Gaki-Kame's first public recording

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Gaki-san's wish came through! FIVE STARS Gaki-Kame (RisaEri) will be having a public recording! And guess what? It'll be on Eri's 21st birthday! A rare opportunity for both Gaki-Kame and the fans to celebrate Eri's birthday together since there usually aren't any events on Eri's birthday. I'm happy for them and of course, feeling the jealousy that I got used to at the same time. Either way, I hope both the girls have a great time and the fans during the first ever Gaki-Kame radio show public recording.

Date : December 23rd (Wednesday)
Time : 19:30
Venue : Marunouchi OAZO
Program : Bright Christmas 2009 InterFM presents FIVESTARS GAKI-KAME Christmas Special Public Recording

I'm looking forward to Gaki-Kame's public recording and whether Eri will get her melon/chocolate cake on that day for her birthday. Talking about Eri's 21st birthday, if you have yet to check out the birthday project please click the project banner under the news header for more information.

Tomorrow will be the start of Eri's month ~

Nine smile (2009.11.28) & (2009.11.29)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

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During yesterday's concert in Tokushima, like what she did in the concert in Tokyo, Eri playfully teased Junjun during the last MC after Junjun added a "Muack" to her round-up talk. Eri imitated her and added a "Muack" too to her conclusion.

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As for the afternoon consultation corner today, Junjun's trouble was not being able to address both Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa as Aichan and Gaki-san even though both of them asked her to. Linlin on the other hand got used to calling Gaki-san Gaki-san on the day she was allowed to unlike Koharu, Aika and Junjun. Eri remembered how she wasn't used to calling Gaki-san Gaki-san at first and went "Nii...Gaki-san." Now, she calls Gaki-san's nickname so often that she doesn't know how many times she uses it per day. A consultation being a consultation corner...

Gaki-san : What would you do if Abe-san (Abe Natsumi) told you to address her as Nacchi?
Eri : (Behaving like a suspicious person walking towards Nacchi) Na, Na, Na, Na, Nacchi.
Fans : (lol)
Gaki-san : That's cute ~ (lol) Why not you (Junjun) try that too?
Junjun : Ga, Ga, Ga, Ga, Gaki-san.
Gaki-san : Somehow, the way Junjun does it is different (From Eri).

According to Sayu during her MC segment with Reina, Eri often tells her that Aojiru is good for health and Sayu is now hooked on Aojiru. Oh yes, the first row of audience for the afternoon concert was filled with Eri's fans.

Moving on the evening concert, Junjun ended her last MC talk with a "I'll give you my heart" together with a heart formed using her fingers. Eri was being mischievous again and went "I'll give you my heart" too with a funny facial expression.

FYI, there was a Koharu call during the evening concert. Four more concerts to go!

Mikitty's wedding banquet (2009.11.27)

Friday, November 27, 2009

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I practically squealed when I saw this photo of Morning Musume at Mikitty's wedding banquet. Eri looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant, fitting the princess image that I have of her perfectly

More photos from the wedding banquet
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Other Hello! Project related members such as Ayaya, Maichan and Yaguchi were present too. Photos of some of the guests can be found on Mainichi, Oricon, Natalie and Sanspo.

After looking at all the members standing side by side in the photos, I finally realised some of them changed their hair colours. Pretty slow huh? Well...I conveniently assumed that most of them stayed with their hair colours in this photo for the past few months.
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Eri looks so cute

Ichigo Ichie #034 (2009.11.26)

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Aichan is currently thinking of what hairstyles to change to. Whether she should go with a short hairdo, whether she should dye it black and stuff. Lately, Aichan has been doing up Junjun's hair for Junjun before concerts because Junjun doesn't really know how to do different hairdos. Aichan was not too good with curling of her hair at first. She studied the way hairstylists curled people's hair and learned how to curl from there. Aichan's little sister is unable to curl her hair nicely and once asked Aichan what she should do to be better at curling. Aichan's secret to good curling skills is to practise daily.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Sometimes, as Aichan performs Kimagure Princess together with the rest of the members, she often wonder what some of the lyrics mean. Like, how exactly does an erotic tear look like? She does agree with most of the lyrics like how fickle girls can be and how girls cry at night.

Aichan's recommendation for this week is C-ute Concert Tour 2009 Summer/Fall ~Cutie Jump~. Since it was Umeda Erika's final concert, Aichan made sure she bugged her manager enough to be able to attend the concert. The performance that touched her was Suzuki Airi's solo performance of Zanshou Omimai Moushiagemasu. As she has watched Airi grow up and how good she has been all this while, not only did she notice Airi's great vocal ability, she also noticed that Airi has grown up a lot. She went with Koharu, who likes Airi. Koharu was going on and on about how cute Airi was.

Listener's recommendation for this week is This is it. Aichan watched the movie with her mother and little sister. As usual, she cried. - Insert Aichan's long talk about Michael Jackson -

Aichan's recent top 3 favourite singers
3. Lady Gaga - Aichan talked about Lady Gaga's ribbon hair. She recommends listeners to listen to Lady Gaga's Poker face.
2. G-Dragon (Yes, go ahead and strangle Reina, lol) - Aichan finds people who composes songs cool. She finds him awesome and respects him.
1. Britney Spears - Insert Aichan's long talk about Britney Spears - To round up, Aichan admires Britney Spears.

High King - Destiny Love
Aichan loves this song.

Aichan has a pretty good eyesight. She can see the audience who are some distance away from them when they are performing on the stage but as for eye-contact with the audience...its not that easy. One of the performances where Aichan gets the time to take a good look at the audience is during Resonant Blue, when she does the "Ue~" line. In certain song performances, Aichan's position in the dance allows her to be even closer to the audience and make eye contact with them. At first, she didn't know where to look. But now, she will just look straight into the audience's eyes.

This week's English phrase is "I'll be right back"

The dream that Aichan can remember up till this day is the dream where she was chased by a wolf. She once mentioned about this dream during Shouganai Yume Oibito event's dream analysing corner.

Aichan heard that getting dreams where one falls from a high position means that one is growing taller. She gets those dreams pretty often Although Linlin is only 18, whenever she says she wants to grow taller, everyone tells her its impossible.

Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to go shopping now
I know its pretty short considering that the duration is nearly 40 minutes. Well, she spent quite some time talking about Michael Jackson and Britney Spears which I'm not interested in since its not MM-related :P

Konya mo Usachan Peace #160 (2009.11.25)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sayu couldn't remember it but both Sayu and Koharu once had a "Usachan Peace!" practice on a show. Koharu had to tell her that they did it was a show and not during their private time. Sayu thought that was rather reasonable since they couldn't possibly be doing something like that in private out of blue unless they were out of their minds.

This is the first time Koharu is on Konya mo Usachan Peace as guest. Fans often tell Koharu about Sayu talking about Koharu on Konusapi. Sayu admitted to it and told Koharu she didn't only talk about the positive things of Koharu, but also, the negative things of her.

