[06/20] Shouganai Yume Oibito Event (Afternoon)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

If you are a university student, what part-time job will you want to take up?
Gaki-san : Koharu, what will you want to take up?
Koharu : I'll like to take up all the jobs, but--
Gaki-san : What do you mean by ALL? You won't be able to handle!
Koharu : I mean as many as I can handle. I think I'll work in a convenience store.
Gaki-san : Ah, that's a good job isn't it.
Koharu : I want to go "Welcome~" (High-pitched voice) "Welcome~"
Eri : The pitch is too high! And that does not even happen in a convenience store!
Koharu : "Please come to this store!" "Please come to this store!"
Aichan, Gaki-san, Sayu & Reina : SHUT UP.
Gaki-san : That's not a convenience store.
Reina : Its more like a shop that sells dresses.
Koharu : Its not convenience shop?
Eri : Yes, its not.
Gaki-san : Then now, Junjun. What job will you take up?
Junjun : I want to work in a bakery
Sayu : Ah ~
Junjun : I heard that if there are breads not sold, the shop assistants get to bring them home.
Koharu : Ah, yes, I've heard that too.
Junjun : Right? That's why I want this job.
Gaki-san : I see. Next, Kame!
Fans : ERI!
Eri : Me?!
Gaki-san : Kame.
Eri : Eh?
Gaki-san : Kame, if you were to take up a part time job what will you work as?
Eri : Eh..?
Gaki-san : In a situation whereby you're a university student and you're allowed to take up any job you want to try.
Eri : Hm, I wonder what will be good..I..erm..
Sayu : Quick!
Eri : That, that! I want that! (Hand gestures)
Gaki-san : What?
Sayu : Ah, ah! I got it! You want to be a construction worker?
Eri : Yes yes! That!
Reina & Gaki-san : EHH?!
Reina : You're a GIRL.
Sayu : You're just being random right?
Gaki-san : But yes, whenever we talk about part-time jobs, jobs like cashiers, and those that goes "It'll be 100yen for my smile"..ah no, not 100yen, 0yen!
Eri : That's expensive (The smiling service is usually free, no charge)
Gaki-san : Yes, not many people will think of jobs like being a construction worker.
Eri : I want to wear the helmet and--
Sayu : Eww
Gaki-san : But if Eri works as a construction worker she is bound to mess up her job.
Eri : (lol)

Surveys were conducted for the top 5 best dating spots of Yokohama. The members have to guess the 5 spots.
Gaki-san : Sayumin!
Sayu : ii building!*
Fans : (lol)
Sayu : I don't know where is it though

*On Morning Musume's Osaka Koi no Uta appearance on Music Fighter (2005), there was an ii building talk by Gaki-san. Ever since then they had been calling the building ii building on radio shows. (Youtube)

Skipping some of the members' guesses, cos' I'm too lazy to do research about Yokohama. Moving on to Junjun's guess.
Junjun : I don't know the name, but its the place we went the other day that has a print club.
Gaki-san : Ah, the ii building's 2nd building?
Fans : (lol)
Junjun : Yes.
Gaki-san : Nope, not that.

And to leader Aichan, who was silent throughout the first 1/3 of the event.
Aichan : Me~
Gaki-san : Ah, Aichan, you FINALLY raised your hand.
Eri : Leader ~
Aichan : I was raising it all the while!
Gaki-san : Really? Okay, then, Takahashi-san.
Aichan : Ninniku's restaurant?
Gaki-san : That's incorrect.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Analysis on the recent dreams the members dreamed of.
Started off with Reina who was panting heavily after the performance. In her dream, Reina wanted to meet a friend for the very last time but there was a devil that was blocking her way, forbidding her from meeting her friend. According to the analysis, the devil is actually Reina herself. There is something unpleasant between Reina and her friend in Reina's heart. Reina was advised to think hard and she'll know what's stopping her. (Insert Eri's devilish laughter)

Eri : There must be something awkward between both of you right? Try and remember!
Reina : ..got it.
Fans : (lol)
Gaki-san : (to Eri) What the hell is wrong with you? Are you talking about yourself?--
Eri : (Fakes cry)
Gaki-san : --Looking down on people this way
Sayu : What's wrong with you?
Reina : No. You know, Eri's mean, only towards me.
Fans : (lol)
Eri : (Devilish laughter)
Gaki-san : Maybe the unpleasant thing is like for example, if it was between Aichan and I, it'll be that I've yet to return her the DVD she lent me
Aichan : EXACTLY.
Fans : (lol)
Gaki-san : Well, its true, but you don't have similar dreams as Reina's right?
Aichan : (lol)
Reina : But I really don't have anything against her..

Aichan dreamed of a wolf chasing after her on a bike. It actually shows that Aichan wants to take up a challenge/try something new but something is stopping her from doing so. The wolf not only mean that there's an obstacle in Aichan's heart, it also meant that Aichan will be fooled by someone and she should beware of people, especially guys.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