Ichigo Ichie (090604) - (Guest : Kamei Eri)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

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Ichigo Ichie (090604)
(Guest : Kamei Eri)

So the show started off with our little turtle introducing herself as the girl who's still PPP even on rainy days! Eri immediately points out that Aichan speaks with an accent when she says "Rainy days" since Aichan's intonation was different.

Aichan : This time round we have Kamei Eri as guest together with us!
Eri : Yay!
Aichan : Please concentrate on the show till the end!
Eri : You know me well isn't it?
Aichan : (lol) Its written on the script.
Eri : Eh?! Its on the script?!

Aichan moved on to the first mail of the day congratulating them on getting #1 on Oricon Chart which had marked not only the first #1 MM Single with Aichan as leader also, the first #1 MM Single of this line-up and lots more. Both of them got to know of the news during Ojigi's rehearsal which got them celebrating among themselves crazily. Aichan tried to hide her tears but as expected, she failed to do so. With them getting their tensions ↑↑, the rest of the performers of Ojigi were curious too and after they were informed of the news too, they congratulated the Ojigi MM girls.

Next up is some sort of corner whereby Aichan will introduce things that moved her to the listeners. So for this week, Aichan's recommendation is the movie, Thirteen. Aichan had lent Eri the DVD just not long ago. The movie's about a 13-year-old girl who faces lots of problems which both Aichan and Eri had never went through when they were 13. Talking about them being 13, they realised how long ago that was since Aichan had already passed 13 even before she joined Morning Musume in 2001. Going with her usual routine, Aichan labels the movie with a dark-blue colour while Eri labels it dark-purple. Eri added on that in her image of the movie, it's a "Thursday". Aichan didn't get what Eri meant at first and took a few seconds to remember about the discussion she had with Eri and Tokita Reiko (The lady who's in Ojigi as one of the main roles along with the 4 MM members) over a meal. At that time, Eri declared that the 7 days of a week have a colour to themselves. Aichan seriously had no idea how she's suppose to agree with it but Tokita somehow got Eri. Eri tries throwing in her random English words again but totally messed up and mistook "Wednesday" & "Tuesday" for "Thursday". But with Aichan around, we have no worries on not having anyone to correct our little turtle!

After being requested to recommend a movie too, Eri came up with Hula Girl (It took her sometime to think up of one though). But she later mentioned that she loves Stitch movies and that she actually owns 3 Stitch DVDs. While rounding up for Eri's talk, Aichan brought up that she's surprised how quickly Eri had returned Aichan the Thirteen DVD unlike the usual Eri who will hold on to it for 1-2 months. Eri really enjoyed the movie and is looking forward for more recommendations from Aichan.

Recommendation from listener, The Phantom of the Opera. Aichan had watched even watched it the musical before in New York's Broadway which unfortunately, she fell asleep cos' she lost to jet lag. But its excusable, considering the huge time zone difference between New York and Tokyo.

Moving on ~ Eri voice acting in Jewel Pet! Apparently Eri's being very concious about the camera that was in front of them and started looking at it while speaking and Aichan had to remind her to not keep staring at the camera. Eri was really happy when Aichan had told her that she had watched Jewel Pet. Probably like all of us here, Aichan thinks that Rinko has a similar personality to Eri whereby Eri can naturally bring the character out through her voice. While Aichan was linking to the next topic, Eri peeped at Aichan's script and got caught by Aichan who asked her to stop doing that. Listening to Eri's reactions to some of Aichan's questions, it seems like she was given a different set of script as compared to Aichan's. Going back, the girls were asked about the charm of acting. They were obviously having problems answering the question and Aichan just somewhat gave some sort of..half-hearted answer? By praising Aichan on being able to totally absorb herself into her role, Eri escaped from the question. Being as humble as ever, despite Eri's constant "Awesome"s on Aichan's acting skills, she denies it and reversed the compliment to Eri which Eri gladly receives it with a "Thank you!".

Aichan : Now, to see how much Kamei-san is concentrating while watching a play, will you please say a line that left you with a deep impression now?
Eri : Man! Why are you doing this to me? Who wrote it? Who wrote the script, Aichan?!

