Morning Musume Aki no Monthly Special (2009.11.22)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eri : This is Morning Musume's "Ahaha," Kamei Eri and...
Aika : This is Morning Musume's "Ehehheh," Mitsui Aika and...
Junjun : This is Morning Musume's "Ehehe," Junjun!
Very unique introductions. FYI, the last time Eri and Aika were on Konya mo Usachan Peace, they did a similar introduction.

November 22, Usachan Peace Day! Unfortunately, Sayu was not one of the hosts this week. Anyway, this was the fourth Monthly Special. All 9 members have been on the show at least once. This week's hosts asked which episode was interesting and conveniently concluded that the episodes with them as hosts were the best. Eri reasoned that its because they have an entertainer with a fake broken Japanese ability. Eri teamed up with Aika again and went "Is she an idol?" They were referring to Junjun. No hard feelings, just that Eri finds Junjun funny.

November 22 may be Usachan Peace Day but Eri came prepared with another "What day is today?" special. Remember? Eri used to do a "What day is today?" MC segment together with other 6th generation members during Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Spring. However, "just as the words were right up her throat," Eri had forgotten what she wanted to say. After some time, Eri finally remembered and according to her, yesterday was Good Couple Day. If you ask why, Good Couple is Ii Fuufu in Japanese and yesterday was 11/22. The double "i" in Good Couple is taken from the double 1s (ichi) while the double "fu" is taken from the double 2s (Futari).

Morning Musume - Egao Yes Nude

Eri : Once again, good eve...(lol)
Aika : (lol)
Junjun : You're stumbling on the greeting?
Eri : Hey, lets read it together all right?
FYI, on radio shows, greetings and song titles are normally read out by the whole group of girls who are present instead of one person and Eri didn't stumble on her words there. She only stopped because the other two girls weren't following.

Eri stumbled on her words and commented that "I'm becoming like our leader, Takahashi Ai...I wonder if its okay..." They did the corner's title call together and as expected, these three weren't in sync. Eri explained that the first segment was not a corner for reasons why people like Morning Musume because if compliments such as "Kame-chan is cute" comes in...before she finished her sentence, Aika added in a "Because if we receive such opinions, Mitsui Aika will be very shy and so..." Junjun's response to that sort of narcissism? "These two people really love themselves a lot."

As Junjun struggled to read out the first mail, after she read from the mail about Eri's lame gags, Aika said "Hear, you're being labelled as lame ~" and Eri replied with a "Shut up!" Funny Eri-Aika interaction. Junjun revealed that after the fans "Ehhhh ~" Eri, Eri will be in a strange mode, as though she's drunk.

A listeners wrote "Eri looks like she's bad at handling mornings" (Meaning she can't be fully energetic in the morning) Junjun's response to that, "It's not "looks like" she IS bad at handling them," even though she is in MORNING Musume. Eri mentioned that she feels that the agency should check with the girls during the audition and recruit only those who could wake up early. The reason for this is to live up to the group's name. Our little turtle certainly worked very hard in waking up in the mornings for her job!

When Aika speaks to her mother over the phone, her voice switches to a very low-pitched voice. When Eri first heard her talking over the phone with her mother, she was surprised by her voice and wondered how careful Aika had been to not show that side of her voice to the Morning Musume members.

As Eri was moving on to the next mail, Junjun asked her "Kamei-san, can you read Kanjis?" lol. According to Junjun, Eri has been using her catchphrase of "Sou nan da yo, Kame nan da yo" all this while in their dressing rooms.

Talking about Junjun's broken Japanese, Eri and Aika asked her if she was faking some of her broken Japanese. Junjun replied that this whole broken Japanese thing is natural. As Junjun said natural (天然), she read the "天" (Ten) kanji in Chinese and said "Tian" instead. Do pay attention to the non-stop correcting of Junjun's Japanese throughout the whole show by Aika and Eri's funny comments to those mistakes.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara

Even before Aika finished reading out a mail, Eri knew the mail was referring to her because it said "The one who always slips during MC segments." The slip in this mail isn't referring to the physical one. Aika and Junjun suggested Eri to use the "Ari Eririn" phrase written by the listener as her catchphrase but Eri refused and explained that she belongs to the shier group of people and admires people like Reina when they are able to say catchphrases like "OtsukaReina!" loudly.

