Konya mo ☆ Usachan Peace #136 (090610)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Konya mo ☆ Usachan Peace #136 (090610)
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I'm energetic today too!

Opening Talk
Of course, news about Morning Musume's 39th Single, Shouganai Yume Oibito ranked #1 on Oricon! Like the rest of the GoRokkies with the exception of Gaki-san, Sayu got to know of the news after their Ojigi rehearsal when she checked her mobile phone. There were 3 new messages which was unexpected. And the mails were from? Her manager, Gaki-san and Kaorin. All 3 mails were about the Oricon news and from there, all of them including the non-MM Ojigi members joined in the celebration. Not really something important, but just additional details to how the 4 Ojigi MM members got to know of the news. According to Reina, Sayu got to know of it first then after she informed Reina about the news, both of them ran to Aichan and Eri's dressing room to break the news to them. Coming back, now that they had successfully get themselves a #1 rank on Oricon with these 9 members, it'll motivate them to aim even higher. Sayu thanks all the fans for making this possible.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Sayu's small room

Morning Musume's appearance on Music Japan - Table tennis battle (Perfume vs Morning Musume). Sender's wondering why was it a table tennis battle.
Sayu didn't know why was it table tennis too as it was decided by the producer of Music Japan. After the recording of the show, Sayu told Perfume that she had went to their concert and Aachan replied saying that she had heard about Sayu attending their concert and they had thanked her for attending their concert. From there, their conversation carried on smoothly which made Sayu really happy.

Sayu's comments!
Kashiyukachan-san → A mystery
Nocchi-san → Cute
Aachan-san → Her voice was very idol-ish and cute

Ogawa Makoto's post about the outing with Sayu's mother.
Sayu didn't know about it till she checked Makoto's blog and read the post. After that she just checked with her mom and that's about it. For the sake of not making this topic sound so short, Sayu added on some trivia about Makoto's mother. Apparently Makoto's mother hates to be alone. For example, when she's over at Sayu's chatting with her mom or something, and her mom had to excuse herself, Makoto's mother will go into Sayu's room to start a conversation with Sayu.

The most embarrassing event that happened during Platinum 9 DISCO concert tour.
There were lots of embarrassing stuff that happened for this concert tour. Firstly, its the Chinese MC that Sayu was in together with Eri and Linlin. They often fail to get the reaction they want from the fans even at times when they are confident of doing so.
Secondly, the frequent falls on stage. In the concert tour this time round, there are stairs in the middle of the stage and there was a concert whereby Sayu tripped at the stairs twice. Her fall broke the glass at the stairs which caused the staffs to be really worried..
..not about Sayu though. They were more worried about the glass than Sayu as they don't have much of those glass left. So she has to be careful not to break any more of them :P Sayu was really cautious on the DVD-recording day and made sure she didn't fall.
Thirdly, "It's you" performance. During the interlude, there'll only be a pink spotlight that's shined on Sayu since its to bring all attention to Sayu for that part so Sayu had practised really hard for it in order to bring out her best for this important moment of the performance. However, during one of the performance, she wasn't thinking much and that caused her to forgot all her dance moves. The spotlight was shined on her and she just stood there without dancing. After that Sayu was panicking about skipping that interlude but was convinced by Aichan that it'll be okay and they moved on to the medley.
Fourthly, again, something that happened during "It's you" performance. There's a part whereby Sayu had to go up the stairs but since the heels she was wearing was really high, she somewhat staggered up the stairs.
Lastly, not something that happened to Sayu, but Reina. During the "HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS JAPAN?" performance, the members will usually go onto the stage only after the first few lines by Gaki-san but there was once whereby Reina went on the stage even before Gaki-san's lines while Sayu, who knows that they are not suppose to move up to the stage yet watched Reina's reaction from behind. Even though she messed up, Reina still had that confident look on her as though nothing's wrong. Despite mentioning that she thinks that Reina will be upset with her if she hears Sayu talking about this on her radio show, Sayu continued to describe how embarrassed she felt (?) just by watching from the side. Sayu rounds up wondering if Reina was embarrassed by the mistake and apologises for exposing this happening :P

Sender heard from a friend that one will be given a souvenir if he/she performs on Kouhaku Uta Gassen.
Its true, in fact its some sort of high-quality stuff. Sayu can't really remember clearly but she received some sort of trophy. She actually said it was trash at first, lol! But she did explain herself for that mistake - While she was trying to remember what she received as a souvenir, her manager mouthed to her that it was a trophy but from the mouth movements Sayu thought her manager said trash. Since there's no point keeping it at home in Tokyo, Sayu brought it back to Yamaguchi. It wasn't kept in her house in Yamaguchi though, its at her grandpa's since her grandpa treasures the trophy which has "Michishige - Kouhaku Uta Gassen" written on it.

This week's Onee-chan!

Recently Sayu's sister had got herself a job as an office worker instead of a part-time worker (Her sister used to work as a part-timer) but Sayu sent a mail to her asking "How's your part-time work?" which well, her sister replied correcting her, then when Sayu asked her about how she's doing, Sayu's sister told her she wants to quit, complaining that its torturing and boring. And when Sayu sent another mail, rooting for her sister and asking her what's so bad about working as an office worker, her sister told her the part-time worker got mad at her ^^; even though she's a full-timer, she got scolded by a part-timer. Apparently what happened was that Sayu's sister's friends turned up at her workplace and they started chatted loudly hence getting Sayu's sister told off by the part-timer with a "Michishige-san, please shut up.". Sayu's sister said the part-timer's really fierce and she wants to quit which made Sayu pity her sister.

Sayu's sister often call her for no good reason like asking "Are you free now?", "Where's that shop?" while Sayu's at work. This habit of Sayu's sister is what Sayu would like her to change a little but no matter how unimportant the calls are, Sayu still returns her calls since she'll be worried if something had happened to her mother or if her sister had some urgent matters seeing the missed calls on her phone.

Whenever Sayu's sister returns her her mangas etc., Sayu will find soy sauce stains and such on her books since her sister eats and drinks while reading. Even though Sayu does dirty and stain her own books at times, but she does make sure that that don't happen to her sister's books when she borrows it from her however, her sister isn't as considerate as Sayu.

Sayu declared that the 3 ladies in her family have no sense of direction (Sayu's mom, Sayu's sister and Sayu) Even though Sayu spent 6 full years in her elementary school, at grade 6, she still had no idea how to get to the staff room. Perhaps the bad-at-sports image so strong in Sayu that it caused her to say "poor sports ability" instead of "poor sense of direction" while rounding up her talk.

Like Sayu, her sister isn't too fit. And considering that she's older than Sayu, she's worse than Sayu in terms of fitness.

Ex-Morning Musume member, Konno Asami can spend an hour in the convenient store which surprised Sayu when she heard about it from the Gokkies when they were talking about how they were actually troubled by it. Sayu's secretly relieved that she's not in the same generation as Konkon.

Berryz Koubou - Rival ♪

Ending Talk
If Sayu were to hold a lecture in a university, she'll make it a Q&A session since she loves talking. But at the thought that the students will be of her age or even older than her, it makes her feel frightened and she'll probably be very nervous during the lecture. Sayu would also like to share stories about Morning Musume and being an idol even though she often shares un-idol-ish stories.

Sayu : Oyasayumin ♥