Resonant Live (2008.11.02)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MC 1
Eri : It was something I dream about not long ago.
Aichan : OhHh!
Eri : I was in the dressing room preparing for a concert. And as usual just as the concert was about to start I've yet to finish my preparations for the concert. There wasn't any clock hanging around so i asked Sayu who was next to me "What's the time now?" but she ignored me even though she heard it. So I repeated my question "Ne...What's the time now? What's the time now?". And Sayu responded with a very scary expression and scolded "YOU'RE VERY IRRITATING!"
Fans : (lol)
Sayu : Perhaps that's what I really want to tell Eri (lol)

Rokkies MC
Reina : Are you familiar with things in Tokyo?
Sayu : I am for sure...I've been here for already 6 years or so.
Reina : Yeah ~
Sayu : Eri how long have you been in Tokyo?
Reina : Yeah, how long?
Eri : Me?
Fans : (lol) - [Eri is born in Tokyo, lol]
Eri : ...19
Reina : Shes a veteran!
Sayu : A veteran!
[They talk a little more before moving on to the main point]
Reina : All right. So this is the question. Tokyo's catchcapi...
Fans : EHHHH? [Reina screwed up :B Fans reactions were great]
Reina : (corrects herself) What is Tokyo's catch copy?
Eri : Tokyo has no catch copy!
Reina : There is!
Eri : There is?
Sayu : Ah! I know! "Welcome to Japan"?
Fans & Reina : (lol)
Reina : Thats not the answer. I'll use "simplicity" to describe the catch copy. You'll react in "HAHA" when you hear it.
Fans : (lol)
Eri : I know I know! Since there's a lot of people in Tokyo...when you pass by one another we'll give a high-five?
Fans : (lol)
Reina : I'll give one more hint. There's 5 characters.
Eri : 5 characters..?
Sayu : Kanji?
Reina : Its kind of like __ __ __ [She was kind of giving them the "tune"]
Sayu : Arigatou Nihon? (Thank you Japan)
Fans : Ohhhh ~
Sayu : ??? Nihon? (??? Japan)
Reina : Nope
Sayu : Sumimasen Nihon? (Sorry Japan) [Sayu threw in random answers :B]
Fans : (lol)
Reina : Is the "Japan" really necessary? With this hint you'll be able to answer it for sure.
Eri : That means the answer is something something Tokyo?
Reina : Yup.
Sayu : I got it!
Sayu : Arigatou Tokyo? (Thank you Tokyo)
Fans : (lol)
Reina : No! I'll give one more hint. You must try and get it after this hint alright? Look closely. (Did something) [Reina made a gesture to give the other two Rokkies the hint. And after the gesture the fans kind of got the answer. The gesture is probably "Welcome in" gesture or maybe a bow]
Eri : (directed to Sayu) Did you get it?
Fans : (lol)
Sayu : I don't get it?
Eri : Can you do it again?
Reina : (Does some gesture again, but this time round, she added in "Hey!")
Sayu : Ah! I think I got it? "Hey, come here!"? (Hey, rasshai!)
Fans : Ahh! [A hint that she was close to the answer]
Reina : You're close!
Sayu : Eh?
Eri : I think I got has the word Tokyo in it right?
Reina : Yup.
Sayu : Nono! Don't let Eri get it right!
Reina : Sayu added unnecessary words in just now in her answer.
Sayu : (cuts in) "Come here!"?
Eri : I got it! "Welcome to Tokyo!". (Irasshai Tokyo)
Reina : Just one word off!
Sayu : Isshai Tokyo? [Lol, its not suppose to make sense. Sayu was guessing randomly]
Reina : No! You're totally off!
Eri : (trying to rearrange the words)
Sayu : ira.. (gives up) I don't know!
Eri : "Come to Tokyo!"? (Rasshai Tokyo)
Reina : You got it!
Fans : (cheer)
Reina : Sayu was close. She shouldn't have added in the "Hey"
Sayu : So that was what you mean?
[Rokkies cont. discussion about the catch copy]
In conclusion, Tokyo's catch copy : Rasshai Tokyo and Eri got the answer right.

Last MC
Eri : I really feel that everyone here...your lower half of the awesome. Not as if I lose out to you guys.. but during the live performance, you guys were seriously jumping a lot!
Fans : (cheer)
Eri : Thank you for that! It made me really happy and it motivated me to do my best.