A mail from Orange #6 (A listener who sends in mails practically on every single show any Morning Musume member is on) complimented Eri's dance ability, singing ability, looks as well as her soft-hearted nature. Junjun tried to continue the discussion but the obviously embarrassed Eri quickly moved on to the next suggestion by Orange #6. The three girls started discussing about whose fan Orange #6 is (FYI, members like Aichan, Gaki-san, Eri and Sayu can recognise this radio name). Aika felt that he is Eri's fan because his name has an "Orange" in it, which is Eri's theme colour. Eri understood her reasoning but didn't feel the same way. Curious about whose fan Orange #6 is, the girls asked him to recognise himself as Orange #6 during handshake events and such and tell them he's a fan of which member.

Amusing mistake by Junjun for reading "Gaki-san" as "Khaki-san." After Junjun finished struggling with reading out of the mail filled with many mistakes, Eri asked Aika to read it instead, lol. Eri and Aika were praising Gaki-san for her responsibility and good follow-ups.

Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are

Promotion for Kimagure Princess
When the girls first listened to the song, they were surprised by how different it was from the past few singles which were more on the cool side. Its not exactly a funky song, neither is it a cool song.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

A listener asked Eri how did she make such a great improvement in her dances out of blue. Junjun's response to that? "I thought Kamei-san's dance has been great all the while..." Eri was a little embarrassed because of the compliments. Our little turtle tried to escape and move on to the next mail but the other two girls didn't allow her to. Eri didn't really notice any improvement in her dances though since she's seeing it every now and then. Her answer to the listener's question was that because she loves dancing since young and wants to find a sort of way of dancing that shows that its Kamei Eri's dance, in simpler words, she wanted to be able to dance in a way where no one else can in Morning Musume. With that in mind, she's practising very hard for her dances. FYI, on her Dokyu dance documentary, Eri sought advice from the dance teacher on how to make her dance stand out after she realised that her family and friends couldn't recognise where Kamei Eri was when she was on the stage with many other members.

Not long ago, before a concert, the 8th generation members completed their preparations and were goofing around in a room with the DVD camera. At that moment, Junjun could feel the unity of the 8th generation. Eri heard that eight in Chinese is a very good number. Junjun didn't explain to her why its good on the show though. For anyone who is interested, eight in Chinese has the pronunciation of "ba" which sounds like "fa" which means prosper.

The girls' dance lessons are normally three hours each session. They will spend the three hours trying their best to memorise the choreography then from there, they will spent the next few hours perfecting their memorisation of the choreography. A few days later, they will have a dance lesson on performing the song already. In conclusion, the girls spend around 6 hours to remember one dance choreography. All of them are afraid of making their dance teachers angry so everyone's trying hard to memorise the choreographies properly. The three girls continue discussing about how nervous they are during the dance lessons and dance recordings to the extent that they think "If I make a mistake, I'm dead, my life is over." Lol.

Eri is sleep any time. She said that if the director asked her to sleep at that very moment, she would fall asleep immediately. Junjun added on that in the mornings, Eri can walk up to Junjun and greet Junjun with her eyes closed. Eri's reason for why she's always so sleepy, "Because I'm Kamei Eri." Both Aika and Junjun agreed that this character of Eri makes her cute.

Morning Musume - Aishite Ashite Ato Ippun

Both Eri and Junjun enjoyed themselves. Meanwhile, for the 16-year-old Aika, she did her very best in getting the two adults in their twenties to host the show sensibly.

Aika did an impersonation of I-don't-know-who neither did Eri and Junjun get it. Aika reasoned that she didn't practise it beforehand and Eri said that its just an excuse, lol. Junjun followed up to it and said "Aika makes up excuses too huh..." which earned her a "Shut up" from Aika, double lol.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
Eri messed up the concert tour title at first.

When the girls were told that Koharu would be graduating, since graduations are suppose to be happy events, Aika clapped a little but she realised no one clapped so she stopped immediately. As Eri cried after hearing the news, Koharu gave her a Why-are-you-crying? look. Like Aika, to Koharu, graduation is a happy event. Apparently, Koharu promised to go to every single Morning Musume concert tour after she graduates. All the three girls are rooting for Koharu.

Next week's hosts are Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina and Linlin.

With that, this is the final episode of Aki no Monthly Special 2009 with Eri, Junjun and Aika as hosts.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess