[0610] Ojigi's blog - Free time ☆ (Michishige Sayumi)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free time ☆
2009/6/9 Tuesday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

Today, we had a photographing session in the morning (o^∀^o)

There were still spare time after we reached Ru・Teatoru Ginza before the play!(b^ー°)
Since we had took our photographs and had our make-up done up, we had nothing to do for that period of time.
But even though we're free, everyone looked for something to occupy themselves with like writing and such but..

☆Kamei Eri☆
Only she
was there sighing "How free~"(」゜□゜)」

Even now, as I'm blogging, she's by my side going
"There's nothing to do~"

And after that..
She said something like "Lets go Ginza's to play~" and started disguising herself…(>Σ<)
This is how she looked ↓
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
She covered her head with some weird cover (-o-;)
She's extremely………
free indeed p(´⌒`q)

I want to wander around Ginza~(*^o^*)
Eri wasting her time sounds so damn cute. I have no problems trying to pictue the sight of her sitting next to Sayu with her hands cupping her chin as she watched Sayu typed this post out, continuing with her moaning of not having anything to do then proceeding to fool around in the dressing room.

Our 20-year-old little turtle