InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #112 (2009.11.18)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recently, Reina went to the cinema to watch Tenshi no Koe and her thoughts about the movie is that Sasaki Nozomi's character, Rie Ozawa was really cute. She personally thinks that the daring personality of Rie, who doesn't hesitate to express herself, is wonderful. Reina then talked about human can be sad this moment and all happy and cheerful the next moment. Reina is the type who shows her feelings on her face like when she's not in a good mood, her face shows it or when she's feeling great, she tends to grin a lot.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Reina has been using something like this for her face since some years ago. She got herself a different one not long ago but it has the same function. Reina uses it to prevent her face from becoming chubbier.

Reina is into Big Bang nowadays. She has been watching their promotion videos and the one that caught her attention is Haru Haru. Reina explained the story behind the promotion video in a very detailed manner, putting herself in the female role and substituting A-kun and B-kun as the two male characters' names. Basically, Reina was A-kun's girlfriend and they even have a matching ring but one day, Reina fooled around with B-kun and A-kun caught her doing that. Later on, Reina somehow ended up in the hospital with some sort of illness. A friend then informed A-kun about the matter and A-kun, who was in the depression-like condition, woke up from it and rushed to the hospital immediately. When A-kun reached the hospital, B-kun handed him a ring and told him he was lying. The person Reina really loved was A-kun. Reina died in the end and the promotion video ends up A-kun crying terribly. After her detailed description of the promotion video, moved by the whole story, Reina cried on the radio show. It's the first time ever in these 112 episodes of FIVE STARS Wednesday ~

Big Bang - Haru Haru
Do check out the promotion video here to get a better idea of what Reina was talking about.

Berryz Koubou - Ryuusei Boy

Reina went to a restaurant which is a little like a haunted house. There are zombies there and the lightings are dark colours. Right at the entrance, there'll be a ghost. At first, it was a little scary for Reina but after she got used to it, it became pretty fun. The food there is delicious too. By coincidence, when Reina was there, the restaurant was having a 50% discount so it was really cheap. Also, the restaurant provides fabulous service. Before you enter the restaurant, the waiter/waitress will ask you when your birthday is and on the day Reina dined in the restaurant, it was a few days before her birthday. As Reina was having her meal, a zombie came up to her with a cake and they even took a photograph together. The photograph was given to her as a present together with a birthday card. Reina had fun in the restaurant and is satisfied with its servicesShe doesn't recommend people with weak heart or people who are looking for a place to do some serious talk to dine there though. With that, Reina gave five stars to the "zombie restaurant." The restaurant she was talking about is probably this.

Choushinsei - SUPERSTAR ~REBORN~

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~, Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ and Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle date~

Reina : OtsukaReina
I know this episode is really short. It's because of the full songs and she only read out two mails instead of the usual three. Probably because of her overly-long elaboration of the promotion video? ^^; I'll do Konusapi later, good night for now!