The return of her cold jokes!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Platinum 9 DISCO 090411- Nagano (Afternoon)
It was nice listening to the wotas scream their lungs out for Eririn. What surprised me most was this really loud female wota during Nagano's evening concert. She was surprisingly loud even though she's a female and her high pitch scream was so noticeable. I bet she got quite an amount of attention from Eri. Moving on to the MCs.

Not long ago, Eri got home and returned to her room only to find her room "ransacked" with drawers left opened and clothing all over the place. Eri knows that you may think it's just Eri's untidiness, but it wasn't so. The one responsible was her younger sister who wanted to borrow Eri's clothes (*Envies*). She was angry and as the elder one, Eri felt that she should talk to her sister about it which made the fans go "Ehhh?" since its a well-known fact that Eri has never been so mature as an elder sister before. That was actually the first time her sister's messiness had surfaced and it irritated our little turtle a little. Eri sat in the living room and called her sister over and told her "Its okay to borrow my clothes, but please tidy up and close back the drawers after you've found the piece you want" which her sister had responded with a "This is just the first time I did that anyway" face. At that moment Eri thought she should reprimand her sister for what happened and she started imagining her sister apologising because she wants to borrow Eri's clothes again. But what happened was..

Eri : Younger sister, if you don't tidy up properly after taking the clothes you want, I won't lend you anymore clothes.
Eri's younger sistser : Un.

It was unexpected that her sister would have just gave the "Un." reply and resulted in Eri not knowing what to add on so she turned to her mother who was just next to them for help.

Eri : Mom, what do you think about it?
Eri's mom : EH?!

Yet again, it was an unexpected answer that Eri had received.
But after that, Eri felt guilty cos' after all it was only the first time her sister had messed up her room and she didn't have to be so fierce to her sister just because of that. She's aware that she's being a mean elder sister and rounded up by saying that she'll try her best to play her role as a nice elder sister of her sister's.
So it seems like our little turtle really had grew up after all.

Koharu and Junjun's MC was fun too. Koharu talking loudly again and got ticked off by Junjun for doing that since Junjun can hear her perfectly fine. Btw, Koharu didn't know that there are Japanese cuisine in China o:

As for Eri, Sayu and Linlin's MC, they learned the phrase "Shi jia de" (Its fake) and as for their skit, Linlin played as SayuEri's fans, approaching Eri first and asking for a handshake which Eri agreed to and got showered with compliments by Linlin. Linlin then moved on to ask for a handshake with Sayu which she accepts too and Linlin told her about how warm-hearted and cute Eri was being just now but Sayu replied with a "Shi jia de" (That's an act). Also, do pay attention to fans joining in the fun as they join Linlin in giving the cue "ACTION!" for the recent concerts.

During the last MC Aika skipped Koharu's turn and started on her speech which I thought Koharu's reaction was rather cute even though it wasn't really that much of a happening.
And here's something nostalgic, the return of Eri's cold jokes.

Eri : Since we're at Nagano-ken today..those who are tall..are long!
Explanation of the joke : What she said was "Sei ga nagai no hito ga nagai no!" where by "nagai no" sounds like Nagano.
Fans were like "EHHH?!" and the rest of the members were surprised by Eri too.

Eri's excuse : Its becoming humid now adays isn't it? So isn't it good that I said that?
(Because she cracked a cold joke, bringing a cold atmosphere to everyone, cooling them down from the heat of Spring)
During Sayu's speech for the last MC she commented that Eri's joke was really lame. Also, Sayu messed up and said Nagano as "Nago", which marks it as the 3rd happening for their last MC for this particular concert.

Do listen to the rest of the recordings for last week's concerts. Eri has been adding in puns as part of her speech for her last MC. Especially Nagano's evening concert whereby Sayu will add one something to Eri's pun which had no reaction from fans and caused the whole hall to fall yet again, into the cold atmosphere Eri had caused earlier the day.