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Rainbow Pink

After Sayu repeated the song title once again, Koharu responded with a "A~i" when a response wasn't needed. That caused Sayu to laugh out loud for some time there. For some reason, Koharu didn't know all this laughing talk was recorded even though the director had already given the cue. Being the usual free-willed her, Koharu interrupted Sayu even though she was trying to move on to the next corner.

Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni Naranee!~ is one of the songs in Nine Smile set list. It is performed by Sayu, Reina, Koharu and Junjun. Koharu initially didn't know that Sayu was the in-charge for this song. FYI, for every song, there's an in-charge. Even though Sayu was appointed as the leader of this song, she didn't have to carry out the role of a leader since the four of them were doing pretty well together. Whenever Tsunku watches their performance, Koharu tends to get corrected the most. Not long ago during the Nine Smile concert in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tsunku was there and Koharu messed up her lines during both the afternoon and evening concerts. Sayu found it amazing how Koharu still doesn't remember her lines even though she is already going to graduate. Koharu denied about not being able to remember her lines. Just that she wasn't in the right state of mind on that day. Sayu told Koharu she must be really unlucky to do well in other concerts except for the ones Tsunku was present.

Koharu remembered doing one of those camp fire dances during a camp. Although Sayu has the image of Koharu getting all hyped up on a camping trip, Koharu doesn't like camping because of the bugs and the risk of having a bear running after her.

Koharu was wearing jeans and a black coat during the recording while Sayu was wearing a one-piece with a little bear design. Koharu didn't know they were already in Winter which also means...Merry Pink Christmas season!

Muchaburi no Okite corner. Its still a fresh corner so in case anyone missed out the first episode of this corner, you can find the details and translation here. Since Koharu was on the show too, it would be a contest between Sayu and Koharu. The loser would have to do a punishment game.

1. Putting yourself in the shoes of Sayumin's mobile phone which she uses to take photos of herself frequently, say one sentence.
Sayu : To become Sayumi-chan's mobile phone, I'm really happy
Judgement : Crow's cry

2. Putting yourself in the shoes of Koharu's mobile phone where Koharu is more engrossed in her television than her mobile phone, say one sentence.
Koharu : Hey, oi, oi, oi. Make me your companion instead, oi. Hey ~ Oh! She touched me, she touched me, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Judgement : Applause
Sayu : That's long! They said one sentence!

Sayu thought Koharu was fast in typing mails using her mobile phone. However, its not that Koharu types fast. Just that Koharu's replies are usually short and she uses the dictionary function of her phone.

3. Putting yourself in the pink role of the heroine of a squadron, say one sentence.
Sayu : GanbariPink!
Judgement : Crow's cry

Koharu complained about not being able to hear what the announcer said properly, making Sayu laugh once again with her straightforward remark.

4. Putting yourself in the role of a female baddie leading a fight, say one sentence.
Koharu : Kekkekkekkekke Pyon!
Judgement : Crow's cry

Both the girls didn't understand what the question was asking about.

5. Please sing Morning Musume's new single "A Mont Blanc first love" which will be released on November 25 (There's no such single. Koharu has to make up her lyrics on the spot)
Koharu : Chestnut, chestnut, mont blanc ~ Yeah ~ Lately, there are purple potatoes too ~ The one that Koharu likes ~ Is fish-paste cake ~ Yeah yeah yo yo yo ~ Check it out ♪
Judgement : Applause
(Insert Sayu's non-stop laughing)

Koharu did a "fake tone" for her "Yeah~" which Sayu commented that its rare to hear that from Koharu since Aichan is usually the one who sings all the "fake tone" lines in Morning Musume.

6. Please sing Morning Musume's new single "I want to eat liver and sashimi" which will be released on December 2. (Again, there's no such single. Sayu has to make up her lyrics on the spot)
Sayu : Beef, beef ♪
Koharu : (Joins in) Liver, liver ♪
Sayu : (lol) Horse
Sayu and Koharu : Horse
Koharu : Cow, this year is the cow year (Zodiac)
Judgement : Crow's cry

Amazed by how fast Koharu could think up of lyrics within seconds, Sayu suggested for her to help Tsunku out after she graduates whenever Tsunku runs out of ideas.

With that, Sayu lost to Koharu and has to drink Takoyaki Ramune. Even though Koharu didn't have to, she tried it too. Both of them agreed that the drink wasn't that bad.

Michishige Sayumi and Kusumi Koharu - Merry Pink Christmas

This week's sexy phrase...
Sayu : Teriyaki Chicken

Koharu wanted to do the sexy phrase next week.

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Pucchi Best 10

Sayu : OyaSayumin
Koharu : OyaKusumin

Eri's message to Koharu

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To Kusumi Koharu
When I chat with Koharu, its great how I can't stop laughing!!!
Lets work hard together
- Kamei Eri
Short and sweet. We're less than 2 weeks away from Koharu's graduation.

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #113 (2009.11.25)

As Koharu is Reina's first junior to graduate before her, it feels a little strange. The day before Koharu's graduation was announced to the rest of the members, they were told that there would be a meeting the next day. Like other members, Reina knew it has got to be a graduation announcement. Her prediction was either Sayu or Gaki-san. Never did she expect Koharu to be the one. Reina's reasons for the two members she guessed were that Sayu is currently breaking into the variety world and Gaki-san is going to work alone. When she was told its Koharu who is going to graduate, Reina was surprised. Reina is sure that Koharu will be able do well alone after her graduation and hopes that Koharu will try her best.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Reina once gave her father one of those fancy cardboards with her message to him and her photos pasted on it. It was kind of like a letter but she didn't want to write it on a paper since its not and durable as a cardboard. Reina really loves her family. Even if she doesn't have the time, she will still try to squeeze out some time to make her family members a birthday present.

Although Reina's blood type is O, she is often mistaken for a B blood type. Sometimes A blood type too. The reason for people mistaking her for having A blood type is because of her fancy fingernails. The reason for her being mistaken as having B blood type is her untidiness. She leaves her stuff all over the place. FYI, in this episode of FM Fuji GAKI-KAME, both the girls agreed that Reina carries the characteristics of a B bloody type.

For the recording of Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun, Reina tried to sing like Kudou Shizuka. She liks how Shizuka has a cute voice and sings with force at times. When Reina got to know of Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun, the first person that came into her mind was Kudou Shizuka so with the image of Shizuka in her mind, she sang the song during the recording.

Morning Musume - Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun
Mano Erina - Love and Peace Paradise

Reina found out what her hobby is not long ago and that is the appreciation of music. She has been crazy over music recently and keeps listening to songs even when she is doing her make-up, travelling, stretching, eating and brushing her teeth. With the earphones in her ears, its only normal for her to not be able to listen clearly to what the people around her are talking about. She finally figured out how her music player works and has started putting in promotion videos of her favourite singers. She likes G-Dragon from Big Bang. She likes how he knows how he should carry himself and is learning from him. Watching him gets Reina thinking about her own performances. Even though Reina doesn't understand Korean, she likes the melody of the songs. She noticed that Big Bang's music videos have a storyline to each of them. Talking about music videos, last week on FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina talked about Big Bang's Haru Haru. Continuing with last week's talk, Reina said that she cries every time she watches the music video of that song. With that, Reina gave five stars to G-Dragon and Big Bang. Yes, she gave it to Big Bang and G-Dragon instead of music even though she started off the corner talking about appreciating music, lol.