Well, Eri came up with some "Saku-chan" line that was actually from the Sekai no Chushin de, Ai o Sakebu movie which Eri had chose after she was asked what movie they'll choose to be in as a heroine while on another radio show with Reina.

Homebody-Eririn no more! Eri's going out more often now adays, inviting and getting invited by Aichan for a shopping trip. Yet another question for Eri. If Eri has got a day off, what will she do together with Aichan? Eri'd like to watch Takaradzuka which received a "Really?" from Aichan, expressing her doubt of Eri's answer. Eri would like to go for one that's in the evening, even if she's on leave on that day. Reversing the question back to herself, Aichan replied with an "Ehhh?" as though she don't want to spend a day with Eri. She came up with shopping, however, according to both of them, its dangerous for them to go shopping together because they just won't stop and will be like "Just buy it!" despite the reminders to stop one another.

S/mileage - aMa no Jaku ♪

Advice corner - First sender loses interest in certain things easily and will like to change this habit of his. Aichan's opposite from this sender though. Once she gets hooked on something, she gets hooked on it forever. Anyway, their advice was to not try force something out of oneself, just be who you are and move on.

Second sender is going into his late twenties but has yet to find something that he wants to do. After listening to this mail, Eri complimented on how Ichigo Ichie is receiving all this audlt-ish mails as compared to the radio show she's hosting. She gives credits to Aichan for being able to address the senders' problems herself. Aichan's advice is to start off with one's interest. For eg. if you're interested in singing, just go for it.

Again, another question for Eri, asking if she has any worries. Now that Summer's coming, insects will become a common sight. Eri really hates insects and is worried about how to handle them during Summer. Aichan gave an example of how Eri is when she sees an insect, going "Yucks! Yucks!" on the show. Like she had mentioned in 20dreams (DVD), Eri will like to fight against her weakness of insects one day.

Takahashi Ai's English lesson ~ The sentence of the week is "I almost forgot".

Aichan : Lets say it together after the count of 3. 3, 2, 1
Aichan & Eri : I almost..
Aichan : .forgot
Eri : ..forget
Aichan : No that's not correct!

Last corner before the end of the show! Eri's 4 word idiom lesson ~ The idiom of the week is 不可抗力 fukakouryoku, which means inevitability. Eri first got to know of it after her younger sister used it at home. Aichan said that she don't really hear people using this idiom often but Eri claims that she uses it often which obviously was a lie. Eri successfully used "I almost forgot" before she continued with her 4 word idiom lesson, expressing herself using a 4 word idiom for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play. And the 4 word idiom is..? 格致日新 Kakuchi Nisshin, which means to pursue knowledge for everything and keep on improving oneself. And the important point of this 4 word idiom is to pronounce the "shin" with extra effort. That's the Eri theory btw.

Round up for the show! Eri had fun and thought it was a rather rare chance for both of them to be together alone since usually when they are together, other members will be around too. Aichan too, admits that she had problems adapting to the atmosphere at first.

Aichan : With that, see you next week on Takahashi Ai's Ichigo Ichie! And my partner was..
Eri : ...Kamei Eri who wants to wriggle around now and..
Aichan : ...Takahashi Ai who will like to go shopping with Kamei Eri now!
Aichan & Eri : See you!
Had been a hectic week for me and I had just recovered from a leg infection, which was responsible for spoiling my mood throughout the whole of this week. It was surprisingly entertaining even though at some point of time I got bored of the show especially during the advice corner cos' I was too, surprised by how adult-ish the mails were as compared to those read on GAKI-KAME/FIVE STARS Monday. Perhaps Aichan isn't that boring after all, its just that the corners that's given to her that's plain boring and the script that's given to her restraining her from giving a free talk.

Well, whatever it is, its was pretty fresh, with this AiEri pair on a show alone since the last time they were on a radio show together without any other members was 2007 I think. Aichan was a great host, guiding her PPP guest through all the corners properly even though she failed to get Eri's tension ↑↑ like how Gaki-san does every week. And Eri, was extremely cute as usual on the show, demanding Aichan to tell her who the scriptwriter was since the script was picking on her throughout the show.

Perhaps I should start listening to Ichigo Ichie!
(I only listen to the show when there's a guest ^^;)