Youngtown (090606)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Youngtown (090606)
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Horror movies
Aichan : I have the image of Japan's horror films being scary.
Sanma : That means if you watch horror films from other countries you won't be that scared?
Aichan : Actually I hate horror films so I don't usually watch them.
Sanma : Uh-huh
Aichan : But I've once watched Ringu in the cinema after getting pestered by a friend to catch the movie with her and I covered my eyes throughout the movie.
Sanma : You get that scared?
Aichan : I just can't watch it.
Sanma : Then after that at night when you enter the bath alone and you hear some sound..
Aichan : I can't handle that, I can't handle that.
Sayu : Ah, that's scary.
Sanma : You're the type who can't sleep after a horror movie?
Aichan : I won't shut my eyes no matter what when in the bathroom.
Sanma : Even when you're shampoo-ing?
Aichan : Like, what should I do if something red starts flowing out somewhere? (lol)
Sayu : Blood? (?!)
Murakami : (LOL)
Sanma : You're worried if a ghost is in front of you if you shut your eyes and shampoo your hair?
Murakami : Won't the shampoo seep into your eyes or something?
Aichan : It has yet to happen to me.
Sanma : You'll just keep your eyes wide open all the time?
Aichan : I'll just try to keep my eyes open as long as possible without closing them. Also I don't like to the feeling that there's something behind me so even a breeze of wind comes by I'll start screaming.

Sayu's experience
Sanma : You don't have any experience of seeing something weird?
Sayu : Ah, yes I have such an experience. I was in the hotel somewhere in the countryside and the television just switched off by itself.
Aichan : Eh?
Murakami : That's because you didn't put in the 100yen?
Sayu : No! (lol) Its the type of television which doesn't need money to be inserted. Even though the remote control wasn't anywhere near me and I was really sure I didn't press the power button, the television just switched off itself.
Sanma : Eh? But other electric appliances in the room were still working?
Sayu : Yes, only the television was switched off.
Sanma : Isn't that a terribly scary experience for you?
Sayu : Ah, is it? I guess so then.
Aichan : That's scary, scary.
Sanma : "Ah, is it?"? Isn't it scary that the television actually switched off when you didn't switch it off?
Aichan : This is scary! Scary! Scary! Scary!
Sayu : Can I continue with my talk?
Sanma : Yes.
Aichan : Stop, stop!
Murakami : Yes, continue.
Sanma : What's wrong with you?!
Aichan : No! Or else I won't be able to sleep!
Sanma : Stop being stupid!
Sayu : But but, if there's no sound I'll feel scared so I switched the television on. Then, I heard footsteps at the corridor. At first I thought it's my manager. There's a gap between the door and the floor isn't it?
Aichan : (Banging table or something) !@#$%
Sayu : Aichan! (lol)
Sanma : Can you shut up?!
Aichan : Its scary! Its scary!
Murakami : You're loud!
(Continue with Sanma and Murakami trying to shut Aichan up)

Putting aside the special background music brought to you by Aichan, coming back to Sayu's story, after making a call to her manager who assured her that its okay (No ghosts), Sayu's convinced and fell asleep with the television on since she feels more secured when there's sound. But the next morning when she woke up, the television was off and Sayu thinks its the shadow that was outside her room the previous night that switched off the television. It happened 3 or 4 years ago and Sayu had pretty much forgot about it.

Discussions about Sayu appearing on variety shows, making great comments. Sayu gives herself 70/100 for the Downtown DX show.
The recent English show Aichan had made an appearance in. Actually, during the recording, Aichan had successfully answered around 3 questions correctly but only one of the question was put on air. So perhaps Aichan's English isn't that bad after all ^^;
Aichan got Sanma and Murakami some souvenirs from Hawaii.Has been sometime since the last time I listened to Youngtown (If we all be honest, how many of us actually listen to it?) Sanma's as funny as ever and Aichan's reluctance to listen to Sayu's experience made me lol. Some of the mails really got me laughing there especially the one about the sender's grandparents' wedding anniversary.

All right! My June resolution shall be to listen to Youngtown regularly for at least a month! :D