Big Bang - Baby Baby
Reina is using this song as her ring tone.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Reina : GanbaReina

InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #034 (2009.11.23)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eri likes using Kombu and octopus as the ingredients for her Oden. As for Gaki-san, its Shirataki. After Gaki-san asked Eri if it was uncommon for people to add in octopus for their oden, Eri replied with a "Its very very very very very not common."

GakiKame : five-
Gaki :
Gaki : five-
Kame : Fish cake ~
Gaki :

Eri said the "Fish cake" (Hanpen) on purpose to confuse listeners because "Hanpen" sounds a little like "Haifun" (Hyphen)

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Both Gaki-san and Eri are born in Showa Era therefore they got themselves the name of "Giri-Shou" (Barely Showa). Even though the two of them are only older than Sayu and Reina by a year, Sayu and Reina often tease them for being Showa-ish (Old). They will then respond with a "What are you talking about? You Heisei Happy Yaro." FYI, "Happy Yaro" is a gag of NON-STYLE, a comedian duo. Apparently Gaki-san and Eri has been using it often nowadays. Eri has never thought about wanting to be in Heisei although she was half a month away from becoming a Heisei girl.

Even though Gaki-san isn't a natural airhead, she feels that being a natural airhead isn't a bad thing. In fact, she finds it cute. The two girls were being really optimistic this week and just assured the listeners that sent in mails about their worries of being in a Showa girl and a natural airhead that its totally okay to be that way.

Morning Musume had an event in Yorimiuri Land on October 30. Due to certain reasons, Eri was unable to turn up for the rehearsal for the event. Knowing that she definitely needs some before-hand practice, Eri got a slot with the in-charge the day before the event to have a one-to-one rehearsal. It certainly wasn't the best thing ever to be practising alone instead of with other members. Before Eri went for the one-to-one rehearsal, she was with Gaki-san. Gaki-san voluntarily offered to join Eri although she had already went for the other rehearsal with the rest of the members. Gaki-san's reason for going for a second round was that because they only had one rehearsal for the event so she wasn't feeling too confident too hence went for a second rehearsal. Reason or excuse? (Just kidding) Eri was really relieved that someone was with her. Both of them were really focused during the rehearsal. Gaki-san described it as "It has been some time since I've seen such a focused Kame." Coming back to the event, they had lots of fun and want to do an outdoor event again. The two of them were moved by how the fans waited patiently in the cold weather for two hours just to shake their hands and stuff.

Morning Musume - Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun

Gaki :
Kame : Everyone, keep quiet.
Gaki :
Kame : Keep quiet, keep quiet!
Gaki : Not them, YOU, keep quiet please.

Mano Erina - Love and Peace Paradise

Nananananzoya! In the past, Eri didn't have a good image of electrical toothbrushes. She felt that it would be better to brush our teeth by ourselves. However, recently, she went to the dentist and the dentist used a electric toothbrush to brush her teeth. It worked out pretty well and she wanted one too. By coincidence, the dental clinic was having a sale for the electric toothbrush so Eri got herself one. She also bought three other toothbrushes that can be attached to the gadget. A normal-sized toothbrush, a small one, and a tiny one. Another good thing about using electrical toothbrushes is that Eri's mother and sister can share the gadget since they can easily remove the toothbrush and put in their own. Eri takes about 15 minutes to brush her teeth for now since she is still having fun using the gadget for now. With that, Eri gave 5 stars to electrical toothbrushes! Talking about electrical toothbrushes, 1/2/3/4.

Michael Jackson - This is it
Gaki-san has watched the movie already.

Eri had been doodling on her script with a mechanical pencil instead of the usual ones she uses. When she "colours" the paper, it'll leave the lead with a sharp end on the longer side. She realised that writing with the blunter side would result in nicer words for her handwriting.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki :
Kame : Gaki-san, Gaki-san, Gaki-san
Gaki :
Kame : Gaki-san, Gaki-san, Gaki-san, Gaki-san, I want to go to the salon.
Gaki : Go then.

The girls will be updating FIVE STARS Monday's blog weekly so do check it out!

GakiKame : Bahahai

Age Stock'09 (Updated : Photo added)

Age Stock'09 event was held at Budoukan yesterday. All the members of Morning Musume with the exception of Eri were guests for the event. No information was given about why Eri was absent but Eri played the role of a reporter in the video that was played on the monitor. Even though Eri herself wasn't present, she was the "main character."

For the video, it was probably taken on November 13 since the outfit Eri wore matches the Eri photos posted in this blog post. Translation for the Eri-related parts of the post :

Today, we had a task to do coverage for "JCI x Age Stock'09" and you know what? Kamei Eri-chan from Morning Musume and the staffs of Age came.

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Kamei-chan is cute ~ ☆ (Morning Musume's new single, Kimagure Princess is now on sale!!)

Image Hosted by
Together with 12 other kind souls, Eri helped in picking up of the trash on the street in the cold weather. Coming back to the event yesterday, after Kimagure Princess started playing, the 8 member who were in white outfits went onto the stage. After their introductions, Aichan started off the corner. From there, the video of Eri was played on the monitor. Brought back the memories of Elizabeth Kyamei.

In the video, as Eri tried lifting up a bucket of 15 litres of water, she let out a "That's heavy! My back..."'s only normal, although out little turtle is one adorable body-builder.
Image Hosted by
Just kidding. Eri then popped a question about what people in Honduras drinks when they have a cold. Apparently, its cola.

Next up was some sort of Mongolia fortune telling tradition. From an episode of Aho-KameShige corner, we got to know that Eri doesn't have the best luck ever since she picked an extremely bad oracle. Unsurprisingly, this one was nowhere better. Eri received a "There'll be obstacles in your future." The staffs who were with her at that time were trying really hard to not laugh out loud. Eri then went "Hey, you guys are laughing too much!"

Putting the bad fortune aside, Eri got a chance to eat Chè, a Vietnam dessert. She commented that it was sweet. And here's the second question from Eri! "What is the ingredient used for Chè?" Koharu and Aika were asked to answer the question. Koharu didn't make a guess while Aika answered with "corns." The correct answer was beans. The 8 members reacted with a "That's unexpected ~"

Eri then visited a garden and met the members of Green Bird (Refer to the blog post translated on the top). She put on the Green Bird uniform and joined in the cleaning up of the streets in front of Jingu Stadium. With a pair of tongs in hands, Eri started picking up all the trash with the rest of the staffs. Her first trash picked up was this packing tape that was stuck onto the ground. After trying really hard to pull it out using the tongs, Eri succeeded and had a small celebration.

