▼ A distraction in Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The cutest trainer ever
I wonder if the gym members are working out or secretly looking at Eri
She can be of quite a distraction with that hairstyle.

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Eri's legs are gorgeous. Perfect for heels commercials.
Suitable for a GAM unit too!

Kuroda Reina : (Sweet voice) Akikawa-san, please do your best all right!
Akikawa : What's with that way of speaking?!
Kuroda Reina : (Sweet voice) I'm sorry for what happened earlier on.
Akikawa : What's wrong with you, idiot?!
Kuroda Reina : (Fierce) Me, idiot?!
Akikawa : Yes yes, that's (her tone) fine.
Fans : Lol