InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #113 (2009.11.25)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

As Koharu is Reina's first junior to graduate before her, it feels a little strange. The day before Koharu's graduation was announced to the rest of the members, they were told that there would be a meeting the next day. Like other members, Reina knew it has got to be a graduation announcement. Her prediction was either Sayu or Gaki-san. Never did she expect Koharu to be the one. Reina's reasons for the two members she guessed were that Sayu is currently breaking into the variety world and Gaki-san is going to work alone. When she was told its Koharu who is going to graduate, Reina was surprised. Reina is sure that Koharu will be able do well alone after her graduation and hopes that Koharu will try her best.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Reina once gave her father one of those fancy cardboards with her message to him and her photos pasted on it. It was kind of like a letter but she didn't want to write it on a paper since its not and durable as a cardboard. Reina really loves her family. Even if she doesn't have the time, she will still try to squeeze out some time to make her family members a birthday present.

Although Reina's blood type is O, she is often mistaken for a B blood type. Sometimes A blood type too. The reason for people mistaking her for having A blood type is because of her fancy fingernails. The reason for her being mistaken as having B blood type is her untidiness. She leaves her stuff all over the place. FYI, in this episode of FM Fuji GAKI-KAME, both the girls agreed that Reina carries the characteristics of a B bloody type.

For the recording of Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun, Reina tried to sing like Kudou Shizuka. She liks how Shizuka has a cute voice and sings with force at times. When Reina got to know of Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun, the first person that came into her mind was Kudou Shizuka so with the image of Shizuka in her mind, she sang the song during the recording.

Morning Musume - Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun
Mano Erina - Love and Peace Paradise

Reina found out what her hobby is not long ago and that is the appreciation of music. She has been crazy over music recently and keeps listening to songs even when she is doing her make-up, travelling, stretching, eating and brushing her teeth. With the earphones in her ears, its only normal for her to not be able to listen clearly to what the people around her are talking about. She finally figured out how her music player works and has started putting in promotion videos of her favourite singers. She likes G-Dragon from Big Bang. She likes how he knows how he should carry himself and is learning from him. Watching him gets Reina thinking about her own performances. Even though Reina doesn't understand Korean, she likes the melody of the songs. She noticed that Big Bang's music videos have a storyline to each of them. Talking about music videos, last week on FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina talked about Big Bang's Haru Haru. Continuing with last week's talk, Reina said that she cries every time she watches the music video of that song. With that, Reina gave five stars to G-Dragon and Big Bang. Yes, she gave it to Big Bang and G-Dragon instead of music even though she started off the corner talking about appreciating music, lol.

Big Bang - Baby Baby
Reina is using this song as her ring tone.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Reina : GanbaReina