Youngtown (090620)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Youngtown (090620)

Listener brought up last week's talk about Aichan's slip-ups during Ojigi's play. There was someone who made more mistakes than Aichan.
During the 2nd last day of Ojigi, for the 1st performance, Sayu wasn't feeling well but by the 2nd performance, she was all warmed up and energetic. Her high tension caused her to get really excited and wanted to go onto the stage quickly. Before she even noticed it, Sayu was already on the stage, going "Good morning~"..
..when she's not suppose to.
It was actually during the opening scene with Eri and Aichan introducing themselves to one another. Unlike Reina who went onto the stage a few seconds earlier than supposed during Platinum 9 DISCO (Konusapi translation), Sayu's timing was totally off and there was still a period of time before she was supposed to appear on the stage as arranged to. After realising she's not suppose to be there, Sayu left the stage. The audience seriously had a great time laughing at Sayu.
Continuing with the messing up of lines talk last week, Sanma and Shouji were amazed by how the girls can even mess up the lines of a serious scene. Aichan talked about Cinderella the Musical which has lots of conversations going on throughout the whole musical so she really had to give all her best. Meanwhile for Sayu, who doesn't have much lines to sing, expressed her happiness for being even able to participate in a conversation in the musical.

At the very first message from listener during Murakami's corner, Aichan messed up again and pronounced "Takahashi-san" as "Takahachi-san". Also, probably because of her accent, Aichan's pronounciation for "4th June" was a little weird and had to be corrected by Sanma.

Perhaps its expected, but anyway according to Sayu, there'll be a DVD for Ojigi de SHAPE UP!