunaga Momoko-chan as a guest she was really daring and she said it out (that Eri isn't funny). Its okay for you to speak your mind too!
K : (lol)
[They continue talking about that episode which they had Momoko as guest]

G : Is there anything that you've done in 2007 that you're satisfied with?
S : Yup. Berryz Koubou performed for the first time in Saitama Super Arena.
K : Wow!
G : Congratulations!
S : Thank you! To be able to be perform in a big concert hall was one of Berryz Koubou's targets and to be able reach our target as the captain I'm glad that I was able to get everyone to work together as one.
G : Oh! You sound really responsible! (applause)
S : Thank you!
G : You deserve some applause (applause)
K : (applause)

G : If Kamei-san were to join Berryz Koubou for just one day, will you still be confident of leading Berryz Koubou as one?
S : Eh? Kamei-san?
G : Yup. If she joins just for one day.
K : I'm said to be PPP..
G : Take your time to think about it...How confident will you be?
S : ...
G : Seems like she has no confidence.
S : (lol)
K : If I were to join Berryz Koubou Berryz Koubou won't have silence for even a second eh?
G : Yup.
K : Ah..I wanted Saki-chan to say that.
S : Uh..BK's members..
K : Ah..Un...
G : (lol)
S : ...personalities are really strong, so..
K : Un.
G : Un.
K : Un.
G : Un.
S : (lol)
K : But as a captain if you aren't able to handle different types of members it wouldn't be good!
S : Yeah..
K : Do your best alright?
S : I will!
G : ..Whats with that?
K : Eh? What?
G : Instead of thinking how she should handle Kamei-san shouldn't she be thinking that "Kamei-san is here to share my load"?
K : Oh yah..That'll be better
S : (lol)
G : Lets try to think that way alright?

Berryz Koubou - Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi

Be positive!
G : (introducing)
K : (soft) pi..
G : (introducing)
K : (soft)... pipipi!
G : Stop throwing in things that aren't necessary!
Mail : Apparently the sender was a shop assistant. He was so used to saying "Welcome!' That one day when he went to a convenience store one day he actually said "Welcome!" to the customer. The other customers stared at him and he was really embarrassed.
G : ..."Do GAKIKAME have such embarrassing experiences too?" Stop scribbling!
K : do you draw a person's fringe?
G : Were you listening to what I was talking about?
K : I was listening! We're suppose to talk about a big failure right?
G : Not a big failure. An embarrassing occasion!
K : The guy made a big mistake that led to that embarrassing occasion right?
G : Yup.
K : So he is asking if we've gone through such an experience too right?
G : That's right.
K : This is a positive corner right?
G : Yes (lol)
K : Gakisan, don't make that annoyed look please. It's too obvious alright.
G : Can you stop you being so irresponsible?
K : Okay..I got it..
G : So do you have such things happening to you before?
K : Yeah..I often have such (embarrassing) occasions..I often feel embarrassed by certain things..but my biological mother has more of such things happening to her, daily.
G : Biological mother?!(lol)
K : My mother! (lol) My mother! (lol)
G : The way you phrased it made you sound as though you came from a complicated family! So stop doing that! (lol)
K : (lol)
G : You could have just said your mother!
K : (babbles)
K : Did I tell you about the radish grater occasion?
G : Yeah! But the listeners have yet to know about go ahead!
K : My mother took out the radish grater..and before that I was telling her about how nice yogurts are with chocolate toppings. And she actually grated the chocolates onto the radish. AHAHAH..and of cos', that resulted in me laughing really hard. (The way Eri says it is what that made it so funny)
G : You must be laughing real hard when you saw it.
K : So I was like "Mommie, thats grated chocolate!"...Yup. And that was an embarrassing occasion that happened to my biological mother. (lol)
G : (lol) Compared to Kame, your biological mother is more funny.
K : It's really bad!
G : Your biological mother should join morning musume. Change with Kame, change change!
K : Eh?! Change?! I won't want that! I'll decline that offer for sure.
G : About embarrassing occasions that you had..that was more like your biological mother's embarrassing experience right?
K : We were talking about my mother all the while (lol) I got it (tension up up!) I got it! I got it!
G : It has been long since the last time you're so lively here.
K : Not long ago when we had a recording for a radioshow I wore a new one piece dress that day.
G : Ah! I remember that!
K : I wore that for the first time on that day. Then there was another time I wore it for work and that was only the second time I wore it. And at the back there was a paper on it. It was actually the tag. The tag was still attached onto the dress.
G : And when Aichan saw it Aichan was asking Kame if its okay to wear it with the tag attached. And Kame replied "Ah, i forgot to take it off. I wore it with the tag the other day anyway" But shouldn't one just take it off if she knows that she've forgotten to take it off the other day?
K : The tag was attached with a chain..but in the end I removed it with a scissors.
G :'re all pokepoke again
GAKIKAME : PPP (at the same time)
G : (lol)
K : (lol)

Kuwata Keisuke - Darling

Mail : As the sender was peeling his orange, he mistook the orange for the skin and threw the orange into the trash bag. He asks if GAKIKAME have such experience too.
G : It happens don't it?
K : Yeah..It does happens..
G : Yup..Like for example when you're eating gum..You're dump the gum away by mistake. And soybeans (edamame), they have pods don't they? At the start when I'm eating it its still okay. Soon after I'll dump the beans instead of the pods into the trash bag without realizing.
K : Yeah..
G : Don't such things happen to you?
K : Nope.
G : You gotta be kidding!
K : It seriously don't!
G : The PPP Kame..?
K : I don't have such experience
G : Really?
K : I'm saying no cos' I can't remember any of such things happening to me (lol) But still.. I do mix up items too but its not about dumping them into the trash bag. for example..I'll pick up chopsticks of different colors.. (lol) I give up (thinking of something to match the topic)
G : The episode don't even match the topic!

Promotions for All Singles Complete album, H!P Wonderful Hearts 2008 Winter

G : Morning musume no Niigaki Risa to..
K : Pipipi, Kamei Eri deshita!