Eri : Yay, I pulled it out! The first trash, a packing tape!

Obviously not used to the job, Eri couldn't seem to be able to fill up her trash bag. She asked the rest of the staffs about how much trash they had in their trash bags and all of them had lots of garbage in it.

Eri : Wow! Everyone picked up so much!

Just like a little kid Eri returned to picking up of trash. She later asked if the Green Bird members had found big items during such cleaning up programs. Apparently, they do pick up things like bowling balls and guitars. The third question was regarding the members of Green Bird. Aichan and Sayu were asked to answer but of course weren't able to come up with the correct answer.

Next venue was to the Japan Green Bird association. After the fourth question, it marked the end of Eri's coverage trip. The rest of the members rounded up by giving short views of the quiz given by Eri in the video before leaving. That's all for it for Morning Musume-related parts. Good job, Eri!

Edit (Photo added)
Image Hosted by

11/14 Hiroshima - Michishige Sayumi (1)

I had lunch with Gaki-san ~
As Eri was drinking her orange juice, I tried squeezing the bottle she was drinking from mischievously but I used more strength than I estimated myself to.
Some of the orange juice splattered onto Eri's face

I'm currently doing some self-reflection
I'm sorry, Eri

Morning Musume Aki no Monthly Special (2009.11.22)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eri : This is Morning Musume's "Ahaha," Kamei Eri and...
Aika : This is Morning Musume's "Ehehheh," Mitsui Aika and...
Junjun : This is Morning Musume's "Ehehe," Junjun!
Very unique introductions. FYI, the last time Eri and Aika were on Konya mo Usachan Peace, they did a similar introduction.

November 22, Usachan Peace Day! Unfortunately, Sayu was not one of the hosts this week. Anyway, this was the fourth Monthly Special. All 9 members have been on the show at least once. This week's hosts asked which episode was interesting and conveniently concluded that the episodes with them as hosts were the best. Eri reasoned that its because they have an entertainer with a fake broken Japanese ability. Eri teamed up with Aika again and went "Is she an idol?" They were referring to Junjun. No hard feelings, just that Eri finds Junjun funny.

November 22 may be Usachan Peace Day but Eri came prepared with another "What day is today?" special. Remember? Eri used to do a "What day is today?" MC segment together with other 6th generation members during Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Spring. However, "just as the words were right up her throat," Eri had forgotten what she wanted to say. After some time, Eri finally remembered and according to her, yesterday was Good Couple Day. If you ask why, Good Couple is Ii Fuufu in Japanese and yesterday was 11/22. The double "i" in Good Couple is taken from the double 1s (ichi) while the double "fu" is taken from the double 2s (Futari).

Morning Musume - Egao Yes Nude

Eri : Once again, good eve...(lol)
Aika : (lol)
Junjun : You're stumbling on the greeting?
Eri : Hey, lets read it together all right?
FYI, on radio shows, greetings and song titles are normally read out by the whole group of girls who are present instead of one person and Eri didn't stumble on her words there. She only stopped because the other two girls weren't following.

Eri stumbled on her words and commented that "I'm becoming like our leader, Takahashi Ai...I wonder if its okay..." They did the corner's title call together and as expected, these three weren't in sync. Eri explained that the first segment was not a corner for reasons why people like Morning Musume because if compliments such as "Kame-chan is cute" comes in...before she finished her sentence, Aika added in a "Because if we receive such opinions, Mitsui Aika will be very shy and so..." Junjun's response to that sort of narcissism? "These two people really love themselves a lot."

As Junjun struggled to read out the first mail, after she read from the mail about Eri's lame gags, Aika said "Hear, you're being labelled as lame ~" and Eri replied with a "Shut up!" Funny Eri-Aika interaction. Junjun revealed that after the fans "Ehhhh ~" Eri, Eri will be in a strange mode, as though she's drunk.

A listeners wrote "Eri looks like she's bad at handling mornings" (Meaning she can't be fully energetic in the morning) Junjun's response to that, "It's not "looks like" she IS bad at handling them," even though she is in MORNING Musume. Eri mentioned that she feels that the agency should check with the girls during the audition and recruit only those who could wake up early. The reason for this is to live up to the group's name. Our little turtle certainly worked very hard in waking up in the mornings for her job!

When Aika speaks to her mother over the phone, her voice switches to a very low-pitched voice. When Eri first heard her talking over the phone with her mother, she was surprised by her voice and wondered how careful Aika had been to not show that side of her voice to the Morning Musume members.

As Eri was moving on to the next mail, Junjun asked her "Kamei-san, can you read Kanjis?" lol. According to Junjun, Eri has been using her catchphrase of "Sou nan da yo, Kame nan da yo" all this while in their dressing rooms.

Talking about Junjun's broken Japanese, Eri and Aika asked her if she was faking some of her broken Japanese. Junjun replied that this whole broken Japanese thing is natural. As Junjun said natural (天然), she read the "天" (Ten) kanji in Chinese and said "Tian" instead. Do pay attention to the non-stop correcting of Junjun's Japanese throughout the whole show by Aika and Eri's funny comments to those mistakes.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara

Even before Aika finished reading out a mail, Eri knew the mail was referring to her because it said "The one who always slips during MC segments." The slip in this mail isn't referring to the physical one. Aika and Junjun suggested Eri to use the "Ari Eririn" phrase written by the listener as her catchphrase but Eri refused and explained that she belongs to the shier group of people and admires people like Reina when they are able to say catchphrases like "OtsukaReina!" loudly.

A mail from Orange #6 (A listener who sends in mails practically on every single show any Morning Musume member is on) complimented Eri's dance ability, singing ability, looks as well as her soft-hearted nature. Junjun tried to continue the discussion but the obviously embarrassed Eri quickly moved on to the next suggestion by Orange #6. The three girls started discussing about whose fan Orange #6 is (FYI, members like Aichan, Gaki-san, Eri and Sayu can recognise this radio name). Aika felt that he is Eri's fan because his name has an "Orange" in it, which is Eri's theme colour. Eri understood her reasoning but didn't feel the same way. Curious about whose fan Orange #6 is, the girls asked him to recognise himself as Orange #6 during handshake events and such and tell them he's a fan of which member.

Amusing mistake by Junjun for reading "Gaki-san" as "Khaki-san." After Junjun finished struggling with reading out of the mail filled with many mistakes, Eri asked Aika to read it instead, lol. Eri and Aika were praising Gaki-san for her responsibility and good follow-ups.

Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are

Promotion for Kimagure Princess
When the girls first listened to the song, they were surprised by how different it was from the past few singles which were more on the cool side. Its not exactly a funky song, neither is it a cool song.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

A listener asked Eri how did she make such a great improvement in her dances out of blue. Junjun's response to that? "I thought Kamei-san's dance has been great all the while..." Eri was a little embarrassed because of the compliments. Our little turtle tried to escape and move on to the next mail but the other two girls didn't allow her to. Eri didn't really notice any improvement in her dances though since she's seeing it every now and then. Her answer to the listener's question was that because she loves dancing since young and wants to find a sort of way of dancing that shows that its Kamei Eri's dance, in simpler words, she wanted to be able to dance in a way where no one else can in Morning Musume. With that in mind, she's practising very hard for her dances. FYI, on her Dokyu dance documentary, Eri sought advice from the dance teacher on how to make her dance stand out after she realised that her family and friends couldn't recognise where Kamei Eri was when she was on the stage with many other members.

Not long ago, before a concert, the 8th generation members completed their preparations and were goofing around in a room with the DVD camera. At that moment, Junjun could feel the unity of the 8th generation. Eri heard that eight in Chinese is a very good number. Junjun didn't explain to her why its good on the show though. For anyone who is interested, eight in Chinese has the pronunciation of "ba" which sounds like "fa" which means prosper.

The girls' dance lessons are normally three hours each session. They will spend the three hours trying their best to memorise the choreography then from there, they will spent the next few hours perfecting their memorisation of the choreography. A few days later, they will have a dance lesson on performing the song already. In conclusion, the girls spend around 6 hours to remember one dance choreography. All of them are afraid of making their dance teachers angry so everyone's trying hard to memorise the choreographies properly. The three girls continue discussing about how nervous they are during the dance lessons and dance recordings to the extent that they think "If I make a mistake, I'm dead, my life is over." Lol.

Eri is sleep any time. She said that if the director asked her to sleep at that very moment, she would fall asleep immediately. Junjun added on that in the mornings, Eri can walk up to Junjun and greet Junjun with her eyes closed. Eri's reason for why she's always so sleepy, "Because I'm Kamei Eri." Both Aika and Junjun agreed that this character of Eri makes her cute.

Morning Musume - Aishite Ashite Ato Ippun

Both Eri and Junjun enjoyed themselves. Meanwhile, for the 16-year-old Aika, she did her very best in getting the two adults in their twenties to host the show sensibly.

Aika did an impersonation of I-don't-know-who neither did Eri and Junjun get it. Aika reasoned that she didn't practise it beforehand and Eri said that its just an excuse, lol. Junjun followed up to it and said "Aika makes up excuses too huh..." which earned her a "Shut up" from Aika, double lol.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
Eri messed up the concert tour title at first.

When the girls were told that Koharu would be graduating, since graduations are suppose to be happy events, Aika clapped a little but she realised no one clapped so she stopped immediately. As Eri cried after hearing the news, Koharu gave her a Why-are-you-crying? look. Like Aika, to Koharu, graduation is a happy event. Apparently, Koharu promised to go to every single Morning Musume concert tour after she graduates. All the three girls are rooting for Koharu.

Next week's hosts are Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina and Linlin.

With that, this is the final episode of Aki no Monthly Special 2009 with Eri, Junjun and Aika as hosts.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Ichigo Ichie #033 (2009.11.19)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album release event was held at Yorimiuri Land on October 31, which was Halloween. As usual, Aichan stumbled on her words during the event. Since it was on Halloween, Morning Musume greeted the fans with a "Happy Halloween!" After the event, they had a handshake event with the fans and many fans asked Aichan "Trick or treat?" (In English) which she wasn't too sure of how she should reply to those fans and ended up thanking them in English. Although her reply wasn't answering the fans' question, Aichan understands the phrase.

Coming back to the event, they had a rehearsal before the actual event under the blazing sun. The actual event was nowhere better even though they were all fired up during the performance. Koi-ING was one of the C/W songs that was performed. When they first heard Koi-ING, all the members liked the song a lot. During the performance itself, since they were wearing the outfit they wore for the cover of the album, Aichan decided to put on the cap too. She didn't use a pin to secure the cap so as she was performing, the cap kept slipping off. She managed to take it off halfway through the performance and passed it to the staffs. As for the handshake event, Aichan's hands were freezing thanks to the good weather.

Talking about Halloween, for the past three years, Aichan spent them celebrating with Eri, Sayu, her little sister and some other friends. They will all dress up in their individual Halloween costume while for people like Sayu, who loves cute stuff, looked more like she was cosplaying something/someone than putting on a Halloween costume. Aichan wore a pumpkin cartoon character costume for one of the parties. Last year, during Halloween, Aichan had to film for Q.E.D. Despite the tiring session, the urge of celebrating Halloween together with her friends drove Aichan to join the rest at Sayu's house. The Halloween parties are usually held at Sayu's house because her mother is a great cook and will make lots of food for them. The girls themselves will bring cakes too. Unfortunately, this year, they were unable to hold one probably because of the event but the three girls want to have one. They had discussions about having a Halloween party on Christmas.

Morning Musume - Koi-ING

Aichan performed Koi-ING as a solo performance in one of the Hello! Project concerts. It's a rare opportunity to be able to perform a Morning Musume song alone and taking up other members' lines wasn't an easy task. Singing it alone, she realised that it's just different from the song being performed as a group and as Aichan herself. Performing this song together with other members for the release event brought back the memories of the rehearsals for her solo performance. Like other members, Koi-ING is one of Aichan's favourite songs.

This week's recommendation is Akai Note to Midori Keitai (Red note and green mobile phone) Aichan's friend is one of the actress for the play. It was just a small theatre play though. Again, Aichan cried. Spoilers! Long story short, someone dies in the play, the end...which was somehow a happy ending (I'm really not interested in such stuff. I'm more interested in her friend :P) Aichan made friends with that girl when she was in lower secondary. The friend goes to Morning Musume concerts as well as musicals frequently to watch Aichan.

This week's listener recommendation is Battle Royale. Aichan has watched the movie once and has watched Battle Royale 2 too.

Dressing room recording! The girls were at Nakano Sun Plaza for ~Nine smile~ concert. Linlin was next to Aichan when she started recording. She told Aichan she had fun the other time she was on Ichigo Ichie (Which was a public recording) and wants to come onto the show again. Aichan moved on to ask Linlin how the concert tour was so far and she replied that everyone's smiles were wonderful and complimented Aichan for her cuteness. Being the modest her, Aichan gave the expected "!?" reaction and returned the compliment with a "You're cute too." Being the modest her too, Linlin replied with a "I know." (She was kidding of course) Gaki-san came in with a "Sukiyaki ~" and asked Aichan why on earth didn't she invite Gaki-san on the show for the public recording. Sayu, Junjun and Aika joined in too and Sayu talked about wanting to be on the show too. Like the other members, both Junjun and Aika want to be on the show as guest again too. Koharu came in after them and asked if she can go on Ichigo Ichie even after graduating from the group. That's all for the recording (

Aichan still can't picture how the dressing room will be like without Koharu's presence. The girls are normally separated into two dressing rooms during concerts and Aichan often ends up with Koharu. Also, although it is already a generation thing for other members to take up the graduated member's lines, because this line-up has stayed this way for a long period of time, Aichan can't imagine how it'll be like without Koharu.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

It was embarrassing for Aichan to dance to Kimagure Princess at first but now she doesn't feel that way any more. In fact, its one of the songs that gets Aichan all fired up.

Aichan wasn't able to bring herself to consult other people for advices for her problems in the past. She did consult the Gokkies though but she was a little afraid of seeking for advices and wasn't able to do to so.

This week's English phrase is "Who do you work for?"

Aichan doesn't receive wedding invitations much since the people around her aren't getting married. The upcoming wedding dinner that she has been invited for is Fujimoto Miki's wedding dinner.

Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to go to concerts now

Konya mo Usachan Peace #159 (091118)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sayu went to Yokohama Arena not long ago to watch Perfume's concert. She found the dance coordination between the three members cool and admires them for it. She felt that Perfume's concert gives a very cosy feeling. They value their fans and appreciate the hard work put in by the staffs to make the concert possible. The MC segments were funny with the three natural airheads. She thinks that if Gaki-san were to be with the three Perfume girls, she will tsukkomi them quite a bit. The funniest part was when Nocchi (Omoto Ayano) called her chin an elbow. Sayu found them cute and was moved by the concert which got her thinking about a lot of things after watching it.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Like other members, Sayu finds Linlin funny nowadays although initially it was difficult trying to understand her jokes, she is becoming really funny recently together with her funny choice of words. Recently, Sayu went out with Linlin after not hanging out together for some time. They had Monjayaki together. Even before they were in the store, Sayu had already said that she will be paying but Linlin insisted on paying. Sayu tried to get her to let Sayu foot half of the bill but she refused. It was embarrassing because the waiter was right in front of them so Sayu quickly apologised and allowed Linlin to pay.

After the meal, Sayu invited Linlin to her house. Other than Aichan and Eri, no other members has been to Sayu's house. That makes Linlin the first junior to be there. They headed for the convenience store first to pick up some desserts which Sayu paid. Linlin kept apologising non-stop because of that even though the bill for Monjayaki was more expensive than the total amount of their desserts. Even after Linlin went home, she mailed Sayu and apologised again. Moving on to Linlin's personality. Not only is she funny, Linlin is kind. She doesn't look like people's bad points but rather, their good points. When Linlin was at Sayu's house, since it was Sayu's house, Sayu had to play host. They watched a television program together in the living room and Sayu eventually fell asleep because she was feeling sleepy. By the time Sayu realised she has fallen asleep, it was already 1AM. Linlin didn't try to wake Sayu up or anything. She just sat there watching different programs by herself. Instead of asking Sayu why she was asleep, Linlin told her that its okay to just sleep. Sayu apologised for causing Linlin to not be able to go home early and wanted to send Linlin to the station but she said it was okay and asked Sayu to just go ahead and sleep, she'll make her way there by herself.

Another moving Linlin story was when Sayu borrowed a rubber band from Linlin before a concert. Sayu made a dango-hairstyle that day so she wanted to just go home with the rubber band. She told Linlin she'll return it another day in front of the rest of the members where Linlin replied with an "Okay." Later on when both of them were alone, Linlin told Sayu she could have the rubber band. Not that it's a big deal since Sayu wouldn't mind giving away her stuff too but the fact that Linlin didn't say that in front of all the members, where Sayu would have probably done that in front of them, makes it touching. Linlin probably thought that if she told Sayu that in front of the rest of the members, Sayu would refuse to accept the kind offer so she did it in private. Sayu bought two rubber bands to return to Linlin.

When Sayu is with Gaki-san and Eri (Ojou3), everything becomes fun and they tend to laugh a lot. During such times, Reina will be like "What's with the three of them again." The three of them usually laugh so hard that they won't be able to say anything during their laughing session. Sayu's way of stopping herself from laughing is by clenching her upper row of teeth and lower row of teeth tightly.

There was a period of time whereby Sayu found everything funny. Even when there was a spider near Sayu's feet, she would find it funny and when the spider crawls to their teacher's area, it made it...somehow even funnier. She doesn't find it funny now though. Sayu recalled two funniest episodes of her school life before joining Morning Musume. In one of the toilets of the school, the third cubicle had a loose lock where a small kick would be enough to open the door. They often help the one inside to kick open the door and well...they had fun doing that. Another funny episode was the picture of the maker of Doraemon which was put up in front of the school library. It was a picture of the maker folding his arms and he looked really funny. The picture doesn't look funny anywhere else though, it's only funny in front of the library, and when Sayu is together with her secondary school friend. She is really good friends with that friend and even until now, that friend goes to Morning Musume's concerts to watch Sayu.

Sayu enjoyed herself in the Sendai concerts but because Morning Musume had the All Singles Coupling Collection album event the day before, she was a little exhausted the next day. The event was held in an outdoor area (Yomiuri Land) so they had their rehearsals and the event itself under the blazing sun. Then during the handshake event after the performance, the weather became cold. Thanks to the sudden coldness right after the humid weather, it kind of affected Sayu's body. She was surprised by how lousy her stamina was during the concerts in Sendai

Sayu read the book series titled "Blackjack." In one of the volumes, there was a case of a kidnap of a child. However, the kidnapper was injured. The child cared for the kidnapper kindly and slowly changed the kidnapper to become a good person. After that, the kidnapper returned the child and even kept in contact with the child.

Sayu's sister doesn't like milk and those common curries but she likes Indian curries.

Not that Sayu's sister is an idiot, but she eats pet food. She will eat them and tell her kitty that it's delicious and get it to eat it too. Back then in Yamaguchi where Sayu had a pet hamster, the hamster food that Sayu kept in her room finishes really quickly. Not being she has got a fat hamster, but because her sister eats them as snacks.

Sayu's sister is a cheerful person and is hardly seen being depressed. Despite the problems faced at work and stuff, Sayu's sister still believes in leading a happy life. Her sister is working in a store which has a karaoke. There's a rule that the store's workers are not allowed to be there in private but since it was near to her sister's house and some workers have already broken that rule without getting caught, Sayu's sister did the same. Everything went smoothly...but she left her mobile phone in the karaoke and went back there saying "I left my mobile phone behind in the karaoke room," and ta-dah! She got herself into trouble.

Morning Musume - Watashi ga Tsuiteru

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Kusumi Koharu will be on Konusapi next week as guest.

Sayu : OyaSayumin

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #112 (2009.11.18)

Recently, Reina went to the cinema to watch Tenshi no Koe and her thoughts about the movie is that Sasaki Nozomi's character, Rie Ozawa was really cute. She personally thinks that the daring personality of Rie, who doesn't hesitate to express herself, is wonderful. Reina then talked about human can be sad this moment and all happy and cheerful the next moment. Reina is the type who shows her feelings on her face like when she's not in a good mood, her face shows it or when she's feeling great, she tends to grin a lot.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Reina has been using something like this for her face since some years ago. She got herself a different one not long ago but it has the same function. Reina uses it to prevent her face from becoming chubbier.

