Age Stock'09 (Updated : Photo added)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Age Stock'09 event was held at Budoukan yesterday. All the members of Morning Musume with the exception of Eri were guests for the event. No information was given about why Eri was absent but Eri played the role of a reporter in the video that was played on the monitor. Even though Eri herself wasn't present, she was the "main character."

For the video, it was probably taken on November 13 since the outfit Eri wore matches the Eri photos posted in this blog post. Translation for the Eri-related parts of the post :

Today, we had a task to do coverage for "JCI x Age Stock'09" and you know what? Kamei Eri-chan from Morning Musume and the staffs of Age came.

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Kamei-chan is cute ~ ☆ (Morning Musume's new single, Kimagure Princess is now on sale!!)

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Together with 12 other kind souls, Eri helped in picking up of the trash on the street in the cold weather. Coming back to the event yesterday, after Kimagure Princess started playing, the 8 member who were in white outfits went onto the stage. After their introductions, Aichan started off the corner. From there, the video of Eri was played on the monitor. Brought back the memories of Elizabeth Kyamei.

In the video, as Eri tried lifting up a bucket of 15 litres of water, she let out a "That's heavy! My back..."'s only normal, although out little turtle is one adorable body-builder.
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Just kidding. Eri then popped a question about what people in Honduras drinks when they have a cold. Apparently, its cola.

Next up was some sort of Mongolia fortune telling tradition. From an episode of Aho-KameShige corner, we got to know that Eri doesn't have the best luck ever since she picked an extremely bad oracle. Unsurprisingly, this one was nowhere better. Eri received a "There'll be obstacles in your future." The staffs who were with her at that time were trying really hard to not laugh out loud. Eri then went "Hey, you guys are laughing too much!"

Putting the bad fortune aside, Eri got a chance to eat Chè, a Vietnam dessert. She commented that it was sweet. And here's the second question from Eri! "What is the ingredient used for Chè?" Koharu and Aika were asked to answer the question. Koharu didn't make a guess while Aika answered with "corns." The correct answer was beans. The 8 members reacted with a "That's unexpected ~"

Eri then visited a garden and met the members of Green Bird (Refer to the blog post translated on the top). She put on the Green Bird uniform and joined in the cleaning up of the streets in front of Jingu Stadium. With a pair of tongs in hands, Eri started picking up all the trash with the rest of the staffs. Her first trash picked up was this packing tape that was stuck onto the ground. After trying really hard to pull it out using the tongs, Eri succeeded and had a small celebration.

Eri : Yay, I pulled it out! The first trash, a packing tape!

Obviously not used to the job, Eri couldn't seem to be able to fill up her trash bag. She asked the rest of the staffs about how much trash they had in their trash bags and all of them had lots of garbage in it.

Eri : Wow! Everyone picked up so much!

Just like a little kid Eri returned to picking up of trash. She later asked if the Green Bird members had found big items during such cleaning up programs. Apparently, they do pick up things like bowling balls and guitars. The third question was regarding the members of Green Bird. Aichan and Sayu were asked to answer but of course weren't able to come up with the correct answer.

Next venue was to the Japan Green Bird association. After the fourth question, it marked the end of Eri's coverage trip. The rest of the members rounded up by giving short views of the quiz given by Eri in the video before leaving. That's all for it for Morning Musume-related parts. Good job, Eri!

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