GAKI▪KAME #075 (2008.09.06)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

G : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume!
K: I'm Kamei Eri whose theme for this autumn is 十全十美!
G : So what's 十全十美
K: It means perfect, without any defect
G : Oh..that's far from Kamei
K: This is my theme! Recently i feel that i'm that way (十全十美)
G : What? You mean you're saying you don't lack of anything?
K: Yeah, recently i feel that way.
G : What? What made you feel that way?
K: Ever since we started doing GAKIKAME, I've changed (grown up)
G : You gotta be kidding.
K: I'm not kidding!
[Cont. 'arguing' over the matter]
K: Well, anyway, I'm going to try to become a beauty this Autumn!
G : Ah, try your best.
K: I will!

GAKI*KAME desu ~
K : Gakisan, we're now in September
G : Hehh! Yeah..
K : i wanted to ask you this..I want to challenge myself to become an adult this Autumn..
G : Well..we should. Cos' its already September now..just around one month later I'll be 20! Kamei too!
K : Yeah me too..I'm going to become 20 too this year..
G : What will you do? Whats your image of an woman (adult)? What type of woman?
K : Hm..yeah..ehh? An adult? An adult..perhaps..
G : Say something about an adult. Something that'll make us feel warm. Everyone wants to hear it right? 3, 2, 1. Miss Kamei?
KK "Don't give me overtime (work)!"*
G : *laughs*
K : Feel warm now?
G : That was funny!
K : Really?
[Cont. their working overtime talk]

G : "My father is the type of people who is always losing his spectacles and searching for it..." (Gakisan was reading from the letter)
K : "spectacles, spectacles" (Kamei was imitating how the man will be looking for his spectacles, lol.)
G : *laughs* "Just the other day, my father said "I can't find my spectacles! Start looking for it for me!" and i started looking all over the place for it.
[Okay, basically, the letter was just about the father losing his spectacles very often so he got himself two pairs of spectacles. He thought he lost one pair so his family started searching again. But actually, the father was wearing two pair of spectacles!]
K : Why? Why did he have 2 pairs of spectacles on? (Kamei didn't get it)
G : *still laughing*
K : Wait! But why?
G : It means that the father is very forgetful!
K : Thats why he got two pair of spectacles on?
G : Yeah.
[Kamei starts wondering how one can have two pairs of spectacles on at the same time]
G : Ahh..pain.. *laughing* my stomach *laughing* (Gakisan laughing a lil too much (: )
K :'re laughing too much!
[Gakisan composes herself and continued reading the letter]
G : "Gakisan and Kame-chan, do you all have any interesting stories about your dads?" *laughs a little*
G : So, what about your dad?
K : When my dad is drunk he is really weird.
G : You gotta be kidding!
K : He'll be do high knee running in front of our house (High knee running -> One brings one'd knees up high while running)
K : Its not a usual habit of his, just that at that time, he really lifted his knees up high.. $@$@ (Eri is speaking too fast for me. but she said something like arm chop?) and started running.
G : High Knee?
K : While he does that and people pass by our house.
G : Are you kidding?
K : i felt so embarrassed.
G : Hilarious..ever since the orang-utan story (Sorry for the poor phrasing)
K : While doing the chops as he run outside the house there are some dangerous items lying over the place. I thought "its bad!" Then my dad seems to know, and decided to go back into the house.. $#%$ (Gakisan's voice > Eri's voice)
K : then he started singing a song which I've never heard before. My dad is like that though.
G : Your papa is interesting
K : I don't think gakisan's papa is like that..
G : Actually my papa does something strange too.
K : Aa..
G : There's somewhere that sells something called Johnny. Its a little like magic. In order for the doll (Johnny?) to move you have to move the transparent thread. He tried playing with it. When my papa saw how it works he thought of buying it to show it to us. We all thought it was rather stupid, so we asked him to move the doll, but he wasn't able to move it and he felt sad..
K : Your papa is cute!
G : He's not cute! Normally people wouldn't even buy that "Johnny"!
K : Your papa is pure ~
G : And my papa wanted to try playing with it!
K : Ah.. he like Johnny..
G : Like a Jonny lover! *laughs* Everyone's papa are funny. But isn't it good this way, our families are in harmony. We laughed quite a lot didn't we?
K : yeah..
G : A really great opening for today. Looks like today's recording will be great

Morning Musume - Resonant Blue

G : GAKIKAME will take on personality tests next ~
G : "As you're travelling in space and you discovered a new planet, what kind of planet is that?" (Reading the personality test sent in for them)
1. A planet with lots of trees and shrubs.
2. A planet with lots of sea (ah, lots of water then.)
3. A planet with cities.

