Konya mo Usachan Peace #159 (091118)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sayu went to Yokohama Arena not long ago to watch Perfume's concert. She found the dance coordination between the three members cool and admires them for it. She felt that Perfume's concert gives a very cosy feeling. They value their fans and appreciate the hard work put in by the staffs to make the concert possible. The MC segments were funny with the three natural airheads. She thinks that if Gaki-san were to be with the three Perfume girls, she will tsukkomi them quite a bit. The funniest part was when Nocchi (Omoto Ayano) called her chin an elbow. Sayu found them cute and was moved by the concert which got her thinking about a lot of things after watching it.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Like other members, Sayu finds Linlin funny nowadays although initially it was difficult trying to understand her jokes, she is becoming really funny recently together with her funny choice of words. Recently, Sayu went out with Linlin after not hanging out together for some time. They had Monjayaki together. Even before they were in the store, Sayu had already said that she will be paying but Linlin insisted on paying. Sayu tried to get her to let Sayu foot half of the bill but she refused. It was embarrassing because the waiter was right in front of them so Sayu quickly apologised and allowed Linlin to pay.

After the meal, Sayu invited Linlin to her house. Other than Aichan and Eri, no other members has been to Sayu's house. That makes Linlin the first junior to be there. They headed for the convenience store first to pick up some desserts which Sayu paid. Linlin kept apologising non-stop because of that even though the bill for Monjayaki was more expensive than the total amount of their desserts. Even after Linlin went home, she mailed Sayu and apologised again. Moving on to Linlin's personality. Not only is she funny, Linlin is kind. She doesn't look like people's bad points but rather, their good points. When Linlin was at Sayu's house, since it was Sayu's house, Sayu had to play host. They watched a television program together in the living room and Sayu eventually fell asleep because she was feeling sleepy. By the time Sayu realised she has fallen asleep, it was already 1AM. Linlin didn't try to wake Sayu up or anything. She just sat there watching different programs by herself. Instead of asking Sayu why she was asleep, Linlin told her that its okay to just sleep. Sayu apologised for causing Linlin to not be able to go home early and wanted to send Linlin to the station but she said it was okay and asked Sayu to just go ahead and sleep, she'll make her way there by herself.

Another moving Linlin story was when Sayu borrowed a rubber band from Linlin before a concert. Sayu made a dango-hairstyle that day so she wanted to just go home with the rubber band. She told Linlin she'll return it another day in front of the rest of the members where Linlin replied with an "Okay." Later on when both of them were alone, Linlin told Sayu she could have the rubber band. Not that it's a big deal since Sayu wouldn't mind giving away her stuff too but the fact that Linlin didn't say that in front of all the members, where Sayu would have probably done that in front of them, makes it touching. Linlin probably thought that if she told Sayu that in front of the rest of the members, Sayu would refuse to accept the kind offer so she did it in private. Sayu bought two rubber bands to return to Linlin.

When Sayu is with Gaki-san and Eri (Ojou3), everything becomes fun and they tend to laugh a lot. During such times, Reina will be like "What's with the three of them again." The three of them usually laugh so hard that they won't be able to say anything during their laughing session. Sayu's way of stopping herself from laughing is by clenching her upper row of teeth and lower row of teeth tightly.

There was a period of time whereby Sayu found everything funny. Even when there was a spider near Sayu's feet, she would find it funny and when the spider crawls to their teacher's area, it made it...somehow even funnier. She doesn't find it funny now though. Sayu recalled two funniest episodes of her school life before joining Morning Musume. In one of the toilets of the school, the third cubicle had a loose lock where a small kick would be enough to open the door. They often help the one inside to kick open the door and well...they had fun doing that. Another funny episode was the picture of the maker of Doraemon which was put up in front of the school library. It was a picture of the maker folding his arms and he looked really funny. The picture doesn't look funny anywhere else though, it's only funny in front of the library, and when Sayu is together with her secondary school friend. She is really good friends with that friend and even until now, that friend goes to Morning Musume's concerts to watch Sayu.

Sayu enjoyed herself in the Sendai concerts but because Morning Musume had the All Singles Coupling Collection album event the day before, she was a little exhausted the next day. The event was held in an outdoor area (Yomiuri Land) so they had their rehearsals and the event itself under the blazing sun. Then during the handshake event after the performance, the weather became cold. Thanks to the sudden coldness right after the humid weather, it kind of affected Sayu's body. She was surprised by how lousy her stamina was during the concerts in Sendai

Sayu read the book series titled "Blackjack." In one of the volumes, there was a case of a kidnap of a child. However, the kidnapper was injured. The child cared for the kidnapper kindly and slowly changed the kidnapper to become a good person. After that, the kidnapper returned the child and even kept in contact with the child.

Sayu's sister doesn't like milk and those common curries but she likes Indian curries.

Not that Sayu's sister is an idiot, but she eats pet food. She will eat them and tell her kitty that it's delicious and get it to eat it too. Back then in Yamaguchi where Sayu had a pet hamster, the hamster food that Sayu kept in her room finishes really quickly. Not being she has got a fat hamster, but because her sister eats them as snacks.

Sayu's sister is a cheerful person and is hardly seen being depressed. Despite the problems faced at work and stuff, Sayu's sister still believes in leading a happy life. Her sister is working in a store which has a karaoke. There's a rule that the store's workers are not allowed to be there in private but since it was near to her sister's house and some workers have already broken that rule without getting caught, Sayu's sister did the same. Everything went smoothly...but she left her mobile phone in the karaoke and went back there saying "I left my mobile phone behind in the karaoke room," and ta-dah! She got herself into trouble.

Morning Musume - Watashi ga Tsuiteru

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Kusumi Koharu will be on Konusapi next week as guest.

Sayu : OyaSayumin