Reina is into Big Bang nowadays. She has been watching their promotion videos and the one that caught her attention is Haru Haru. Reina explained the story behind the promotion video in a very detailed manner, putting herself in the female role and substituting A-kun and B-kun as the two male characters' names. Basically, Reina was A-kun's girlfriend and they even have a matching ring but one day, Reina fooled around with B-kun and A-kun caught her doing that. Later on, Reina somehow ended up in the hospital with some sort of illness. A friend then informed A-kun about the matter and A-kun, who was in the depression-like condition, woke up from it and rushed to the hospital immediately. When A-kun reached the hospital, B-kun handed him a ring and told him he was lying. The person Reina really loved was A-kun. Reina died in the end and the promotion video ends up A-kun crying terribly. After her detailed description of the promotion video, moved by the whole story, Reina cried on the radio show. It's the first time ever in these 112 episodes of FIVE STARS Wednesday ~

Big Bang - Haru Haru
Do check out the promotion video here to get a better idea of what Reina was talking about.

Berryz Koubou - Ryuusei Boy

Reina went to a restaurant which is a little like a haunted house. There are zombies there and the lightings are dark colours. Right at the entrance, there'll be a ghost. At first, it was a little scary for Reina but after she got used to it, it became pretty fun. The food there is delicious too. By coincidence, when Reina was there, the restaurant was having a 50% discount so it was really cheap. Also, the restaurant provides fabulous service. Before you enter the restaurant, the waiter/waitress will ask you when your birthday is and on the day Reina dined in the restaurant, it was a few days before her birthday. As Reina was having her meal, a zombie came up to her with a cake and they even took a photograph together. The photograph was given to her as a present together with a birthday card. Reina had fun in the restaurant and is satisfied with its servicesShe doesn't recommend people with weak heart or people who are looking for a place to do some serious talk to dine there though. With that, Reina gave five stars to the "zombie restaurant." The restaurant she was talking about is probably this.

Choushinsei - SUPERSTAR ~REBORN~

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

Reina : OtsukaReina
I know this episode is really short. It's because of the full songs and she only read out two mails instead of the usual three. Probably because of her overly-long elaboration of the promotion video? ^^; I'll do Konusapi later, good night for now!

Eri's "Top 3 favourite food" ranking

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Top 3 favourite food
1. Ginnan (Ginkgo)
2. Sour plums
3. Salmon

Ginnan overtook Eri's beloved Umeboshi (Sour plum).
Oh yes, Eri will be in the next issue of Shuukan Television magazine (November 25).

11/15 Fukuoka - Michishige Sayumi

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Look look ~
The SayuEri in this photo...the questionable feel of distance between us (lol)
It makes us look like we aren't good friend!?
It's more like we aren't used to being together with one another rather than not being good friends
It looks like the period of time where both of us were still shy and unable to become attached to another
Although we're really very good friends

The truth is, my hair accessories were being a hindrance
And we couldn't move any closer

Eri said "You have something on the ends of your hair so there's no way I can move any closer!"

We're good friends aren't we?
We can argue over anything.

Will never die CHU* (´3`)


InterFM FIVE STARS Monday #033 (2009.11.16)

Gaki : This message is from Kimgure Prince-kun. 「Gaki-san, Eri-chan, good evening!」
Kame : Good evening!
Gaki : 「Please do the traditional fashion check.」
GakiKame : Traditional?
Gaki : (lol) It's not tradition...
Kame : No, it is a tradition!
Gaki : It is?
Kame : Yes, it is a tradition!
Gaki : Really?
Kame : It is!
Gaki : Really?
Kame : It is really a tradition.
Gaki : I see...
Kame : Whatever the Prince says must be right.
Gaki : I see. All right, I got it, so lets do this.
Kame : Lets do this.
Gaki : Kame is wearing a chequered...or should I should I describe it...
Kame : It's like a cook's apron, a cook's apron.
Gaki : That's not it! It'll give them the image of your outfit being white. She's wearing a pinkish-purple chequered one piece but it's the fluffy type. As for the bottom, she's wearing a pair of fluffy shorts and black tights. She has a necklace on her too. Looks like a "The girl" image. As for her hair, she tied a ponytail.
Kame : Yup ~ That's right ~
Gaki : Gives an autumn feel, like a girl who's looking forward to Christmas.
Kame : My fashion today is kind of like the type one will have to endure the cold in order to look cute.
Gaki : Yes. As for me?
Kame : As for Gaki-san...stop making that pose, it makes it difficult for me to see.
Gaki : Here you go.
Kame : Ah, like always, Gaki-san is in black.
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : It's black...but she has her favourite...
Gaki : Mickey ~
Kame : Mickey. She's wearing a black T-shirt-like top and the charm of the shirt is the Mickey in the middle.
Gaki : It's Minnie-chan.
Kame : Huh? You just said Mickey just now!
Gaki : It's a Minnie-chan ~
Kame : The design is a Minnie-chan.
Gaki : And then a skirt.
Kame : She has a skirt with frilly designs on ~
Gaki : And a pair of boots. I bought this pair of boots at DisneySea the other day.
Kame : It looks expensive.
Gaki : Recently...DisneySea...Hey, can you stop that money talk?
Kame : It does look expensive doesn't it?
Gaki : Recently, DisneySea is having a collaboration with fashion labels...
Kame : Yes yes yes!
Gaki : So there are very cute outfits nowadays.
Kame : I feel tempted to go too!
Gaki : Lets go!
Kame : Wuah, you said it.
Gaki : It's okay isn't it, if we're going to DisneySea. It isn't that far and DisneySea has an adult feel to it.
Kame : You're right.
Gaki : Why is it that I have to do the follow-up because of your "Wuah, you said it" after I said lets go to DisneySea?
Kame : Because if you say lets'll bring me there immediately...
Gaki : That's right.
Kame : I can't do that. It's so far, how can I just decide to go so easily?
Gaki : It's not far at all!
Kame : We have to leave Tokyo to Chiba.
Gaki : It's okay.
Kame : It's okay? I guess it is then...sorry sorry.
Gaki : Nanana!
GakiKame : Nanzoya! (lol)
Gaki : Also, I have a watch on.
Kame : It looks cool.
Gaki : I received this as a birthday present.
Kame : It's white ~
Gaki : It's white and big.
Kame : Gaki-san, you always have a watch with you don't you?
Gaki : I can't do without it. Tanakacchi, Tanaka Reina said "We can just use our mobile phones as our watches!" But it's not about mobile phones now. If we don't have a watch on my wrist, we'll have to fish our mobile phones out and open it. And then...we don't have so much time to talk about such things for the opening talk, lets move on.
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : We are accepting messages and song requests from everyone. I'm going to read out the e'mail address ~
Kame : Okay.
Gaki :
Kame : five...ou, ou, ou,
Gaki :
Kame : Ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou
Gaki : (lol) That was wonderful.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Eri took the sticker of Gaki-san's black Oolang tea bottle which she bought before going to the studio and pasted it on her forehead. Eri likes the sticker and during dance lessons, she'll take it out and paste it on Aichan's jersey.

