[06/07] Ojigi de SHAPE UP! Review/Translation (?)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ojigi de SHAPE UP! Pamphlet

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So, Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play has started yesterday after 1month of daily rehearsals. Can't experience the real thing myself, but fan recordings are always of great help whether its a concert, event or play :P Call this post a review or translation of the play, but just a small reminder before you continue reading : If you don't want me to spoil your fun, please don't read this post.

First scene, Erika introducing herself as a new trainer who had just got the job to Karin and Ruruka. Despite having gone through the orientation, Erika's worried about the problems she might face in her job. To help her overcome that, Ruruka gives her a real situation to see how she'll handle it.

Ruruka : If you see someone using one of the machines wrongly, what will you do?
Erika : If I find one who's using a machine wrongly..I'll tell him/her she's doing it wrongly.
Ruruka : You can't do that!
Erika : I'll say that kindly with an extremely pleasant smile and go "You're doing it wrongly " (Sweet voice)
Ruruka : You can't tell them they are doing it wrongly.
Erika : Ah! I got it! If I find one who's using the equipments wrongly..
Ruruka : Yes, what will you do?
Erika : I'll say "Nande Yanen!" (What the hell?!)
Ruruka & Karin : (Silence)
Erika : Okay, I'm sorry.
Ruruka : Looks like we really better give you some pointers.
Karin : Exactly.

Anyway, after they taught Erika the correct way of handling such a situation, which was to give support to the person who's working out instead of pointing out that he's doing it wrongly, Reina walked in with a "Good Morning". The introducing part between Erika and Reina was exactly the same lines as Ojigi 30do, surprisingly.

Erika : Good morning!
Reina : Who are you?
Fans : (lol)
Erika : I'll be working here from today onwards. I'm Tsuru Erika, please take care of me.
Reina : Ossu, I'm Kuroda Reina, yoroshikuna!
Erika : Ore? (Reina used "Ore" instead of "Watashi")
Karin : Reina refers herself as ore.
Erika : Eh? Like "Ossu ora Goku!"
Reina : What's with this girl?

Lol, its amazingly funny how airheaded Erika is in the play this time round. The 3 told Erika that its important to not forget the customers' (?) names and when Erika asked what should she do if she happen to forget a certain customer's name and the advice was..? "Try your best to remember it". Great advice :D

Then, the appearance of Mika who overheard their conversation about the customers' names. And so! After a round up of the introduction, the play moved on to the theme song.
Shape up ♪ Shape up ♪
Lol, it just keeps ringing in my head now after repeating the song for more than 30times yesterday. The girls sound really cute even though it started off with a mature/gloomy feel with those "Goodbye, thank you for everything up till now" lyrics then to Shape up ♪ Shape up ♪
Even though at first when I heard this song I had this "God, what's with this random song" impression, after listening to the whole play, I realised that there are actually hidden meanings in this song. Listen to the recording or watch the DVD when it comes out to find out the meanings behind the song lyrics!

After the performance of the theme song, a scene with Erika introducing herself to some of the gym members, admiring their muscles followed some communication between the gym members and the 3 other MM members. After that its just scenes that I have problems visualising. Just imagine Sayu standing in front of a guy saying "Wuaaah, looks like your muscles have grew bigger!"

The play is pretty much like Ojigi 30do, just that instead of a restaurant, its held in a gym. There were repeated scenes like Karin confronting Daisuke as a fan in exactly the same way as she did in Ojigi 30do and stopping him again and again with her "ANOO!". Ruruka imitating Reina when she's in front of her crush going "Watashi " and such.

Anyway, there was a scene whereby the members will discuss about why they took up the job as a trainer in the gym. Erika's reason was...

Reina : Why did you take up this job, Erika?
Erika : The reason for why I took up this job?
Reina : Yes.
Erika : Fortune-telling.
Reina, Karin, Ruruka & Mika : (Silence)
Reina : Eh? Fortune-telling?
Erika : I'm often get my fortune told and was told by the fortune-teller at Takao that this place is the most suitable place for me to work in. So with that, I knew I should work nowhere but here.
Ruruka : ...That was a really real confession isn't it..

Overall, I'll say SHAPE UP! play sounds more entertaining than Ojigi 30do with hilarious lines. I somewhat stopped writing up this post halfway through the recording and ended up just listening to it while staring into blank space (← Reason for the missing details for the 2nd half of the play ^^;)

Round-up for the post with translation of Eri's ending talk!
Oota-san : Please talk about your thoughts for the first performance. Starting from..Kame-san.
Fans : (lol)
Eri : Since when am I Kame-san?
Reina : From this moment.
Sayu : From this moment.
(Eri got owned, lol)
Eri : Since yesterday's full rehearsal, I've been very nervous about the play. In one of my lines there's a "I have an idiotic character" line isn't it? At that scene, everyone laughed at me and I thought I'm (Kamei Eri) pretty similar to Tsuru Erika. I have some other characters that more than that though..
Fans : EHHH? (Eri's favourite reaction, remember?)
Eri : In conclusion, since Tsuru Erika's personality is pretty close to mine, its easy to get into the role so I'll enjoy this play until the very last performance.
Fans : (Applause)

Additional translation!
Oota-san : What about Shige-san?
Sayu : Yes, well..!!! Don't call me Shige-san! I forgot about that just now. Don't call me Shige-san!
Sayu should make Oota-san do some self-reflection too and post it on the blog :P

Ending talk was equally funny as the play with Tokkii's airheaded-ness and the comments from Sayu. A really enjoyable 2 hours of listening and is recommended for all readers to listen/watch the play!

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Hopefully Eri will update the blog one last time before the play ends and the blog becomes inactive.