Konya mo ☆ Usachan Peace #135 (090603)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Konya mo ☆ Usachan Peace #135 (090603)
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Opening Talk
Sayu's really excited about turning 20 in just a month or so more. She shared an embarrassing event that took place recently when she tried to behave like an adult. She shared the elevator with a female adult to the 1st floor at her house area and decided to let the lady leave before her. Kindly pressing the "Open" button, she asked the lady to go before her. However, after the lady thanked her and was about to walk out of the lift, the door shut on the lady. Sayu started to panick cos' she was the one responsible for it since she wasn't pressing on the "Open" button, but the "Close" button. Of course Sayu had politely apologised to the lady in the end and concluded that next time she should just go out of the elevator first as usual rather then to let someone else do so.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Sayu's small room

Sender's sister took a photo and there was an UFO in the background (Wonder if it's Eri's o: ) and the sender was surprised when he saw it. Sender asks to there's any picture that surprised Sayu too.
Sayu can't believe that UFOs really exist and would like to see the photo the sender if talking about. Going back to the question, while browsing through her elder sister's photo album, in one of the photos when she was younger, Sayu could be seen in the background adjusting her underwear. She added on that she doesn't do that as often as Mikitty does, lol.

Sender's discussion with a friend about getting the Animes if a Hello! Project member were to be voicing as one of the characters in the anime. Sender's curious about how Sayu will be like if she's a narrator.
(In a situation whereby she has got a job as a narrator) Sayu thinks that at first she'll bring out all her cute-ness and voice the character in a cutesy way but after sometime she'll probably return to who she really is, speaking in an incredible speed, breaking back into her devilish character, making comments that sound as though she's looking down on others.

Kao wa Butanai de! Atashi Joyuu Nan dakara…

1. "Sorry"
During a dance lesson, you accidentally stepped on another member's foot.
Sayu : "Ah, sorry!"
Something that happens pretty often but whenever they step on one another's foot, both the members who are involved in that situation will be caring for each other going "Are you okay? Really?" even if she was the one who got stepped on.

While borrowing classmate Kamei-san's notes right before a test
Sayu : "Sorry!"
This situation reminded Sayu of Eri's solo song in Platinum 9 DISC, Kataomoi no Owari ni. In the lyrics, there's a part which talks about lending her notes to the guy she loves. Anyway, if Sayu were seriously to forget to bring her notes, she still wouldn't want to borrow Eri's notes (Self-explanatory, no elaboration needed). She'll definitely prefer to get Gaki-san or Aichan to lend theirs to her.

Invited by Koharu-chan to hang out the next time they get an off.
Sayu : "Sorry!"
In actual fact, Koharu had NEVER invited Sayu out before so if she really does so, it'll make Sayu very happy. But if Sayu really has has got something on, she'll be apologetic about it, hoping that Koharu will invite her out again next time.

Judgement : Actress

2. "No way!"
Your elder sister asking you to lend her a new piece of white dress you bought as she's going to a BBQ with her friends the next day.
Sayu : "No way"
Sayu rejecting her sister's requests happen pretty often since her elder sister had misused her clothings several times like wearing them as pajamas or wearing the same piece of dress for 4 days straight and such.

Sayu's manager telling her "You've been very busy with the TV appearances recently. Why not pass down "Konusapi" radio program to a junior?"
Sayu : "NO WAY"
Sayu will never want that to happen.
Konusapi's her life :P

Being kissed by a male friend in school.
Sayu : "No way.."
Sayu seriously have no idea how she's suppose to react in such situation even though she sees them often in mangas.

Judgement : Great actress

3. "Just a little"
Eri requesting to have a bite from Sayu's food.
Sayu : "Just a little ~"
But actually, if it were to happen, Sayu will just give the whole thing to Eri. Sayu's one who'll be like "Just take them all, its okay" no matter what it is, even if it was something she was planning to eat that's why she bought it. Sayu thinks this habit of her's is inherited from her mother since her mother's this way too.

Sayu's mother asking her if she had been shopping impulsively again.
Sayu : "Just a little!"
Also another situation that happens often, especially when it comes to stickers. Sayu will buy 3-4 sets of the same set of stickers since she wants to keep some of it and the rest of it for her usage.

Requested by the cameraman to make a sexy pose.
Sayu : "Just a little ~"
Again, she has no idea how she's suppose to act this out cos' if she was told to do a sexy pose, she'll just do it.

Judgement : Lousy actress

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT

Ending Talk
Sender asks Sayu about her favourite lyrics from Shouganai Yume Oibito.
Sayu likes the "Nani mo Shiranai Anata no Negao wo Miteiru to Omoideto, Namida ga Afureteku" part.

One more prefecture and Sayu's map will be completed! Kouchi-ken!
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