In a recent DJ-ranking magazine, GakiKame came in as 7th and a short interview with both Gaki-san and Eri was included in the magazine. When asked what's do they think the reason is for this duo to be born, Gaki-san replied that she thinks that it's because of the Tsukkomi (Gaki-san) and Boke (Eri) thing between both of them that makes them completely opposite and hence able to work together. However, a listener feels that nowadays, it's Eri who's being the Tsukkomi who has been whacking Gaki-san's head like a Tsukkomi will do. Gaki-san agreed that whenever she makes a ridiculous remark, Eri will jump on it but instead of using words, Eri will whack her on the head. Eri sounded really happy talking about whacking Gaki-san ^^; She even said she feels like taking off her shoe and whack Gaki-san's head using it. Gaki-san described that thought of Eri as a Showa nature because people like Reina and Sayumi (Both are both in Heisei era) wouldn't think up of such stuff. Eri still had that sticker on her forehead causing Gaki-san to be distracted.

A listener asked Eri to label Gaki-san with 3 alphabets like the way Gaki-san does to Eri, calling her PPP. Eri chose KQZ.

Gaki : What's your reason for it?
Kame : What's a reason?

Five stars for Eri's reply. The K is just that Gaki-san gives a K feeling to Eri. Eri's description of how a Q looks like, "A circle with a henyon~" There's no such word as Henyon but the word, which Eri invented, gives the image of the tail of the Q when you read it out. The Henyon of the circle is just like what Gaki-san is. The circle represents the responsibility of Gaki-san and the Henyon represents the times where Gaki-san isn't being that sensible which in other word, are the times Eri feels like picking up her slipper and smashing it right into Gaki-san's head. As for the Z, it's just to give an ending to the whole thing. Instead of reading it as KQZ, to make things more interesting, it's suppose to be read as KQZtsu!

After Eri read out the third mail, she commented that the mail is like one of those not-so-serious mails. Gaki-san told her it isn't the mail that doesn't sound serious. It's the way that Eri read out in that made it sound that way. Anyway, both of them were requested to do impersonations of one another. Starting off with Gaki-san.

Gaki : Hey ~ Gaki-san ~ You're going to do the form? ~ Eri isn't going to do it ~ I'm sleepy ~
Kame : (Silence, causing the whole atmosphere to be awkward)
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : (lol) Serve you right for making fun of me!
Gaki : I wasn't making fun of you!
Kame : I admit that I do say such things were definitely making fun of me for the form part!
Gaki : Why?
Kame : I understand the part about me going "Gaki-san ~" but was it really necessary for you to add in the part about me not doing my form?
Gaki : It is. Because of this part, people knows it's Kamei Eri.
Kame : I think so too.
Gaki : (lol) So which side are you on!?
Kame : I wonder how should I imitate Gaki-san...
Gaki : Also, earlier today, I went to the salon
Kame : (Coughing)
Gaki : And when the hairdresser was drying my hair, Kame-han called me several times but because I was getting my hair dried, it's difficult to pick up a call so I mailed her "Sorry Kame, I'm getting my hair dried now. I'll call you back later. I'm really sorry." Even though I sent her that, she called me three more times and I had no choice but to pick up her call. After I picked up, she asked "Gaki-san, where are you now? ~" and I replied "I'm at the salon now. Didn't you see my mail?" and she said "I didn't receive any mail ~"
Kame : I really didn't receive it.
Gaki : She then said "I'm at OOOO (They can't say out the exact details) now. Gaki-san please come quick ~"
Kame : If I have to explain myself now...nowadays, the weather is really I can't see my mobile phone's screen.
Gaki : Ah? So?
Kame : I can't see the mail icon on the screen so I really didn't know I've got a mail.
Gaki : (lol)

Moving on to Eri's impersonation of Gaki-san.

Gaki : 3, 2, 1 ~
Kame : No no no no no no (This is the impersonation)
Gaki : (lol)
Kame : (lol) They should get it right?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : They should get it right?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : Did you guys get that?
Gaki : Yes.
Kame : The way she says it is really fast, like a Tsukkomi. I understand the intention of that habit to stop me from something...but even when I'm talking, this person is really fast with her tsukkomi and will cut in with her "No no no" It's funny on to do that in a radio show but she does it even during rehearsals or in our dressing rooms like when I do something weird, she'll go "No no no" I think this "No no no" thing is pretty funny.
Gaki : Really? Even in private, we are like this. Earlier on, both of us went to the convenience store and she told me "Gaki-san, you're really loud! Your voice is too loud. This isn't the radio show."
Kame : Yes, and I whacked her head after that ~ even though she had a hat on.

Morning Musume - Please! Jiyuu no Tobira

Gaki :
Kame : Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ~
Gaki :
Kame : Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ~

Berryz Koubou - Ryuusei boy

Gaki-san likes reading since some time ago. She often exchanges books with Sayu. She's concerned about her health too so she reads health-related books. Eri commented that it isn't health conscious but ageing xD Recently she got this book called "Ore ga Kimi no Jinsei wo Kaeteyaru" (I'll change your life) which is about relationships between people and people's experiences. It also offers advices about how one can take care of her health. The author goes into details for everything and Gaki-san thinks it's a pretty good book so she's recommending it.

Gaki : Kame doesn't read books at all but do read this one.
Kame : There she goes, there she goes. It's back to this again ~
Gaki : Kame-han, do read it. Perhaps after reading it, you'll ask yourself "Why did I do stupid things like pasting a sticker on my forehead?"
Kame : Really?
Gaki : Yes
Kame : I'll start trying to read it from my dreams first then.
Gaki : Ah, from your dreams. From there, bring it into reality.
Kame : Okay.

With that, Gaki-san gave five stars to "Ore ga Kimi no Jinsei wo Kaeteyaru"

Superfly - Hello Hello
Eri listens to this song frequently in the mornings.

Ending talk! The sticker is still on Eri's forehead. She claims that it calms here down ^^; Gaki-san told her to go home with the sticker on her head, lol.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Gaki : We will be waiting for your pururun mails ~ (The pururun is suppose to mean lots of mails)
Kame : Who thought up of that expression?
Gaki : Erm..that person sitting there, that person.
Kame : Who? It's pururun you know!
Gaki : That person sitting there.
Kame : Lets review this later.
Gaki : No no no no no no (The same phrase that Eri imitated earlier on)
Kame : (lol)
Gaki : So we'll be waiting for your pururun mails ~
Kame : Enough of that ~
Gaki : We'll be accepting this and that or even, "In which direction does Kame face when she sleeps?"
Kame : Who thought up of such stuff?
Gaki : Please send in lots of messages and song requests.
Kame : Pururun...pururun she says...who thought up of that man seriously...
Gaki :
Kame : Really...

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GakiKame : Bahahai