K : Ehh? I'm bad with all the 3 options (Poor phrasing skill >.<) G : Even the tree and shrubs one too? Why? It'll be green, isn't that good?
K : If theres a lot of trees and shrubs, there'll be a lot of that wouldn't it?
G : Insects? Ah..certainly..
K : And as for sea there'll be a lot of fishes..I'm bad with fishes..(Kamei's weakness : Fishes as shown on )
G : what are you going to do? What about the one with cities?
K : Cities..So it'll be human right?
G : Yeah, it'll be the same as here (Earth)
K : Alright, then option 3!
: 3?
K : It'll be alright!
G : You sure? Alright lets see. Have everyone chose their choices? This test tests about how much your friends rely on you.
K : They can even test on that?
G : Yeah
K : Wow..
G : Ah by the way i chose trees and shrubs (Option 1)

1. The type whose friends rely tremendously on you.
2. The type that gets easily misunderstood by his/her friends. You will have to put in more effort to convey your feelings to people.
3. Your best friends rely on you but there are also some of your friends who don't rely on you.

K : Ah..i see..about the same.. (?)
G : Yeah. Its like which and which.
K : Yeah.
[Gakisan explains about Option 3]
G : For the sake of everyone to trust you..
K : Ah its alright. Its about the quality, not the amount. (Lol, nice one, eri.)
G : Ah.. you just said something good there.
K : I've saying a lot of good things now a days (Eri don't know what's call humbleness xD )

Glay - I LOVE YOU wo sagashiteru

GAKIKAME consultation corner
First letter
G : "I'm currently in the 3rd year of high school, recently my friends told me things like "stop being so pokepoke", "You should listen to people when they talk" it made me a little angry. But i'm those type who really worry about it but i don't know how to change those habits. Is there a way to stop being pokepoke? There isn't, right Kamei-san?"
K : Yeah, there isn't any way.
G : Don't say there's no way! This is a consultation corner! There isn't any way?
K : Gakisan was the one who gave me the name pokepoke. But pokepoke is different from bokeboke right?
G : Yeah, its different from bokeboke.
K : Its a innate thing. Bokeboke will be boke. You know what i mean? The comedy duo, Boke Tsukkomi. But pokepoke is about the atmosphere. Its something that can't be helped.

Morning Musume - Do the Hustle.

G : How is GAKIKAME so far?
K : Today is great!
G : Really funny today.
K : now my turn. (to read the letter)
Letter : Asking about whether the other MM members hold the personalities of their bloodtypes
G : Aichan, Sayu and Koharu have A blood types. And they really have A blood types' personalities. Tanakacchi has O blood type, but isn't she a little like B?
K : I know what you mean. But she has a bit of O blood types' personalities too.
G : Yeah. Mitsui has A blood type..? Ah no, she has O blood type, but she has more of A blood types' personalities.
K : Yeah, shes very punctual and shes fastidious.
G : LinLin has B blood type. And shes really "my pace" . JunJun has O blood type..
K : Accurate! (referring to JunJun's blood type personality)
G : Its quite accurate for almost everyone..
K : Surprisingly blood type (personality) are accurate..
G : Think about it..AB blood type, that's Kamei. From what you say it'll be like everyone with AB blood type are pokepoke. A big mistake to say that isn't it?
K : Yeah..
G : Although it is impossible for human to only have 4 type (A, B, AB, O) of personalities, but somewhere there'll be a little relationship to their bloodtypes.
K : Yeah. But if i don't talk people will think I have A blood type, from my looks.
G : Thats only if you don't speak. Yeah, but one can't know much of a person if he/she don't talk.
K : Please remember the time when i joined MM (Eri was shy and quiet. She was trying to defend herself about Gakisan's "thats only if you don't speak."
G : Ah.. that was really very long ago..Why were you like that last time..? Since when did you become like this? Return to last time! (Her shy and quiet character?)
K: I don't know why..all of it just came out suddenly.
[Cont. the talk for a little while more and moves on to Resonant Live promotions]

G : Morning musume no Niigaki risa to
K : Kamei Eri deshita!
GAKIKAME : See you next week! Good night~