InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #002 (090413)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #002 (090413)
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Fashion check! Gaki-san has a fondness for deep pink recently. Eri has actually read her script beforehand (What has the world become?!) and noticed that there'll be a fashion check at the start of the show so she knew she had got to wear something nice (She wore jersey for radio show recordings once before). She turned up in a cream color one piece flutter dress. Gaki-san commented that her dressing is cute, but revealed that Eri had been doodling on her script, yet again.

Morning Musume - SONGS ♪
Gaki-san : Do pay attention to the GAKIKAME parts in SONGS.

Mail #1 - Congratulates GAKIKAME on a new radio show. The sender wishes the 2 hosts best of luck and reminded them not to work so hard to the extent that rice will come flying out of their noses. Since some may not know what the whole rice incident is about, the girls explained. Lets let the video speak for itself.

Mail #2 - Eri took a deep breath before reading the name of the sender.
Eri : This mail is from Ponpokopokoponpokopokoponpokopokopapepipupeponpokorin-san
Try reading out the name of the sender. If you managed to read it at Eri's speed without mispronouncing anything, then please know that I admire your reading skills. Kudos to Eri for not fumbling on her words as she read it. The sender asked if GAKIKAME have more of "Favourite food" or "Disliked food". He also added on at the end of his mail to ask if Eri is awake, which Gaki-san had gave an immediate answer that our little turtle is dozing off again. Eri's excuse due to the weather turning more humid now adays, she feels like sleeping which reminded me of one of the March/April 08 GAKIKAME episode which Eri had mentioned that she feels sleepy cos' its Spring. According to Gaki-san Eri's one who can't do without sleep.

Going back to the main topic, the girls wanted to test their coordination level so at a count of 3, they are to each say out their disliked food.

Gaki-san : Eggplants!
Eri : Green peas!
GAKIKAME : dot dot dot.
Gaki-san : Man..this should be the time you should coordinate with me right? What did you say?
Eri : I said green peas..You actually hate eggplants?
Gaki-san : I hate them!
Eri : EHH! No way!
Gaki-san : Why didn't you know that?
Eri : You're 20 right?
Gaki-san : I don't want to be told that by a 20-year-old who hates green peas.
Eri : You hate eggplants? Really?
Gaki-san : If you ask me why I hate it..its because there's no point eating it. Its like..what exactly are eggplants? I don't get it. They are tasteless!
Lol'd at Gaki-san's emphasize on how much she hates eggplants.

Gaki-san : Why do you hate green peas?
Eri : (Imitates Gaki-san) I don't get why we should eat it. What's the point of eating it?!
Gaki-san : You're just impersonating me!

Eri complains about green peas absorbing away the moisture in her mouth and are often included in the rice for those catering/food dispensing services. She rates her hatred for green peas as the same level as Gaki-san's hatred for eggplants. Gaki-san realized that the food that Eri hates are those which small children hate, for eg. Carrot and green peas. And when drinking juices, she only likes orange juice (She has also stated on FM FUJI GAKIKAME that it must be 100% Orange juice). Gaki-san was amazed by Eri for reading the sender's name for the 2nd time without fumbling on her words. Now for their favourite food, like what I've said just now, at the count of 3..

Gaki-san : @#$%^
Eri : Monja!
Blame it on my bad listening skills. I couldn't hear what Gaki-san said, but it was something different from Eri.

Mail #3 - Congratulates on the revival of GAKIKAME and their new radio program. Expressed love for Eri's Pokepoke-ness and Gaki-san's tsukkomis then requested for Naichau Kamo to be played.

(Requested) Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo ♪
Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪ Kamo ♪ Kamo♪

C-ute - BYE BYE BYE ♪

FIVE STARS Corner - Gaki-san has this lap blanket which has a disney character on it. She likes it partly because she loves disney as she has mentioned in Geino U-LA-LA. Apparently the blanket has a nice texture that even Eri agrees with Gaki-san. It was described to be the same as stroking a puppy when you run your fingers over the blanket. Gaki-san brings it along with her whether she's traveling or at a photoshoot session or even, during MM's concert tour. Its of a size whereby it makes it easy for one to carry it around so Gaki-san has no problem bringing it all over the place.

Eri : The lap blanket is cute and also, the sight of Gaki-san stroking the blanket was cute too.
Gaki-san : Wow, this is rare. You're actually praising someone!
Eri : But during mornings one will feel sleepy so it might be dangerous (to carry it around as Gaki-san may just get too comfortable and fall asleep)

Eri asked Gaki-san to give her the blanket but Gaki-san refused xD
So in summation, it was five star'd by Gaki-san.

Kamei Eri - Kataomoi no Owari ni ♪
Don't forward it unless you want to miss out all the sweetness in this song.

Promotions for Platinum 9 DISCO and Shouganai Yume Oibito.
They are not allowed to reveal anything for now but they might (KAMO KAMO KAMO KAMO) play this song next week on FIVE STARS Monday so please do not forget to tune in to their radio show next Monday 4/20, 19:00.

You can send in song requests or messages to the radio show through or this form.

Giri-shou : Ba~hai~
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I do hope they'll update the blog soon. Even if its just "Message from RisaEri".