InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #010 (090608)

Monday, June 08, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #010 (090608)
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It'll be a message festival in FIVE STARS Monday from this week to next week!

Gaki-san :
RisaEri : nk
Gaki-san :
RisaEri : five
Gaki-san :
Eri : p

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Mail #1. Sandwich and Onigiri, which do you prefer? A really short mail which was described as "Simple is best" by Gaki-san. Gaki-san chose sandwich without much hesitation but for Eri, after choosing sandwich, she changed her mind and chose onigiri.

Mail #2. Sender wondering so much about whether there are names to the characters the MM members draw like Gaki-san's bean and Eri's turtle that he can't sleep at night hence would like to know their characters' names.
Gaki-san's bean's name : Omame (Beanie)
Eri's turtle's name : Kame (Turtle)
Erm, great answer! ^^;

Mail #3. Sender asks if Risa/Eri were to switch bodies with another member for only 1 day, who will they like to switch bodies with? And what will she want to do? Sender personally thinks that if Gaki-san and Eri switched bodies things will become interesting. Gaki-san does not want to switch bodies with Eri cos' she can't stand Eri lazy character. That's considering that they only switch bodies, not including their hearts and minds. Gaki-san thinks that her mind will have conflicts with Eri's body for eg. When Gaki-san wants to move around, Eri's body will refuse to do so. And when Eri's in Gaki-san's body and feels like lazing around, Gaki-san's body will force Eri to walk around. The girls can't decide cos' they don't want to end up in people like Koharu who's always making her manager pissed off at her for not listening all the time. Also, they can't imagine a 20-year-old mind in a 16-year-old's body. However, they don't want to be in the bodies of the older members like Aichan too cos' of their different personalities.

Eri : Since she's not here, I'll say this.
Gaki-san : Go ahead!
Eri : She's very stubborn isn't she?
Gaki-san : Yes! That girl is very stubborn!
Eri : Even from the point of view of a junior, she's stubborn! That's why I think it'll be troublesome if I'm in her body.
Gaki-san : Yes, if a not-stubborn-girl like Kame is in a stubborn-girl's body, then the mind will be like "Its okay to do it half-heartedly" while the body will be forcing you to move in it's way.
Eri : Exactly!

RisaEri's conclusion : Our very own bodies are still the best.

FYI, there was once a similar discussion about switching bodies with one another on FM FUJI GAKIKAME and Eri had mentioned that if she were to be in Gaki-san's body, she'll go around doing the mayuge beam while Gaki-san (In Eri's body) will crack good jokes. Sayu was once asked a similar question on Konusapi and she had answered that she'll like to switch bodies with Fujimoto Miki, who barged into the studio just seconds after Sayu said that.

Morning Musume - Odore! Morning Curry ♪

Gaki-san :
Eri : Ah..
Gaki-san :
Eri : Eh?
Gaki-san : You have just listened to Morning Musume's Odore! Morning Curry. What's wrong, Kame?

T-Pistonz & KMC - Maji de Kansha! ♪

Mail #4. Sender sent in a mail just to talk about how Eri's beautiful voice healed him. THE END. But Eri was pleased to heard that.

Mail #5. Sender asks if Gaki-san and Eri have any habits that they'll do unknowninly. The sender had added on "For example, nodding off" but Eri refused to read it out because she knew it was somewhat related to her. But with Gaki-san around, Eri can't hide anything from the listeners :P Gaki-san notices that Eri touches the top of her nose often especially during interviews and such while thinking for an answer. Eri points out that Gaki-san tends to make big movements/gestures and big reactions like when she's thinking of certain things she'll point her index finger towards her forehead (I believe we've seen it several times). Eri describes that action as old-lady-liked, lol! Gaki-san admits that she tends to make lots of hand movements while speaking. Even though both of them will like to talk about other members' habits, but due to the time limit, they had to stop and move on to the next song.

YUI - It's Happy Line ♪

Ojigi de SHAPE UP! Promotion & Kakumei Gannen Chanpuru Promotions!
It'll be Gaki-san's turn to update FIVE STARS Monday's blog this week so remember it check it out!

RisaEri : five
Gaki-san :
RisaEri : five
Gaki-san : -nk@inter
RisaEri: fm
Gaki-san : .
RisaEri : jp

RisaEri : Ba~hai~