Ichigo Ichie #033 (2009.11.19)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection album release event was held at Yorimiuri Land on October 31, which was Halloween. As usual, Aichan stumbled on her words during the event. Since it was on Halloween, Morning Musume greeted the fans with a "Happy Halloween!" After the event, they had a handshake event with the fans and many fans asked Aichan "Trick or treat?" (In English) which she wasn't too sure of how she should reply to those fans and ended up thanking them in English. Although her reply wasn't answering the fans' question, Aichan understands the phrase.

Coming back to the event, they had a rehearsal before the actual event under the blazing sun. The actual event was nowhere better even though they were all fired up during the performance. Koi-ING was one of the C/W songs that was performed. When they first heard Koi-ING, all the members liked the song a lot. During the performance itself, since they were wearing the outfit they wore for the cover of the album, Aichan decided to put on the cap too. She didn't use a pin to secure the cap so as she was performing, the cap kept slipping off. She managed to take it off halfway through the performance and passed it to the staffs. As for the handshake event, Aichan's hands were freezing thanks to the good weather.

Talking about Halloween, for the past three years, Aichan spent them celebrating with Eri, Sayu, her little sister and some other friends. They will all dress up in their individual Halloween costume while for people like Sayu, who loves cute stuff, looked more like she was cosplaying something/someone than putting on a Halloween costume. Aichan wore a pumpkin cartoon character costume for one of the parties. Last year, during Halloween, Aichan had to film for Q.E.D. Despite the tiring session, the urge of celebrating Halloween together with her friends drove Aichan to join the rest at Sayu's house. The Halloween parties are usually held at Sayu's house because her mother is a great cook and will make lots of food for them. The girls themselves will bring cakes too. Unfortunately, this year, they were unable to hold one probably because of the event but the three girls want to have one. They had discussions about having a Halloween party on Christmas.

Morning Musume - Koi-ING

Aichan performed Koi-ING as a solo performance in one of the Hello! Project concerts. It's a rare opportunity to be able to perform a Morning Musume song alone and taking up other members' lines wasn't an easy task. Singing it alone, she realised that it's just different from the song being performed as a group and as Aichan herself. Performing this song together with other members for the release event brought back the memories of the rehearsals for her solo performance. Like other members, Koi-ING is one of Aichan's favourite songs.

This week's recommendation is Akai Note to Midori Keitai (Red note and green mobile phone) Aichan's friend is one of the actress for the play. It was just a small theatre play though. Again, Aichan cried. Spoilers! Long story short, someone dies in the play, the end...which was somehow a happy ending (I'm really not interested in such stuff. I'm more interested in her friend :P) Aichan made friends with that girl when she was in lower secondary. The friend goes to Morning Musume concerts as well as musicals frequently to watch Aichan.

This week's listener recommendation is Battle Royale. Aichan has watched the movie once and has watched Battle Royale 2 too.

Dressing room recording! The girls were at Nakano Sun Plaza for ~Nine smile~ concert. Linlin was next to Aichan when she started recording. She told Aichan she had fun the other time she was on Ichigo Ichie (Which was a public recording) and wants to come onto the show again. Aichan moved on to ask Linlin how the concert tour was so far and she replied that everyone's smiles were wonderful and complimented Aichan for her cuteness. Being the modest her, Aichan gave the expected "!?" reaction and returned the compliment with a "You're cute too." Being the modest her too, Linlin replied with a "I know." (She was kidding of course) Gaki-san came in with a "Sukiyaki ~" and asked Aichan why on earth didn't she invite Gaki-san on the show for the public recording. Sayu, Junjun and Aika joined in too and Sayu talked about wanting to be on the show too. Like the other members, both Junjun and Aika want to be on the show as guest again too. Koharu came in after them and asked if she can go on Ichigo Ichie even after graduating from the group. That's all for the recording (Hm...TanaKamei...hm...).

Aichan still can't picture how the dressing room will be like without Koharu's presence. The girls are normally separated into two dressing rooms during concerts and Aichan often ends up with Koharu. Also, although it is already a generation thing for other members to take up the graduated member's lines, because this line-up has stayed this way for a long period of time, Aichan can't imagine how it'll be like without Koharu.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

It was embarrassing for Aichan to dance to Kimagure Princess at first but now she doesn't feel that way any more. In fact, its one of the songs that gets Aichan all fired up.

Aichan wasn't able to bring herself to consult other people for advices for her problems in the past. She did consult the Gokkies though but she was a little afraid of seeking for advices and wasn't able to do to so.

This week's English phrase is "Who do you work for?"

Aichan doesn't receive wedding invitations much since the people around her aren't getting married. The upcoming wedding dinner that she has been invited for is Fujimoto Miki's wedding dinner.

Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to go to concerts now